ActionVillage & liquidation sale

According to a listing on the Chicago Tribune’s website, online retailer ActionVillages secure creditor is liquidating the AV inventory in order to recover its investment. At one point in time, AV was the go to place for paintball goods online and we are shocked to hear the company may possibly be closing its doors.

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Rumors have circulated around the paintball industry that ActionVillage was experiencing difficulty though no concrete evidence was available to support these claims. During the companies hey-day, customer service and available inventory were two cornerstones of AV’s success. You can understand our surprise when we discoveredĀ customer and AV Staff posting messages on facebook regarding recent issues disconnected telephone service and customer service. The company recently revamped the online store and increased online marketing efforts through social networks, though it may have been too little too late. According to a listing posted on April 24th, AV was hiring for a retail position at the companies headquarters in Wood Dale, IL. A second listing on May 7th announces the closing of the online store front due to “some long-neededĀ renovations” and promises to let customers know when they are open again for business.

Several years back, ActionVillage operated a pro paintball focused website known as PaintballStar / PBStar. PBStar was the go-to resource for paintball news and videos and later served as inspiration for our very own website, It goes without saying that we are sad to see a former industry titan be dismantled on the auction block. Here is the official notice as posted on the Chicago Tribune;

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PROPERTY OF ACTION VILLAGE, LLC UNDER UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT on Thursday, May 19, 2011, at the hour of 11:00 a.m. Central Time, Spin Holdings, LLC (“Secured Party”), who is a secured creditor of Action Village, LLC (“Borrower”), will hold a public foreclosure sale at the offices of Secured Party’s counsel set forth below under Section 9-610 of the Uniform Commercial Code of all of the collateral pledged to Secured Party by Borrower, which includes, without limitation, inventory, equipment, goods, general intangibles, computer hardware and software and related rights, fixtures and all proceeds of the foregoing. Action Village is an online retailer of skateboard, snowboard, paintball and biking equipment and related apparel located in Wood Dale, Illinois. The sale will be held on a “where is, as is” basis, without any representations and warranties, express or implied. There is no warranty relating to title, possession, quiet enjoyment or the like in this deposition. Secured Party reserves the right to offer the assets in bulk or in lots. Secured Party reserves the right to establish other reasonable bidding procedures and to have potential bidders demonstrate their ability to perform and close to the reasonable satisfaction of Secured Party. Secured Party reserves the right to credit bid at the auction. Secured Party also reserves the right to adjourn, continue or cancel the auction without further notice. Any parties interested in further information about these assets should counsel for the Secured Party set forth below or appear at the foreclosure sale at the time and date set forth above. Robert E. Richards, SNR DENTON US LLP, 233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 7800, Chicago, Illinois 60606, Phone (312) 876-8000, Facsimile (312) 876-7934, Email: [email protected]