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2013 NPPL Surf City Open – 1904photography Gallery

Phillip “Stretch” Baker drops a sample gallery from his NPPL Huntington Beach collection. Eye candy! More pictures to be added over the weekend. Make sure to follow the discussion on the reorganization of the NPPL here.


DISCUSSION: NPPL Reorganizing Business Focus/Delegating Series Production


You’re surely tuned in and interested in the major internal changes happening with the NPPL.. Right? For a tournament baller, it’s definitely something worth paying attention to and a surefire topic of discussion at the field this weekend. Start out here on PROpb and layout your opinions, predictions, or questions in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

This is the meatiest chunk of the NPPL’s press release sent out to announce the transitional changes:

On the heals of the successful HB event the NPPL has decided to evolve and refocus its energy on growing the sport of paintball by serving as the true Governing Body for the sport. The NPPL will move away from running their own events and instead sanction other promoters to run and operate the events.

“My passion has always been to grow the NPPL brand and the sport of paintball. By passing on the operation of the events to a different event company it allows me to concentrate on the true mission of the NPPL.” Says Hendsch.

The NPPL has signed an exclusive licensing contract with Paintball Promotions Inc to operate and run the National NPPL events. PB Promotions will begin immediately getting ready for the remaining 2013 events. Teams and sponsors should see a seamless transition in all departments.

PB Promotions has evaluated the venues and dates for the remaining previously announced events and unfortunately will need to make some adjustments.

The remaining 2013 NPPL schedule is:
June 7-9 Northeast Open OXCC – Chesapeake City, MD
August 9-11 Chicago Open – Paintball Explosion – Chicago, IL
October 4-6 Las Vegas Open – Las Vegas, NV

Some focus points/key information up for discussion:

  • Shawn Walker is heading Paintball Promotions, Inc (company delegated to produce 2013′s remaining events). He was one of the previous leaders of the NPPL prior to its first bankruptcy (leading to the league’s subsequent short-lived tenure as the USPL). He currently has a hand in a couple successful West Coast paintball parks (most notably, Camp Pendleton)
  • NPPL to refocus as a “governing body” for paintball. What exactly does this mean as far as their daily work efforts (beyond the hypotheticals of “growing the sport” etc.)?
  • Who else will be a major player in the management of the league (Valken as the obvious)?
  • How long have the alternate locations been locked down for the remaining events? 2(?) months ago the NPPL announced their initial season schedule: was it all a front to buy time? When did the wheels get rolling on everything that was announced in their press release?
  • What’s in store for the future of 7-man/the NPPL? Are there more major organizational changes ahead before the end of 2013?

Additional information posted through PbNation.com:

Originally Posted by NPPL Super 7
Some truths…The NPPL is still owned by the NPPL ( the pro teams) and that will never change.

The NPPL was run by a sizeable group of volunteers and now it has contracted a logistics company to promote and run events.

Teams and sponsors will see a seamless transition in events (other than location changes).

This will ensure better run events with better value for teams, players, spectators and sponsors.

The new direction will continue to include the NPPL board, Chuck, Pev, and the Pro teams.

Plenty to be worked out with the league. Comment below and let us know what you make of all this.

NPPL 2013 Surf City Open Field Layout Released


NPPL releases their layout for the 2013 Surf City Open, taking place April 12th, 13th, & 14th at the pier in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. This was anticipated, tis’ the season for such things. What wasn’t anticipated by most, was the announcement of standardizing to Sup’Air’s 43 bunker PSP set (with 8 piece NPPL expansion) ..UNLESS you read our rumor article that we dropped 3 days ago..

