2009 PSP Pro Division (aka NXL)

pspThe decisions have been made at last! The new PSP Pro division (formerly the known as the NXL) will hold the 10 teams which competed in the NXL 2008 World Cup. Also included will be San Diego Aftermath, and the newly welcomed New England Hurricanes. As noted previously, 12 teams will make up the professional paintball division for 2009.

Congratulations to Jeff Stein and the New England Hurricanes on joining the PSP Pro division.

We have received word that should any of the teams decide not to compete in the Pro division, the opportunity will be extended to the following teams in order; 13th Bushwackers, 14th XSV, 15th Jersey Authority/MOD and 16th Arsenal.

Best of luck to everyone involved, things are definitely beginning to shape up for the 2009 season.