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USPL Pro Players Moving and Shaking HB Open

Phoenix United has added to the ranks of their roster with a large pick up of Tim Montressor of the Philly Americans. Tim has played with the Philly American’s while winning numerous events including the most recent Phoenix PSP. Another huge pickup for the team following word of Bobby Aviles playing with team in Huntington Beach. Chicago Legend has picked up Cody Mickowski from Aftershock. Look for Cody and Damian Ryan holding together during the HB event. Legends roster has come straight from the Division…

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Mondays Movers

Ed has cut the Avalanche semi pro team loose. Avalanche Army fed into the Avalanche NXL squad which was recently discontinued and the semi pro team (ranked 6th over all) won’t be needed any longer. We’ve been hearing that Ed’s son might be joining the Pro team in San Diego. Philly’s departure has been the talk of the Pro community. Pro teams and fans have been trying to figure out who will fill the gap and make a power move out of relegation. The latest…

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A rocky road with Procaps?

Procaps Direct, the guys behind Draxxus, Vforce, the Pulse and most recently Archon/Zap, have been trying to generate money where ever possible. Reports have surfaced that the powers behind Procaps have decided to squeeze some cash out of their very own Pro teams in both NXL and NPPL leagues. As if these teams were not suffering enough, Pro Paintball franchises across the board have been hit for going over the contracted paint allotment. Traditionally, pro teams going over the projected 3-5 million sponsored ball count…

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