Here’s the NPPL’s official statement addressing the changes to their bunker set:

The NPPL Field Design Committee and SUP Air Ball introduces a new NPPL field for the 2013 Season. This new field consists of last years bunker base kit (43 bunkers) used in the Millennium Series, Pals Series and PSP. In addition to the 43 bunker base kit there are eight additional custom bunkers (NPPL Expansion Kit) that will be used in 2013.  The Expansion Kit includes 4 Giant Cylinders and 4 Mini cans. Giant Cylinders will be available soon and we suggest using regular cans as substitutes until the GC arrive. Many Teams and Fields already have the base kit from last year and will need to order the new NPPL expansion kit to make up the official 2013 NPPL field.
To order your NPPL expansion kit or field today call NPPL Sponsor Valken (856) 812-2800. If teams are interested in purchasing used NPPL Fields after each event call NPPL to reserve 714 758 5575.
Here’s the layout graphic:
So who’ll be ballin’ at the beach? Sound off below. What are your thoughts on conforming to a (somewhat) standardized bunker set? Visit our “NPPL layout changes” rumor article here and join in on the discussion in the comments section.

Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection


Churned up from the depths of the rumor mill, we’ve got some very interesting information on planned changes to the NPPL field layout dimensions and bunker scheme. Sources indicate a potential shrinking of the playing area from 180 feet x 100 feet to 170 feet x 100 feet. Compare this to the move made by the PSP to reduce their field size to 150 feet x 120 feet for 2013, reversing the expansion to 170 feet x 120 feet made two seasons ago . The benefits of a smaller field are obvious. An accelerated NPPL_Fieldviewpace of play makes for a more engaging spectator experience. Closer combat also means less margin for error in on-field performance, thus pushing players to elevate their game. From an operational standpoint at events, less room is required when choosing a host venue and more free space is available to fit in other necessary elements on the tournament grounds. Now for “the big one”. It’s rumored that the NPPL will be adopting the same bunker set used by the PSP for 2013, with the only variance being the center-50 piece. All bunkers will be the Race-To models, including the snake. Condolences to those that will miss the “wedges” and “car washes”. What do you think the NPPL will decide on as a center-piece “50″ bunker? Establishing a shared bunker set is a huge move towards standardizing tournament paintball under one universal format. If this actually goes down, the benefit for player, field owner, and industry will be huge. Time will tell.

So that’s what we’ve got. With the PSP set to release their layout for Dallas later in the evening, we figured it was an appropriate time to drop these rumors.


[UPDATE] Making a Wish Come True – FRE$H-paintball.com

UPDATE 10/16


The weekend of NPPL DC Challenge [video archive] came with it a variety of emotions. Many teams spent the weekend grinding it out against one another, battling for a spot on the Sunday bracket. Some teams pulled together and prevailed, while others stared defeat starkly in the face. Sunday, being a photographer on the Pro field this was all too apparent. Teams won and lost in 7 minutes of heated exchange that left a definite winner and loser. I must say it was certainly thrilling to capture that emotion in the frame of my camera; however that was not what left the greatest impression on me that weekend.

Earlier in the day I was talking to David Archibald (Archie), the owner of Identity paintball, and coach of St. Louis Avalanche. Our topic of conversation ranged from paintball to the food the Pev’s staff was serving, but as a teenage boy in an Infamous jersey passed us I noticed Archie’s attention had shifted. He then related to me the story that would make my heart sink.

Click here to read the full story…


Dave “Archie” Archibald, who has partnered with owner/operator Mike Muniz, provided us with the following info on the new company, FRE$H-paintball.com

FRE$H-paintball.com is a new apparel company out of PA that is geared towards the paintball players, the teams, and the fans.  Over the fall and winter, you will see a number of products introduced.  The scope of our products early on will consist of t-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies, beanies & headbands…  Oh yeah, we are even working on some other cool stuff as well, but you will have to wait for that product announcement in the near future :)  In addition to our own line of apparel, we will provide teams with their very own custom apparel.  Why always wear what everyone else is wearing when you can wear your very own?? right??

We are a very new company and as we move forward, you can look towards the launch of our new website that I can assure will be rockin.  Plus a few announcements here and there that will be coming up as well.  One announcement that I can tell you is that we have chosen Identity out of the Boston, MA area as our first sponsored team.  Definitely check them out in the future wearing their own FRE$H gear.  We are also in the process of hopefully bringing on one of the NPPL Pro 7-man teams as well.

For updates, announcements, and product releases… Please visit ‘FRE$H-paintball.com’ on Facebook today!!

