2010 VICIOUS RaceTo Series Review

The first event of the VICIOUS RaceTo Series kicked off May 1st and 2nd at Mad Cow Paintball in Louisville, Nebraska and saw 36 teams compete in the RaceTo-2 and RaceTo-4 divisions. At the end of Saturday, with RaceTo-2 play completed, AAF from Maple Plains, Minnesota took home 1st place, with Reagan’s Army (Lawrence, KS) taking 2nd, DVS (Louisville, NE) taking 3rd, and New Jack Ghetto (Des Moines, IA) rounding out the top 4.

The RaceTo-4 division saw 16 teams from 8 states competing for 1st place with play stretching out over 2 days. At the end of the weekend, Aimless Factory from Sioux Falls, South Dakota took 1st place. Rounding out the top 4 were the Po’ Boys (Columbia, MO) getting 2nd, Dirtlife2 (St, Louis, MO) taking 3rd place, and HuSTLe (also from St. Louis, MO) taking 4th place.

The 2nd stop of the VICIOUS RaceTo Series took place June 5th and 6th at Metro Paintball Games in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This event saw some new faces in the RaceTo-2 division taking place on Saturday, but at the end AAF continued their reign as Event Champions, with team Extortion (Kansas City, MO) raking 2nd place, the Po’ Boys (Columbia, MO) taking 3rd place, and the Mac Daddy Allstars receiving 4th place. With their 2nd event win at this event, AAF took a commanding lead in the overall series standings, sitting 12 points ahead of the 2nd place team.

The RaceTo-4 teams continued the action Saturday afternoon and Sunday with great paintball being played throughout the tournament. As the dust settled, Dirtlife2 was able to overcome Aimless Factory (the event 1 winners) to take first place. Coming in at 2nd place was Aimless Factory (Sioux Falls, SD), with New Jack Ghetto (Des Moines, IA) taking 3rd place, and Air Assault Paintball (Maple Plains, MN) receiving 4th place. With their win at this event, Dirtlife2 moved within 2 points of Aimless Factory in the overall Series standings for RaceTo-4.

The final event in the VICIOUS RaceTo Series took place at CJ’s Paintball Adventures, just outside of Lincoln, NE and it did not disappoint! This event saw great play from all of the teams that were in attendance in both the RaceTo-2 and RaceTo-4 divisions. Everyone at DSSP8ntball.com, VICIOUS, and Discount Specialty Sports as well as all of the host fields and sponsors would like to congratulate everyone in attendance for helping make this series such a success!

The RaceTo-2 division took place on Saturday and saw teams from all over the Midwest compete at the event. After some intense games and a few new teams making the preliminary round cuts, team Yellow Jackit from South Dakota emerged victorious as the RaceTo-2 Event #3 winners. Reagan’s Army (Lawrence, KS) took 2nd place, Extortion (Kansas City, MO) took 3rd place, and Po’ Boys – Wasted Talent (Columbia, MO) received 4th. Also on the line at this event was the overall RaceTo-2 Series Championship. With help from their performances at the first two VICIOUS Series events, team AAF from Minnesota was able to capture the Series Championship, and receive a World Cup prize package valued at over $3,200.

The RaceTo-4 division took place Saturday afternoon and Sunday, with teams traveling from over 12 hours away to attend the tournament. With 2 new teams entering the RaceTo-4 bracket, this final event promised to provide some great action, and it did not disappoint! As the day wore on, the final match-up for 1st and 2nd place came down to Aimless Factory and Dirtlife2. With Dirtlife2 being 2 points behind Aimless in the Series standings, Dirtlife2 needed to pull off the 1st place win to tie the series standings, and still have a chance to capture the Series Championship. At the end of the finals match, Dirtlife2 would come up victorious for a 2nd tournament in a row, winning the RaceTo-4 Event #3 and keeping their dreams of winning the Overall Series Championship alive. Also in the top 4 for the final event was New Jack City (Des Moines, IA) taking 3rd place, and Reagan’s Army (Lawrence, KS) receiving 4th.

With Dirtlife2 winning the final event of the RaceTo-4 Series, it now brought Aimless Factory and Dirtlife2 to a tie in Series Points, both with 288 points overall. To determine the Series Champion, the teams had to play 1 on 1’s, best 2 out of 3. The first matchup was Josh from Dirtlife2 playing against Seth from Aimless Factory. Josh proved the victor after some intense gun-fighting, but with only a few seconds remaining, he wasn’t able to hang the flag in time. The 2nd matchup in the 1 on 1’s put Amos from Aimless Factory against Brock from Dirtlife2. At the start of the game, Brock worked his way to the tall cake on the snake side of the field, with Amos taking advantage of the pins on the snake side as well. Brock eliminated Amos, hanging the flag and putting Dirtlife2 ahead with a score of 1 to 0. The next matchup placed Adam from Aimless Factory against Brian from Dirtlife2. Adam quickly worked his way to the tall magic stick on the snake side of the field, while Brian moved through the doritos. As he moved from the doritos to the A at the 50, Brian was able to eliminate Adam, sealing the Series Championship for Dirtlife2, and receiving the Series Prize of a PSP World Cup package valued at over $5,000.

The 2010 VICIOUS RaceTo Series Outstanding team award goes to Reagan’s Army from Lawrence, KS. Reagan’s Army has traditionally competed in 5 man events, and in the 2010 VICIOUS Series the team placed highly at each event:
Event #1 – 2nd Place
Event #2 – 5th Place
Event #3 – 2nd Place

While participating in the RaceTo-2 portion of the series, the team also tried their hand at the RaceTo-4 division as well, without having any real experience with the continual RaceTo format, being forced to learn as they went. Through a positive attitude both on and off the field, great sportsmanship, and an obvious love of playing paintball, the team continued to learn about the format and adjust to the new style of play. With their first 2 showings at the RaceTo-4 events were below the team’s expectations the team worked even harder and showed more and more determination leading up to the final event to show improvement and to prove to everyone that they could hold their own in both formats.

Through perseverance and hard work Reagan’s Army was able to come away with a 4th place finish at the final VICIOUS Series Event. This team is a true example of what regional teams should represent, and we would like to congratulate them on receiving the 2010 VICIOUS RaceTo Series Outstanding Team award!

Event #1 – 8th Place
Event #2 – 9th Place
Event #3 – 4th Place

We would also like to wish a Happy 21st Birthday to Max Fairlamb of Reagan’s Army that took place over the weekend!

Reagan’s Army
Reagan Waters – Team Captain
Steve Cowser
Max Fairlamb
Jason Griffith
Cale Hollis
Charlie Modereger
Adam Pruett
Dustin Reed
Scott Spade

2010 VICIOUS RaceTo-4 Series Champions:
Location: St. Louis, MO
Home Field: RiverSplat Paintball

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2010 VICIOUS RaceTo-2 Series Champions:
Location: Maple Plains, MN
Home Field: Air Assault Paintball

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We would like to thank all of the Sponsors that helped make this series possible:
Discount Specialty Sports
RPS Paintballs
Planet Eclipse
Paintball Sports Promotions

The VICIOUS RaceTo Series would also not be possible without the host fields:

Event #1 – Mad Cow Paintball
Cedar Creek, Nebraska
Event #2 – Metro Paintball Games
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Event #3 – CJ’s Paintball Adventures
Martell, Nebraska

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