Actor Owen Wilson and Wood Harrelson paintball duel

Paintball on television has been a trending topic on ProPaintball. Most recently, Fox College Sports renewed broadcast rights with the National College Paintball Association, and the NPPL announced they would be working with ESPN on a new paintball television show. Considerable efforts goes broadcasting paintball on television. With that being said, occasionally paintball lucks out and shows up in the most unlikely of places. A great example is the recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live with actor Owen Wilson.

Owen Wilson received a paintball gun for Christmas. He soon discovered shooting at inanimate objects is boring. What to do…? Woody Harrelson lives next door. He and Harrelson decided to play dominoes, “and the loser had to run for the other guy.” Wilson brought home video of the result to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC).

As Harrelson’s daughter looks on, he bolts out from the back of the house. Wilson aims, fires and hits him easily. “I only brought the ones where I shoot him,” he explained as Harrelson tries different techniques to evade Wilson’s skills.

Special thanks to team LA Hitmen for the heads up.