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Update – Russian Legion Pro team

Alexander Tarando, the Russian Legion team’s head manager, released the following announcement about the future of the team. This announcement confirms earlier Pro Paintball rumors about the Russians releasing players. Tarando’s announcement below adds helps shed light on the direction of the 2012 Russian Legion plans.

Pro Paintball team Russian Legion

Pro Paintball team Russian Legion

Paintball manager Alexander Tarando from Russian Legion

Paintball manager Alexander Tarando from Russian Legion

“The 2011 season is almost over. It brought beautiful wins and pity losses. As usually, in the end of the year, we’ve analyzed our games in PSP series and tried to reveal all the mistakes made regarding the training and organization of the team and we managed to find out the decisions how to deal with these mistakes.In such cases there is always a dilemma to be faced: whether to make everything possible to reach the best results in this particular year or to start making global rearrangements to build up the team for the future seasons. We tried to measure all the pros and cons of each variant and made a decision to make the steak on the long-term goals, though not forgetting about the good performance in 2012.

We need to make a budget of the team for the nearest 5-6 years. And the situation in the global economy shows that it is in the stage of big recession. Taking this and other factors into consideration the changes in the roaster of the team were also made. Matt Blonski and Justin Rabackoff will not play for the team next year.

We are very grateful for Matt for his playing with us for so many years. The great part of our wins was only because of his talent and hard work. He is a very decent, talented and a hard-working man. We sincerely wish him all the best in his undertakings. The doors of our Club are always open for him and we are ready to make everything possible if any problem arises.

Justin began playing for the Club as a player of the 2nd Division. He practiced, raised his level and, it seems, that it is the time for him to try himself playing for the other team, We wish him success in his professional career.

Our Club has always been oriented not on the “stars” but on the growing of its personal players and building up new players from Russia, USA and Europe. We will continue this line of developing the international team of pro level.

We would like to congratulate everyone with the Happy New Year! Happiness to you and your families! Only wins and no losses in the next year!”

What do you think about Tarando’s announcement? Also there was no mention of Federov. Will he continue to be involved with the team?


Photo Credit: Mike Deep for Action Shot of Russian Legion competing at 2011 PSP World Cup
Gary Baum / Paintball Photography for photo of Alexander Tarando, Russian Legion Head Manager

Pro Paintball News and Rumor Report

The official start to the 2011/2012 off season is upon us. Read on for the latest pro paintball news and gossip from the Russian Legion, Seattle Thunder and the New England Hurricanes.

Professional paintball players battling it out

  • Pro Paintball insiders report a shake up is taking place within the Russian Legion. Sources suggest that the team will be returning to an all Russian roster for 2012. In addition, sources indicate that the Russian Legion and Konstantin Federov will be parting ways.
  • Justin Rabackoff (Russian Legion) is said to be in talks with a number of high profile pro paintball teams. With the Russians releasing non-Russian players, sources suggest Tampa Bay Damage, Chicago Aftershock, Edmonton Impact and San Diego Dynasty are possibilities. Update: Dynasty has confirmed they have a full roster.
  • Billy Bernacchia and the New England Hurricanes have parted ways. ProPaintball insiders suggest Hurricane player Keith Devitt and Alfred De Los Santos may also be on the move. After playing pro 7-man on St. Louis Avalanche, it is said that the three became good friends and may attempt to stick together for 2012.
  • Seattle Thunder is rumored to have picked up several former Naughty Dog players for the 2012 season. ProPaintball insiders report that Mapp Chim, Raymond Knuth and Mikey Lew are all suiting up and getting back on the grind. According to sources, Mapp filled in for an injured Thunder player at the 2011 NPPL Las Vegas event and the team was very impressed with his performance.
  • Chris “LC” Wilson and Seattle Thunder are said to be going their separate ways. Prior to Thunder, LC played with Oakland BLAST and Portland Naughty Dogs.

These rumors are just the tip of the iceburg. There are tons of moves being made and its hard to keep up.

