Today’s Paintball Birthdays

Pro paintball players Jason Trosen (Edmonton Impact), Konstantin Federov (Houston Heat) and Ryan Moorhead (Edmonton Impact) are all celebrating their birthdays today.  Paintball Trivia: At one time, all three of these players played on or where involved with the (retired) pro team All Americans. Edit: Ret. N.E. Hurricane pro and Planet Eclipse employee, Tom Buckley, is also celebrating his birthday today! Wish …

Alex “Mouse” Goldman returns to DYNASTY

After a short break from professional paintball, veteran pro player Alex Goldman will be returning to San Diego Dynasty in time for this weekends PSP Phoenix. “Mouse” was spotted hanging with his friend and fellow teammate Sean “Crunchy” McDonald at NPPL Huntington Beach. The two were playing with DC Arsenal in the 7-man series. ProPaintball was able to confirm with …

Rumor: Greg Pauley back to the Pro division?

Pro Paintball insiders report that a professional paintball team is in talks with veteran coach Greg Pauley. According to sources, GP would be brought on as a coach to help guide the team to victory. If rumor serves us right, GP would be starting as soon as this weekend’s PSP Phoenix Open.

Pro Paintball Athletes – Rising Stars

Paintball Access has unveiled a new paintball video highlighting the up and coming athletes in the pro paintball division. Highlighted are Eric Humphreys (Ironmen), Drew Templeton (Infamous), Axel Gaudin (Russian Legion), Keith Brown (Tampa Bay Damage), Daniel Zaleski (Upton 187 Crew) and Jason Wheeler (Russian Legion). Who else is a worthy addition to this list?

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San Diego Dynasty Paintball Rumors

This weekend a group of veteran paintball players will be trying out for San Diego Dynasty. Read on for an exclusive who’s who list of potential candidates and find out who may be missing in action in 2012.