2011 NCPA Championship – Laning Breakdown & Analysis

In preparation for this weekend’s NCPA Championship, pro paintball’s Baca Loco offers his insight into the frame work of a successful breakout. Any collegiate team making the trip to Central Florida Paintball could benefit greatly from his extensive analysis of shooting lanes and break strategies. Check out a quick teaser below and view the full article at View from the Deadbox.

A taste of what the article has to offer:

Beginning with the (orange) OTB lanes from Home it appears at first glance that lots of potentially effective options exist. On the D-wire they do not and it may be worse depending on the relative position(s) of the 40 Can & the Pin closest to the A given that the best OTB lane for denying the corner or the wire has only a narrow window between the Pin and the Can. The other wide lane controls the bump to the 40 SD. The interior lanes are less useful unless your opponent is consistently trying to camp in one of the (green) zones and contest the Home shooter or a mirror opponent.