A sign of the times or a shape of things to come?
A sign of the times or a shape of things to come?

Procaps Direct, the guys behind Draxxus, Vforce, the Pulse and most recently Archon/Zap, have been trying to generate money where ever possible. Reports have surfaced that the powers behind Procaps have decided to squeeze some cash out of their very own Pro teams in both NXL and NPPL leagues. As if these teams were not suffering enough, Pro Paintball franchises across the board have been hit for going over the contracted paint allotment. Traditionally, pro teams going over the projected 3-5 million sponsored ball count would continue to receive paint as long as they competed and preformed well in all the contracted events. Teams will now be responsible for paying event price for any and all boxes used over the contracted amount. Sponsored teams which may be affected include the All Americans, Arsenal, Aftermath, Bushwackers, Naughty Dogs & Avalanche.

Update: Check out View from the Deadbox’s take on Procaps pursuing overages.

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