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Look what came in the mail

A few weeks back Rob Montiero from pro paintball team SF Explicit emailed in asking for a mailing address and we were all sorta curious as to what he was up to. When an unexpected package showed up in today’s mail you can only imagine our excitement — we had to see what was inside and quick! After ripping open the package we realized that not only was there a fresh Explicit paintball t-shirt but sitting alongside was a brand new 14″ Furious Lotus barrel,…

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Rumor of the day: KEE buys Gun Ltd.

According to sources, Gun Limited, the company behind the new Vanguard and Creed paintball guns as well as the Lucky Un1-tech barrel systems is said to have been purchased by KEE Action Sports. Word has it that the paintball markers will continue being serviced at the UK office but the sales, distribution, marketing and team sponsorships will be handled by the KEE Action Sports Group. As far as we can tell, the acquisition of Gun Limited by KEE will help fill add to KEE’s product…

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EXPLICIT vs the Tattoo Parlor

Adam and Rob of pro paintball team San Francisco Explicit recently decided to get their team name inked on their backs and biceps. Junior Brown from XSV was there to witness and has a full set of photos over at Ballers Cafe. Check out the photo blog in the Explicit forum. Speaking of Explicit, they are giving free paintball pen’s away for everyone that posts up showcasing how they personally are promoting paintball. To enter, check out the contest on PBNation here.

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It was a long drawn out, fly infested weekend many of us have grown to be familiar with through many seasons at SC Village. Paintball photographers Kyle Johnson and Matt Dawson took to the field with their man soda at 7:30am Friday morning and proceeded to finish out the weekend Sunday evening incredibly dehydrated and with leather necks they had not had just days prior.

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Rumor of the day: Archie goes to DYNASTY

Star X-Factor player Archie Montemayor is rumored to be joining up with pro paintball team San Diego Dynasty. We are awaiting an official confirmation from the Dynacats and can only speculate as to which member of the team they are replacing. Place your picks below! Update from JM: It’s official, Archie has joined Dynasty. As of writing we have not received word as to which Dynasty player he will be replacing. PPB readers Bobby Tucson and Robby D ask, who will be taking over Archies…

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Pro Paintball team Chicago Aftershock featured in EclipseTV ep 22

Episode #22 of Eclipse TV has been released. This time around the boys from pro paintball team Chicago Aftershock are featured running their guns at at the Chicago Open event against Tampa Bay Damage, San Diego Dynasty and the Orange County Bushwackers. Episode 22 showcases game footage and interviews with several paintball players including coach Jeremy Salm, Brad McCurley, A.J. Lawhead, Chris Lasoya and more. The video provides a great perspective on the mid-west pro team and is definitely worth watching.

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