Pro Paintball Documentary: “Damaged”

Pro paintball team Tampa Bay Damage has unveiled a new feature length documentary project that is in progress. “Damaged” is being filmed and produced by¬†Full Sail Productions & DFM Pictures. The documentary has launched a facebook where you can subscribe for the latest updates. In a related update, Tampa Bay Damage has unveiled a new promotional video for the pro …

Damage beats the Heat in PSP Galveston Pro Paintball Finals

Hard fought paintball matches were had all day at the University of Phoenix Stadium today. This morning started off with pro teams Houston Heat and Tampa Bay Damage battling one another in the prelims. Ironically, the day ended with both teams facing off again in the finals for first and second.

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J-Rab signs with Tampa Bay Damage

Tampa Bay Damage, winners of the 2011 PSP World Cup, have taken a crucial element of the Russian Legion’s starting line. Only minutes ago, Tampa Bay Damage and Justin Rabackoff inked a deal for the 2012 pro paintball season.

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Tampa Bay Damage wins 2011 PSP Paintball World Cup

The paintball world cup was an amazing success. Over 270 paintball teams converged in Polk City, Florida to compete against the best 5 man teams in the world. According to the PSP, event spectating was at an all time high with all 1900 grand stand seats sold out and fans from across the world tuned in to the free paintball …

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Pro Paintball Stats & Poll for PSP Chicago Open

The Chicago pickem and the Pro Paintball poll (right hand side of the page) have opened up for you to place your bets on the winners and losers of the PSP 2011 Chicago Open. Cade Coleman, the PSP score keeper and ProPaintball are proud to share several data points for your consideration and general paintball knowledge. Hopefully these data points …

Free Damage Shirt and Signing at Chicago NPPL

Tampa Bay Damage and DYE Precision are hosting an autograph signing today at 12 noon. They will be giving away 50 free Damage tee’s! This is a great opportunity to meet the one of the best teams in Paintball. This signing will be at the DYE trailer at CPX Sports paintball park in Joliet, Illinois.

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Pro Update: Tampa Bay Damage

ProPaintball sets the record straight regarding pro paintball player Jason Edwards, Scott Kemp, and Tampa Bay Damage. Read on for the latest paintball news.