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DYNASTY to wear HK ARMY paintball gear in 2013

Its official, socal’s finest are back together. Read the full press release below;

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. — HK Army is proud to announce signing San Diego Dynasty to a 2-year sponsorship contract running through the 2013-14 season.

Dynasty will use the full line of HK Army gear including the Hardline series gear which includes jerseys, protective pads and Pro pants plus the Eject harnesses, Rock n’ Roller gear bags, Rider backpacks, Epic Speed Feeds and Shredder Cleats.

“Dynasty is the most successful paintball team on the field and HK Army is arguably the most successful off it in terms of marketing and branding,” said Ryan Greenspan of San Diego Dynasty.

“We’ve watched their explosive growth over the past few years but we know firsthand an overnight success is ten years in the making. Our teams have always supported each other and it was time to make that relationship official.”

San Diego Dynasty is the most accomplished team in the history of paintball, having won more than 50 professional tournaments. Dynasty is a three-time Triple Crown Winner (NPPL, PSP & Millennium Series championships) and currently hold both the PSP and NPPL titles.

Dynasty will also provide valuable R&D testing of new products to be released in the coming months.

Mark Kressin of HK Army, aka Mr. H, said “Dynasty is the greatest paintball team of all time and we’ve been both lucky enough to grow up competing against them and now to have them in our stable of sponsored teams.”

You will find Dynasty wearing HK Army gear as they compete in the NPPL and PSP series events in the United States and the Millennium Series in Europe plus international events throughout Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Team Dynasty will also partner with HK Army to promote their popular Crash at the Coast training events, Streetball events and their professional player clinics worldwide.

Dynasty has not finalized its 2013 roster; the team’s track record strongly suggests they will continue to surround their veteran core with young talent and compete at the highest level of the sport.

HK Army will support Dynasty on the field and off, collaborating to promote both brands.

For more information about Dynasty, visit their website at or interact with the team on Facebook at

Visit for the 2013 catalog, blogs, videos, event photos and more.


Dynasty and Empire Paintball part ways

Word was just received that pro paintball team San Diego Dynasty and industry giant Empire Paintball have parted ways. Dynasty and Empire have been working together since 2010 and

Alex Fraige, Captain of San Diego Dynasty offered;

Dynasty greatly appreciates all of the support from the Empire family of products that have helped us continue our winning tradition over the past few years. Unfortunately Dynasty and Empire are moving in different directions, but we wish Empire nothing but the best moving forward. It’s been a great relationship, and we’re sorry to see it have to come to an end.

Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing for Empire added

Dynasty is one of the best teams in paintball, and we have enjoyed a great relationship with them over the years. We wish them continued success.

What paintball gear will Dynasty run in 2013? Who will Empire Paintball feature as their flagship team next season?

Dynasty Paintball Roster changes

Sean “Crunchy” Macdonald resigns from San Diego Dynasty. According to ProPaintball insiders, Crunchy needed to focus his attention back on his work. If rumors serve us right, he is a river boat captain by trade. No word as to if he will continue playing with DC Arsenal in the NPPL 7-man series.

Alex “Mouse” Goldman returns to DYNASTY

After a short break from professional paintball, veteran pro player Alex Goldman will be returning to San Diego Dynasty in time for this weekends PSP Phoenix. “Mouse” was spotted hanging with his friend and fellow teammate Sean “Crunchy” McDonald at NPPL Huntington Beach. The two were playing with DC Arsenal in the 7-man series. ProPaintball was able to confirm with “Mouse” at NPPL Huntington Beach that he had the paintball itch and couldn’t wait to play again.

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San Diego Dynasty Paintball Rumors

San Diego Dynasty, an Empire Paintball team, is holding tryouts this weekend. We have heard that a large group of talented pro paintball players will be mixing it up. Notable mentions include Andy Horvath (Mutiny), Jason & Corey Bornstein (XSV), Josh Victorio (Cobra’s) and Rusty Glaze (LA Infamous), Jon Richardson (LA Infamous) and Sean “Crunchy” Mcdonald (former SDA/Ironmen) will be mixing it up. The word is these players are competing for one or possibly two spots on the paintball super team and only the best will make it.

Pro Paintball team San Diego Dynasty breaking out

Pro Paintball team San Diego Dynasty breaking out

You may be wondering what spots these players are looking to fill on Dynasty. ProPaintball insiders suggest that the openings are for the Xball/Race-To roster. Possibile openings on the roster may come from Dynasty players Spitts, McCormic and Mouse. According to rumors, Steven Pitts has set his sights on completing his college degree and is taking a full course load.

Dynasty Pro Paintball Team

Another possibility comes from McCormick. Mike was missing at the teams first official practice of the season which is typically not a good sign. No word on if he will return or not this season. Another question mark sits next to Alex “Mouse” Goldman‘s name. According to sources, Mouse is considering scaling back his professional play to one league so that he can focus on work, school and his girlfriend.

Which player would you most like to see join San Diego Dynasty? Who would make the strongest addition?

