• Grind Paintball: NPPL 2011 Chicago Open

    Grind Paintball: NPPL 2011 Chicago Open

    Grind Magazine is back with a new paintball video highlighting the action from the recent NPPL 2011 Chicago Open paintball tournament. Lots of great footage of pro and divisional paintball players competing at the top of their game.

  • Grind Presents – "Grindcast" Vol 1

    Grind Presents – "Grindcast" Vol 1

    Grind Online Paintball Magazine presents the first Volume of its “Grindcast.” In this Volume, Drew Templeton and Nick Slowiak from Chicago Aftershock talk about their the first events of the season; PSP Texas, NPPL Huntington Beach and NPPL Chicago.

  • Grind Magazine: Volume 5 release

    Grind online magazine has released its fifth issue for 2010, keep in mind is is absolutely FREE. Featured in the Volume are pictures and information from World Cup, Emerging Underground, player profiles and more. Be […]

  • Grind – NPPL DC Challenge 2010

    Tournament coverage from the 2010 NPPL DC Challenge. Video contains footage of paintball teams such as Los Angeles Infamous, San DIego Dynasty, Seattle Naughty Dogs, Warped Army, Tampa Bay Damage, DC Arsenal and more!

  • GRIND Magazine Volume IV

    GRIND Magazine Volume IV

    Pro Paintball player Drew Templeton has just released his fourth volume of his FREE online magazine “GRIND”. Aside from competing in every professional event held in the U.S. currently, Drew finds time to photograph and […]

  • GRIND Magazine Vol. #2: The Off Season

    GRIND Magazine Vol. #2: The Off Season

    The last few months between the last event of 2009 and the PSP Phoenix event taking place this week have been quite eventful in the means of teams dropping off, sponsorship cuts and roster changes. […]