afsRandy dropped us an email to let us know that his Adrenaline Force Tournament Series will be back in action for 2009. The series runs with a goal of introducing new players into competitive paintball. Rather than try to squeeze by on reffing, the league has done a great job recruiting experienced officials to provide a fair playing field, ultimately insuring a great tournament experience. Beginner leagues, such as the AFTS, have really helped to raise awareness of competitive paintball and provide players interested in stepping it up to the “big leagues” an opportunity to get their feet wet. We’ve heard that Dan Perez (NPPL) will be the ultimate judge, master tech Don Besancon will be the official scrutineer and Kat Thompson (Kats Pix!) will be heading up promotions/media for the league. The series has had a great run over the last couple of years introducing players into competitive paintball with divisions ranging from beginner 3-man and D3/D4 5-man.

Players in the Socal region can find more info available @ website.

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