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Zack Wake signs with San Diego Dynasty

San Diego Dynasty and Zack Wake have signed a deal for the 2012 pro paintball season, a source told ProPaintball yesterday. Until last week, Zack had been playing snake side for LA Infamous in both 7-man and Race-To pro paintball formats.

Pro Paintball team San Diego Dynasty breaking out

Pro Paintball team San Diego Dynasty breaking out

In 2012, Zack Wake, a pro paintball all star, will play both snake and dorrito sides of the field for Dynasty. Wake is an offensive player and will compliment the teams aggressive style of game play. His addition to the team should help provide the boost they need to dominate the pro division in Europe and American events next season.

Pro paintball player Zack Wake

Pro Paintball player Zack Wake on the move

Pro Paintball caught up with Dynasty Coach Mike Hinman for a few words.

“Dynasty is proud to anounce the addition of Zack Wake to its roster for the 2012 season. Many of our guys have played with him in the past and we believe his transition to Dynasty will be as easy and painless as can be.”

Dynasty’s roster features the who’s who of professional paintball. The addition of Wake only makes the team that much stronger. He will be joining his former Aftermath teammates Alex Goldman, Steven Pitts in playing for the triple crown Championship in 2012.

San Diego Dynasty, sponsored by Empire Paintball and Guerrilla Air, is a fiercely competitive paintball team with a long history of winning. In the 2011 NPPL Surf City Open, Dynasty captured their 50th professional win in the match against rival team Sacramento XSV.

What do you think about Zack joining Dynasty? Does Dynasty have what it takes to win the Triple Crown Championship in 2012?

Paintball Player of The Week- Mike McCormick

Pro paintball player Mike McCormick from San Diego Dynasty

Pro paintball player Mike McCormick from San Diego Dynasty

I got a few emails from readers that wanted me to interview Mike so I sent him a quick message asking if he would be interested, and was pretty stoked on how quickly he agreed to answer some questions for us here at

Mike McCormick - Pro Paintball Player of the Week

Mike McCormick - Pro Paintball Player of the Week

Name: Mike McCormick, 20 years young.

Hometown: Born in London, Ontario, Canada. Currently reside in Los Angeles.

Occupation: Ceritfied Pimp and water boy.

Previous Teams: Alter ego, Sinister, San Diego Aftermath, Assault, San Diego Dynasty.

Current Team: San Diego Dynasty.

Sponsors: Empire paintball, Guerrilla Air, Cp, Planet Eclipse, Rps, HHHk Army, And last but not least Oring Monkey.

Position: Mostly upfront, But I like to get different looks around the field.

Favorite Players: Id have to say Alex Goldman (aka Mouse) would be my favorite player. Hes helped me since day 1 at the Aftermath camp and Ive learned alot from him throughout the past few years.

JJ @ ProPb: When you aren’t playing paintball, what are you most likely doing?

Mike: Working as much as I possibly can, Hanging out with my friends and family, And just living life. Making the best of it.

JJ @ ProPB: When did you first start playing paintball?

Mike: The first time I played Paintball was for a friends birthday party in early 2007 I believe. I dont think I shot anyone that whole day and called myself out on a few bounces, But have been hooked ever since. Haha.

JJ @ ProPB: When did you first start playing tournament paintball?

Mike: I want to say my first tournement was a local 3 man at Jungle Island Paintball Park. Had a few friends and some lunch money saved up, So we figured we try it out and see what happened.

JJ @ ProPB: Who do you look up to in the sport?

Mike: All the guys on my team, First and second. Anyone who just loves the sport and loves to play it.

JJ @ ProPB: What does playing paintball mean to you?

Mike: Paintball means everything to me, Let me travel the world, Taste different foods, And meet some of the coolest people Ive ever met. Without it I cant say where id be today.

JJ @ ProPB: What is your most memorable paintball experience?

Mike: Most memorable experience would have to be making team Dynasty and given a shot at the pro ranks.

JJ @ ProPB: I got the opportunity to play alongside Alex Fraige, Oliver Lang and Ryan Greenspan at the NPPL allstar game this year and needless to say I was pretty star struck.. What’s it like playing on a team with such amazing talent and players that you’ve grown up watching and admiring?

Mike: Its an experience and a half. Never thought Id get the chance to step on the field with these guys but Im glad It happened and Im thankful for it all.

JJ @ ProPB: What is Hinman really like?

Mike: Haha, Good one. I mean I’d consider Mike one of my good friends, Hes a great coach, and a good guy. Hes taken me from nothing to something and always had my back,  Has his crazy times like we all do but all in all he puts his pants on the same as I do each morning.

JJ @ ProPB: What are your goals for next season?

Mike: My goals are to contiune to play for team Dynasty in the 2012 season and just play paintball. Do what I love to do. Win.

JJ @ ProPB: Do you have any advice for up and comers looking to play pro?

Mike: Just play paintball, Best advice I can give. Play paintball and work hard at it. You think your working hard already, Work harder. Dont talk about it, Be about it.

JJ @ ProPB: What are you currently listening to on your ipod/computer/car?

Mike: Usually got some Wiz or Wayne playing, But Ill listen to anything really. Shoutout to Justin beiber, Nohomo. Your worldstar Hip Hop freestyle is ill.

