AES RaceTo Paintball Series Event Results

AES Paintball League
AES Paintball League

Avid Extreme Sports hosted the season opener for the AES Race-To Paintball Series Southern Conference. The event was a smashing success, featuring professional fields and operation, tented staging areas and solid reffing. Teams presented great sportsmanship and played great paintball at DFW Adventure Park.

D3 1st Place Winners: WTXH8

paintball team escape
Paintball team WTXH8 takes 1st in D3


D-4 RaceTo 2 1st place Phenomenon

Paintball Team Phonomenom
Paintball Team Phenomenon wins

D3 2nd Place Winners: Austin SZR

paintball team obscene
Paintball team Austin SZR

D-4 RaceTo-2 2nd place. North Texas Shockwave

paintball team
Paintball team North Texas Shockwave takes 2nd

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