It’s time for everyone to get FRE$H!!!

If you don’t know how…  FRE$H-paintball.com’s local poster boy, Adam Correia will show you how.


FRE$H-paintball.com is putting together and selling a t-shirt where all the proceeds will go to getting LS and his family to the NPPL Championships in Las Vegas.

The cost of the t-shirts are $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping
Payments can be made via paypal at: mmuniz_26@yahoo.com

Everyone here at ProPaintball.com wants to thank everyone involved in this wonderful cause for an awesome person! This is just more proof of the love and support our paintball community shares.

UPDATE 10/16:

The shirts are now being printed up and will start shipping out on Monday 10/17. There is a limited supply of 100 shirts.

We need you to help us acheive our goal and give LS and his parents a special weekend together at the Las Vegas NPPL Event.

Order your T-shirt now! Only $15 for this special limited edition T-shirt. Only 100 printed, so grab them now. We plan to sell out by the end of the week.

To order, paypal: mmuniz_26@yahoo.com
Please add $3 for shipping.

Your order helps acheive our goal and fulfill someone’s dream.

We thank you all who have supported this effort.


Pray for LS Facebook Group
FRE$H-paintball.com on Facebook

[RE-POST] Pro Update: Impact's Tim Montressor on NPPL 2011 Chicago Open

ProPaintball caught up with Tim Montressor of Edmonton Impact. Tim reflects back on the NPPL Chicago event where they placed 4th. Below is what he had to say…


Edmonton Impact Losing sucks.  I have nothing more poetic or elegant to say about the 2011 Chicago NPPL now that I’m home.  I could write you a laundry list of excuses or reasons as to why we didn’t win.  I could fill a small notebook with various ideas and insights that could hypothesize why we got fourth place in Chicago instead of first, but I’d be providing you with worthless drivel that will ultimately amount to nothing.  In the end we lost and it’s unbelievably frustrating and annoying.

I would be remiss to not admit that I had planned on winning a tournament or two by now when I joined Edmonton Impact this offseason.  The team had come off a great year in 2010 and with the addition of Chad George, I really felt like we were the most well rounded squad in both leagues.  The results would say otherwise and are a constant reminder that our high hopes and expectations have yet to come to fruition.  With the NPPL season already half over, the team really needs to perform much better in DC and Vegas to live up to the hype that we created amongst ourselves.

As for the event, I have to say that I really hope that they start to put all the pro games on Saturday instead of chopping up both divisions between two days.  Personally, having class late Thursday night, catching 6 a.m. flights on Friday mornings and getting to the field with minimal or no sleep is not too much fun.  With more and more guys in the league nearing the end of their college degrees or getting new jobs, getting time off isn’t quite as easy as it used to be.  Nonetheless, the site itself was nice.  Challenge Park has a great venue and even though there were only two fields set up for the NPPL, the facility was packed since the Living Legends scenario game was held at the same time about 1000 feet away from where the grandstands were located.

Edmonton Impact’s weekend started out well.  While I was chained down to a desk, sentenced to learn about Human Resources Development, the rest of the team flew in early and got a solid practice with some of the other pro teams on Thursday.  The additional practice proved useful as the team finished 5-2 after the prelims and headed into Sunday 2nd in our bracket.  The league made a few changes since Huntington Beach and chose to use the old format of two eight team brackets for the prelims and using a round robin schedule.  For Sunday, the top eight teams from the prelims were divided into two brackets of four and the same format from HB was used in which teams played the other three teams in a best out of three series.  Because of our seeding we played Oakland Blast, Portland Uprising and Tampa Bay Damage.  We were able to beat Tampa Bay in two straight games, we lost to Blast in two games and then beat Uprising in three games.  After some long point counting and averaging, we ended up playing Dynasty to see which team would play in the finals.  We were systematically beat in two long drawn out games.  Nothing special to write about other than I’m not quite sure if I mentioned that losing sucks.  Because the tournament went longer than expected and the American guys had flights that we had to catch so that Ryan didn’t miss his five hour Monday afternoon class, we chose to play one game for third/fourth placed instead of a best two out of three.  This time around, Uprising got their revenge.