What rumors have you heard? Share your tips in the comments below!

Paintball Video: Legion vs Dynasty – PSP Chicago Open

Pro Paintball teams San Diego Dynasty and the Russian Legion faced off in the final match of the recent PSP Chicago Open. Many of you read the final results from the event, but, much like myself, missed the final match up. Many pro paintball players and industry veterans have referred to the final match of the PSP Chicago Open as one of the best, if not the best, paintball games they have ever witnessed. In a back and forth match up, two of the top pro paintball teams face off for the Chicago Open championship title. Sit back and watch the amazing paintball video and witness for yourself watch the game the paintball community is raving about.

YouTube Preview Image

Pay attention to the 46:00 minute mark for a move that sends the match into sudden death overtime.

Truth be told, all of the players from both teams involved in the match played great paintball. However, during the final moments of the match Russian Legion player Justin Rabackoff makes an amazing move out of the snake and up the center of the field. The following paintball video is only a minute and a half long, but be forewarned, you may have to replay it a few times.

Russian Legion wins PSP Chicago – Paintball Event Results

Russian Legion Paintball team

The Russian Legion battled against world paintball series leaders San Diego Dynasty for the PSP Chicago Open title. The Russians emerged the victors in an over time match that some say was the best paintball they have witnessed in the history of the sport. If you missed the free paintball webcast hosted by Matty Marshall you should be kicking yourself. The PSP webcast was an amazing production with excellent game footage and commentary that kept paintball fans on the edges of their couches all weekend long. The PSP has promised to release some of the episodes online via Youtube and other online video sharing sites in the coming weeks.

Below are a few words from the PSP’s Camille Lemanski regarding the event as well as final results for all the divisions.

After severe weather did its best to take out this event, Burt Wright, Matt Fraundorf, Nick Casner, Rich Hernandez, Aaron Arroyo, Matty Morse and Brian Berg of the PSP Crew along with volunteers from team LSD and the CPX Sports Park staff led by Darrell Parrish, worked around the clock to revive the venue and save the event. This came as complete relief to the thousands of PSP players and fans including those who traveled in from as far as Sweden, Russia, Ecuador and Brazil!

Beautifully calm weather swept in after the reconstruction just in time for games to begin, allowing raw talent and strategic game plans to take center stage. With 9 different divisions to choose from, 155 teams from several nations competed against each other to better themselves and prove who really is the best in the world.

Something that was extra special for this event was the return of the live webcast! Thousands of fans from all over the world – literally – were watching pro games at all day Saturday along with Pro and some divisional final action live and for free all day Sunday!

Global enthusiasm seemed to build up Sunday as it became clear that the Professional final match would once again come down to San Diego Dynasty and Boston Red Legion of Russia. These two teams faced off against each other in the March PSP Galveston event with Dynasty winning… and the rivalry has been building up tension ever since. Boston Red Legion started out strong taking the first two points, but several close points later and San Diego Dynasty came out time and again with the lead. In what seemed like would be the final point before Dynasty were re-crowned champs, Justin Rabacoff made the move of the event by taking the flag and racing it into Dynasty’s flag station with just 2 seconds left in the game… while Dynasty still had live bodies on the field!! This took the game into Sudden Death Overtime which came down to a one-on-one where Boston Red Legion’s final player, who was seemingly out of paint, eliminated the final Dynasty player to win the event!

Final Score: San Diego Dynasty 5, Boston Red Legion 6

Let the Dynasty/Legion rivalry continue as we take the PSP to our next stop: PSP New Jersey, August 12 – 14, 2011 at TopGun Paintball! But first, please join us in congratulating all of the 2011 PSP Chicago Open Champions!

