VFTD and the Ultimate Paintball Conspiracy

view-from-the-deadboxView from the Dead Box has a juicy story entitled the “Ultimate Paintball Conspiracy“. Baca Loco shares the inside scoop on the conspiracy to introduce a .50 caliber paintball and the efforts to see it accepted as the new industry standard. The concept has been around for quite some time and seemed far fetched until recently when the paintball manufacturing business finished up its consolidation efforts. However, this is not the first time the power has been consolidated into the hands of a few paint manufactures and if the history of paintball is any indication, well, it won’t be long before another player jumps in and starts a new brand (and subsequent price war). As always, Baca Loco has tons of very insightful commentary on the issue and examines several “what if’s” should the transition take place.

Jump on over to View from the Dead Box and give the story a read. It will be worth your time!