The award for biggest surprise of the event has to go to Portland Uprising.  If XSV’s performance in HB came as a surprise, then Uprising’s performance in Chicago must have been viewed as a bombshell.  The team looked good the whole weekend and my fellow Impact teammate, Cole “Please don’t call me Scott Cole” Scott showed some great moves and was one of the many players on the squad that helped to elevate Portland’s showing from last place to third place.

I can’ t believe that Dynasty has won four straight tournaments.  They’ve been a good team for a long time, but adding Oliver, Dalton and Mouse has turned the team from average last year to this year’s best team…..so far.  Personally, I hate seeing them win again because I’m a competitor and would much rather see myself win, but they have a good team and have proven that their hard work and plethora of talent can produce great results.  I would comment on how their finals game went down against Avalanche and about how Frank beat up all the Dynasty players with one hand tied behind his back, but truthfully I was so disgusted after taking fourth place that I put my gear in my bag and was back in our team van so fast, that the finals hadn’t even started and I didn’t watch either of the games.

Right now Impact is switching gears and getting ready to head back to Chicago in a few weeks for the PSP event that will be held at Challenge Park again.  We have some good practices lined up, including a grind session with Vicious in Omaha the weekend before the event.  I feel that the dynamics of the team are improving and we’re starting to flow much better on and off the field, so I expect good results for the next event.  Since these articles are supposed to provide some insight into “Pro” teams and the players, I’ll be completely honest and say that I always feel that we’re going to, or supposed to, win every tournament even if we played terrible in practice.  It’s the competitive nature in me, my team, and most long time pro players that continuously drives us to live this silly lifestyle and chase the dream of winning paintball tournaments.

I hope that it never sounds repetitive because it’s said with honesty and adoration, but as always I would like to thank our fans that have cheered us at every event and followed our results online.  Additionally, I would like to thank our amazing sponsors for providing us with the best equipment and assistance in the world:  Planet Eclipse, Draxxus, Go Paintball, Mr. Paintball, Ninja Paintball, PB Action Games, Exalt and V-Force. Without everyone’s support, our achievements would not be possible.


Feature image by Jeff “Stince” Stinson

NPPL Releases Surf City Open schedule

Schedule of Events for the 2011 NPPL Surf City USA Open!

Wednesday March 30th, 2011

Teams who have checked into their hotels early can register for the event at the NPPL’s host hotel, Hotel Huntington Beach from 7 pm-9pm. Pick up your Captain’s packet, ID cards, and Player & Pit Crew wristbands.

Thursday March 31st, 2011

Registration Day!

Registration is open at 9 am -6pm. Come and walk the fields and check out the trade show, which will open at 1 pm-5pm All teams will pick up their Captain’s packet, ID cards, and Player & Pit Crew wristbands. If you have already registered and paid for your ID cards online you may go to the express lane to pick it up. If you registered online, but have not paid for it, please go to the express lane and purchase it for $40. If you have not registered for your ID card online please proceed to the ID card lane to create and pay the $60 fee for one.

Don’t miss out on the NPPL Surf City USA Open Kick-off Happy Hour at the new lounge in the NPPL’s host hotel, Hotel Huntington Beach from 7pm to 10 pm. Hang out and get to know fellow paintball players and the NPPL staff. It’s gonna be a good time!

Friday April 1st, 2011

Opening day of the 2011 NPPL Surf City USA Open!

Come and watch your favorite teams play while kicking off the biggest event of the year. Watch all the action beginning at 7 am, or tune into www.ESPN3.com at 10 am to see the live web broadcast.

Don’t miss the Celebrity Paintball Challenge Beginning at Noon. Celebrities including (Names).

Come and visit our free trade show from 9am-5pm; with the top brands in Paintball Including; Kee Action Sports, Planet Eclipse, Ninja Paintball, Valken, Draxxus, GI Sports, Kingman, and many many more!

Don’t forget to purchase your Grandstand ticket for only $10 per person or check out the VIP area, $40 per person with Hooters and their famous wings hosting all weekend long.

