Brian Coles Retires from Paintball..

Star corner Brian “BC / Meat Hammer” Cole retires from Pro Paintball. He recently landed himself a high paying job. Our sources say the Dynasty camp saw it coming. Good luck Brian! What only remains to be answered is how this will effect Dynasty? They have definitely had a rough start this season and one can only guess how BC’s …

Picture of the day: Guess Who?

Picture of the Day – July 2

Todays picture of the day features two American pro paintball players at an awards ceremony down under. Word is these fellas were flown in for some free paintball, played their hearts out and ultimately helped bring their team to victory. Take a guess as to who the lucky guys are.. Guess Who? Update: The players in question are Brandon Short …

Photo of the day: Thomas Taylor (XSV) playing with Game On Gear, Pan Am 2001. Check out that drop forward!

Yosh Rau to Ironmen?

Internet rumors spread like wildfire over the last 24 hours about a major defection from the Dynasty camp to Ollies Ironmen. After several emails informing us of a major departure and a nasty note saying otherwise, our sources among the Ironmen finally got back to us. “Definite No” to Yosh trading teams is the official word.

Picture of the Day: July 1

Photo of the day: Thomas Taylor (XSV) playing with Game On Gear, Pan Am 2001. Check out that drop forward!

Final Standings for PSP Chicago Open 2008

Keely Watson & the PSP sent us the final standings for Chi-Town. Most of you are probably aware who won already but we gotta give credit to the teams that are putting in the work and coming out on top. Great job to the PSP Event staff, between rain and some howling winds you guys managed to pull it together …

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Chris Lasoya joins Pacific Paintball

Ponyboy Chris Lasoya “will be involved with the company’s Web Development and providing consulting in many other areas Pacific Paintball is involved in.” Word has it hes working with PB2X & to bring them up to snuff. Does this mean more editorials or a real “refresh” is in the works? This is a good sign that the league is …