Final Results for the PSP Chicago Open:


  1. Boston Red Legion
  2. San Diego Dynasty
  3. Edmonton Impact
  4. Los Angeles Ironmen

Division 1

  1. Hurricanes
  2. New Jersey Jesters
  4. upTon 187 cRew

Division 2

  1. Grad Moscow
  2. Wolfpack
  3. DOW Warberg
  4. Distortion

Division 3 RaceTo-4

  1. Detroit Action
  2. Boom II
  3. Annihilators EDGE
  4. Rapinas

Division 4 RaceTo-4

  1. Imperial
  2. Central Florida Paintball
  3. North Texas Shockwave
  4. Momentum

Division 3 RaceTo-2

  1. CRU LT
  2. Seek and Destroy
  3. Team Betrayal
  4. L A S T C A L L

Division 4 RaceTo-2

  1. Revo II
  2. Syndicate
  3. Atlanta Breakout Gold
  4. Mac Daddy All-Stars

Pump Open RaceTo-2

  1. Total Grief
  2. Dallas Notorious

Pro Paintball Stats & Poll for PSP Chicago Open

The Chicago pickem and the Pro Paintball poll (right hand side of the page) have opened up for you to place your bets on the winners and losers of the PSP 2011 Chicago Open. Cade Coleman, the PSP score keeper and ProPaintball are proud to share several data points for your consideration and general paintball knowledge. Hopefully these data points will help you increase your odds of winning the PB Pickem grand prize. Study up and place your picks!

Pro Paintball is an intense game of capture the flag

Data is based on PSP Pro Paintball matches between 2007 to 2011

PSP 2011 Chicago Open Stats:

  • 2007 – Largest Margin of Victory: Legion (23) vs. Ultimate (1)
  • 2007 – Finals: X-Factor (7) vs. Ironmen (6)
  • 2008 – Finals: Damage (5) vs. Aftermath (3)
  • 2009 – Finals: Legion (7) vs. Aftermath (1)
  • 2010 – Finals: Infamous (7) vs. Damage (5)

PSP Pro Paintball Team Facts and Win / Loss Records:

Chicago Aftershock:

  • 31 Wins (36%) / 56 Losses (64%)
  • Looking for their first Pro win of the 2011 season, shut out 0-4 at the 2011 Texas Open.

Pro Paintball team: Chicago Aftershock

Chattanooga CEP (PSP Pro since 2011):

  • 0 Wins (0%) / 4 Losses (100%)
  • Looking for their first Pro win ever, also shut out 0-4 at the 2011 Texas Open.

Chattanooga CEP Pro Paintball Team

Tampa Bay Damage (PSP Pro since 2008):

  • 51 Wins (61%) / 32 Losses (39%)
  • Wins and 1 OT Loss during the Texas Open, they were knocked out by Legion (2-4) in the Semis.

San Diego Dynasty:

  • 59 Wins (58%) / 43 Losses (42%)
  • 3 Wins (7-0, 7-1, 7-1) and 1 Loss (Legion) during the Texas Prelims, beat Infamous in the Semis, and Legion (7-2) in the Finals.

Dynasty Paintball

Edmonton Impact (PSP Pro since 2008):

  • 38 Wins (52%) / 35 Losses (48%)
  • 2 Wins (both 5-4) and 2 Losses (both 1-7), looking to advance out of the Prelims in 2011.

LA Infamous:

  • 49 Wins (51%) / 47 Losses (49%)
  • 3 Wins (2OT) and 1 Loss during the Texas Prelims, they were knocked out by Dynasty (2-5) in the Semis.

Los Angeles Ironmen:

  • 70 Wins (65%) / 38 Losses (35%)
  • 2 Wins (1OT) and 2 Losses in Texas, looking to advance out of the Prelims in 2011.

Boston Red Legion:

  • 82 Wins (75%) / 28 Losses (25%)
  • 3 Wins and 1 Loss (OT Loss, Ironmen), beat Damage in the Semis and Lost to Dynasty (2-7) in the Finals.

Russian Legion Pro Paintball Team

Omaha Vicious (PSP Pro since 2010):

  • 7 Wins (37%) / 12 Losses (63%)
  • 2 Wins (1OT, both 6-5) and 2 Losses (1OT) in Texas, looking to advance out of the Prelims in 2011.