Be sure to attend the Player Party Friday night at (Pev working on it)

Saturday April 2nd, 2011

Be sure to tune in to www.ESPN3.com to watch the preliminary and semifinals for all divisions beginning at 10 am.

Are you Army stronger than a Pro? Visit the trade show and compete against a Pro Paintball Players in the Army’s pull up challenge. Meet and greet with your favorite Pro players at the top Paintball Vendor booths.

Come kick it with the NPPL staff and fellow paintball teams at the 1st Annual NPPL Huntington Beach Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl! We will begin at Zimulua in the Shorebreak Hotel at 6pm – 8pm, then heading over to Beach Front from 8pm-10pm. Follow us to the next bar Fred’s Mexican Restaurant for their famous margaritas from 10pm- 11pm. Next Stop, Killarney from 11pm- 12 am and making our way next door to our final stop Sharkeez from 12 am to last call! Winner will receive (prize). Drink specials all night long! Don’t miss out on all the fun! 21 and over only.

Sunday April 3, 2011

Finals Day!!!

Watch as your favorite teams compete in the 2011 NPPL Surf City USA Open Championships! Who is taking to crown? Be sure to tune into www.ESPN3.com to see who comes out on top!

Celebrity singer Amy Scruggs will be singing the National Anthem before the Pros take the field. $50,000 in grand prizes will be handed out to the top 3 teams placed in each division. Join us in the Grandstands for only $10 or take a bird’s eye view in VIP for $40, hosted by Hooters.

Join us after the event with the NPPL staff and tournament winners at our end of the event party being held at (Pev working on it).

You do not want to miss any of the action of the greatest paintball in the world! For any questions please email or call Valerie Evans at Valerie@nppl.com or (714) 758-5575.

See you down at the Beach!

Go HERE to see the event games schedule!

Surf City USA Open LIVE on ESPN3

2011 Surf City USA Open Live on ESPN3.com

NPPL Paintball on ESPN3.com:

The National Professional Paintball League would like to announce the 2011 NPPL Surf City USA Open will be carried live from Huntington Beach, California on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on ESPN3.com.

The NPPL has been the pinnacle of tournament paintball for 18 years, and is now once again on the ESPN family of networks. The NPPL previously worked with ESPN in 2006, bringing viewers the US Paintball Championships on ESPN2.

“The NPPL is extremely excited about the opportunity to be working with ESPN again to capture the sport of paintball for viewers on ESPN3.com,” said Chuck Hendsch, Chief Operating Officer of the NPPL.

The league has assembled a first class film team of professional paintball cinematographers who will capture the essence of the game-exposing the adrenaline, excitement and emotion that is experienced by top paintball players worldwide. The show will be comprised of the best professional paintball teams in the world competing for prize money playing the popular game of capture the flag. The show will also provide pro player interviews, instant replays, expert commentating and analysis breaking down every move the players make.

Times, game schedule, viewing instructions and information will be posted on www.nppl.com.

About ESPN3.com

ESPN3.com is ESPN’s live sports broadband network, giving fans a 24/7 online destination that delivers thousands of live, global sports events annually. It is available at no additional cost to fans who receive their high-speed Internet connection or cable TV video subscription from an affiliated service provider, and is currently available in more than 65 million homes. It is available via dozens of affiliated service providers nationwide, including Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Cox, Charter, Windstream, RCN, Insight, Frontier, Cavalier, Mediacom, Conway, Grande Communications and many more. It is also available at no cost to approximately 21 million U.S. college students and U.S.-based military personnel via computers connected to on-campus educational networks and on-base military networks.

About NPPL

The National Professional Paintball League is a Professional Paintball League committed to hosting the highest quality paintball tournaments for players, sponsors and spectators. Our vision is to provide a professional stage for players to compete on and spectators to watch. www.nppl.com

Portland Uprising launches team website

Portland UprisingWant to get information on the new NPPL pro team, Portland Uprising? The team has put together a website and made it very easy for anyone to get info about the team. On the website you can find roster and sponsorship information, upcoming practice schedules, and a link to the team’s forum, among other things.