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DISCUSSION: NPPL Reorganizing Business Focus/Delegating Series Production

You’re surely tuned in and interested in the major internal changes happening with the NPPL.. Right? For a tournament baller, it’s definitely something worth paying attention to and a surefire topic of discussion at the field this weekend. Start out here on PROpb and layout your opinions, predictions, or questions in the comment section at the bottom of this article. This is the meatiest chunk of the NPPL’s press release sent out to announce the transitional changes: On the heals of the successful HB event…

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NPPL 2013 Surf City Open Field Layout Released

NPPL releases their layout for the 2013 Surf City Open, taking place April 12th, 13th, & 14th at the pier in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. This was anticipated, tis’ the season for such things. What wasn’t anticipated by most, was the announcement of standardizing to Sup’Air’s 43 bunker PSP set (with 8 piece NPPL expansion) ..UNLESS you read our rumor article that we dropped 3 days ago.. Here’s the NPPL’s official statement addressing the changes to their bunker set: The NPPL Field Design Committee and…

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Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection

Churned up from the depths of the rumor mill, we’ve got some very interesting information on planned changes to the NPPL field layout dimensions and bunker scheme. Sources indicate a potential shrinking of the playing area from 180 feet x 100 feet to 170 feet x 100 feet. Compare this to the move made by the PSP to reduce their field size to 150 feet x 120 feet for 2013, reversing the expansion to 170 feet x 120 feet made two seasons ago . The…

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