San Antonio X-Factor:

  • 44 Wins (49%) / 46 Losses (51%)
  • 2 Wins (7-3, 7-2) and 2 Losses in Texas, looking to advance out of the Prelims in 2011.

Does the Win and Loss record effect your loyalty to your favorite pro paintball team? Or, is there more to a pro team than winning? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Guest Post: Russian Legion's Matt Blonski on PSP Galveston

The first event of the year is always the hardest for Russian Legion, this is no secret. The PSP has made things “interesting” by deciding to change the layout of the field, and certain aspects of the game itself. All things considered RL had a productive first event.We were able to secure the top sponsors we wanted for the 2011 season: GI paintballs,MACDev guns, SLY equipment, GA air systems, Virtue electronics, KM apparel,PBcustoms lasering, and Social paintball media and new Russian Legion supporters like DYE precision and Exalt, so everything worked flawlessly. We brought new players who played in there first event, and they gained valuable experience.

Our team has a lot of experience in finals games, but not much experience in losing them. It’s probably the worst feeling in professional paintball, knowing that you can and should win, but having the other team take it away from you. We have done it countless times to teams, and overall it can take you in two directions; you can worry about the future, worry about losing again, and inevitably become worse because of it. Or you can learn from it, which is what professionals are supposed to do. Our team is built to learn from its mistakes, and we will come back and work harder to become more dominant in any type of game they decide to change this league to. Thanks again to all of our amazing fans,and our great sponsors, you make us who we are.

Russian Legion, Matt Blonski #187.

Special thanks to Gary Baum at PaintballPhotography for the photographs as well as making this report possible.

Pro team Russian Legion to shoot GI Paintballs

During the 2010 PSP World Cup, ProPaintball unveiled a rumor that the Russian Legion was shooting GI Sports Imperial paintballs. The Russians had been a Draxxus/Procaps team but for reasons unknown to ProPaintball, the team was said to have switched at the last minute. With the new paintballs loaded up, the Russian Legion went on to win the 2010 PSP World Cup paintball event.

This morning we received a note from Steve Rabackoff of GI Sports informing us that Russian Legion would be shooting GI Sports paintballs exclusively for the 2011 pro paintball season.

PRO Paintball News & Rumors, Part 1

Less than 48 hours ago the 2010 season came to a close. Paintball players and fans alike hoped on planes and headed home, many looking forward to a relaxing off season. As today’s rumor report documents, many paintball teams have big plans in mind for the 2011 season. Read on for the latest paintball gossip.

Newport Entourage

Rumor has it that Rodney has been trying to merge Entourage with another Xball team for 2011. PRO Paintball insiders suggest that Rodney first attempted to work a deal with Dynasty but moved on when he learned that the team has well over 10 players. Sources report that an Entourage and Ironmen merger is on the table. A potential merger would combine the strength and experience of veteran Ironmen players with the speed and agility of Entourage players. It is worth noting that Kevin “SK” Bredthauer, Rodney’s friend and former teammate on Dynasty, is coaching the Ironmen and this could increase the potential odds for a merger. That is of course if Dave Youngblood signs off on it.

Los Angeles Ironmen

Sources around the Ironmen camp suggest that 2011 will be a new year for the men. PRO Paintball insiders suggest that the Ironmen will be refocusing on local players in an effort to reduce cost and build the program. The first player released from contract was Ryan Cohen and we expect a few more cuts are in the works. As of writing their is no word as to what Oliver Lang will be doing.

Russian Legion

The Russians dominated Chicago Aftershock in the PSP World Cup 2010 Finals for a strong 1st place finish. PRO Paintball insiders let on that the Russians may be considering testing their luck in the 7-man arena. As far as the roster is concerned we do not see much if any movement. Word has it the management is very happy with the teams performance this season and plan to continue full speed ahead. As rumored during the PSP World Cup, the Russian Legion has dropped Draxxus/Procaps and will be a GI Sports flagship paintball team in 2011.

Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 as we share the latest rumors and news surrounding Sacrament XSV, Chicago Aftershock, San Diego Dynasty, Tampa Bay Damage, San Antonio X-Factor and many more.

News from the Russian Legion

Russian Legion would like to thank all of our sponsors who helped us compete and win in the 2010 PSP season.

MacDev has everything we look for in a paintball marker and we couldn’t be happier with them. Draxxus paint has really done a great job in supplying us with great tournament and practice paint all year long. We really like all of the new SLY gear, along with our amazingly comfortable VForce masks. We have had nothing but rave reviews about our new jerseys made by Style Supply, and look forward to developing new custom ones for years to come. Virtue has made our boards for years now, and we wouldn’t use anyone else’s. Guerilla Air is showing why so many top pro teams are using them, and we appreciate their great tech staff at each tournament. Paintball photography is with us at every event, and we would like to show our thanks to them and Social Paintball for letting our fans see what the Russian Legion is about. KM and PB Customs make great products for us and we hope to continue making innovative products with them. Finally, Exalt makes the only REAL paintball cleats, and we’re very happy to be able to use them.

Thanks again to all of our 2010 sponsors, as we appreciate every one of them and look forward to continuing our great partnerships

Russian Legion wins PSP Mid Atlantic Open!

Earlier during the week, Russian Legion was featured on the Pro Paintball MAO Watch List as a strong contender for the MAO event. Going into the event, the Russians were 5th overall in the PSP and 5th in the Pro Paintball power rankings. In the final match against Edmonton Impact, Russian Legion dominated the pro field and secured their place at the top with a final score against Impact of 7 to 2. New comers to the pro division, San Diego Aftermath, made their pro debut at the recent Chicago Open, blasted out the Ironmen for a 3rd place finish. Here are a few words from the PSP and final scores from each division.

Congratulations to Russian Legion for winning the Professional Division of the 2010 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open!  The mostly-Russian team faced off against Edmonton Impact out of Canada (2010 PSP Phoenix Pro Champions) to fight for the title.

Teams from all over the United States and abroad competed in three days of non-stop paintball action across five fields at the Paintball Central Sports Park of Rock Hill, SC for this weekend’s PSP Mid-Atlantic Open.  This is the highest level of competition in the world, so the following teams who came out on top deserve much respect and recognition:

Pro Paintball, RaceTo-7
1st Russian Legion powered by Sly Equipment and MacDev
2nd Edmonton Impact powered by KEE Action Sports
3rd San Diego Aftermath powered by DYE Precision
4th Los Angeles Ironmen powered by DYE Precision

Division 1 Paintball, RaceTo-5
1st Chattanooga CEP
2nd Total Karnage Orlando
3rd New England Hurricanes powered by KEE Action Sports
4th New Jersey Jesters

Division 2 Paintball, RaceTo-5
1st upTon 187 cRew powered by KEE Action Sports and Planet Eclipse
2nd Arsenal Predators
3rd Mirabel Impact, first time this CXBL team has competed in the PSP
4th Senate

Division 3 Paintball, RaceTo-4
1st D.C. Monstars
2nd Boom II
3rd NCPA All-Stars powered by College Paintball
4th Underdogs

Division 4 Paintball, RaceTo-4
1st Annihilators EDGE
2nd Avarice
3rd NJ Jesters Kids
4th Goon Squad

Division 3 Paintball RaceTo-2
1st Golden State Pirates powered by Golden State Paintball
2nd Detroit Action
3rd MLP
4th L A S T C A L L

Division 4 Paintball RaceTo-2
1st Atlanta Breakout
2nd Wreckage Krew
3rd Richmond Rage

Congratulations and thank you to all of the teams, sponsors, fans, referees, crew and staff who all made this year’s PSP Mid-Atlantic Open such a successful event.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the world’s largest paintball tournament, the PSP World Cup, being held at Fantasy of Flight in Lakeland, Florida October 21 – 24, 2010.