JJ @ ProPB: Any shout-out’s you wanna make?

Mike: First off, Those teachers who told me Id never be anything. Mr. Gonzales, TCHS Holler at ya boy. My parents, Hingeman, My team, Everyone whos supported me through the past few years. Love you all. :) :)

Rumor: Dynasty, Planet Eclipse paintball gun contract

Mike Mesa from San Diego Dynasty, Photo Cred: 1904 Photography

San Diego Dynasty has had a successful run shooting the Planet Eclipse GEO and EGO paintball guns. During the last two paintball seasons Dynasty has won or ranked within the top 4 of most of the events they have competed in. Dynasty, as a franchise, is very valuable to sponsors looking to market their products. In addition to winning over 50 paintball events, the team presents a clean cut, professional image and is well marketed throughout the world. As such, a several paintball companies have been courting them in hopes of signing endorsement deals.

Dynasty Paintball

Rumors had floated that San Diego Dynasty would be courted at the 2011 PSP World Cup by Empire Paintball to shoot the AXE paintball gun. Dynasty wears head to toe Empire Paintball gear and many figured that the guns would be a hot topic in this years contract negotiations. On the other side of the pond, rumors circulated that Planet Eclipse was going to try and extend their contract.

The rumors were set straight last night. ProPaintball insiders informed us that San Diego Dynasty and Planet Eclipse inked a 2 year contract extension yesterday evening. According to insiders, the relationship has been very successful for Eclipse and Dynasty. Sources suggest they plan to continue their relationship for the foreseeable future.

Paintball Video: Legion vs Dynasty – PSP Chicago Open

Pro Paintball teams San Diego Dynasty and the Russian Legion faced off in the final match of the recent PSP Chicago Open. Many of you read the final results from the event, but, much like myself, missed the final match up. Many pro paintball players and industry veterans have referred to the final match of the PSP Chicago Open as one of the best, if not the best, paintball games they have ever witnessed. In a back and forth match up, two of the top pro paintball teams face off for the Chicago Open championship title. Sit back and watch the amazing paintball video and witness for yourself watch the game the paintball community is raving about.

YouTube Preview Image

Pay attention to the 46:00 minute mark for a move that sends the match into sudden death overtime.

Truth be told, all of the players from both teams involved in the match played great paintball. However, during the final moments of the match Russian Legion player Justin Rabackoff makes an amazing move out of the snake and up the center of the field. The following paintball video is only a minute and a half long, but be forewarned, you may have to replay it a few times.

Russian Legion wins PSP Chicago – Paintball Event Results

Russian Legion Paintball team

The Russian Legion battled against world paintball series leaders San Diego Dynasty for the PSP Chicago Open title. The Russians emerged the victors in an over time match that some say was the best paintball they have witnessed in the history of the sport. If you missed the free paintball webcast hosted by Matty Marshall you should be kicking yourself. The PSP webcast was an amazing production with excellent game footage and commentary that kept paintball fans on the edges of their couches all weekend long. The PSP has promised to release some of the episodes online via Youtube and other online video sharing sites in the coming weeks.

Below are a few words from the PSP’s Camille Lemanski regarding the event as well as final results for all the divisions.

After severe weather did its best to take out this event, Burt Wright, Matt Fraundorf, Nick Casner, Rich Hernandez, Aaron Arroyo, Matty Morse and Brian Berg of the PSP Crew along with volunteers from team LSD and the CPX Sports Park staff led by Darrell Parrish, worked around the clock to revive the venue and save the event. This came as complete relief to the thousands of PSP players and fans including those who traveled in from as far as Sweden, Russia, Ecuador and Brazil!

Beautifully calm weather swept in after the reconstruction just in time for games to begin, allowing raw talent and strategic game plans to take center stage. With 9 different divisions to choose from, 155 teams from several nations competed against each other to better themselves and prove who really is the best in the world.

Something that was extra special for this event was the return of the live webcast! Thousands of fans from all over the world – literally – were watching pro games at all day Saturday along with Pro and some divisional final action live and for free all day Sunday!

Global enthusiasm seemed to build up Sunday as it became clear that the Professional final match would once again come down to San Diego Dynasty and Boston Red Legion of Russia. These two teams faced off against each other in the March PSP Galveston event with Dynasty winning… and the rivalry has been building up tension ever since. Boston Red Legion started out strong taking the first two points, but several close points later and San Diego Dynasty came out time and again with the lead. In what seemed like would be the final point before Dynasty were re-crowned champs, Justin Rabacoff made the move of the event by taking the flag and racing it into Dynasty’s flag station with just 2 seconds left in the game… while Dynasty still had live bodies on the field!! This took the game into Sudden Death Overtime which came down to a one-on-one where Boston Red Legion’s final player, who was seemingly out of paint, eliminated the final Dynasty player to win the event!

Final Score: San Diego Dynasty 5, Boston Red Legion 6

Let the Dynasty/Legion rivalry continue as we take the PSP to our next stop: PSP New Jersey, August 12 – 14, 2011 at TopGun Paintball! But first, please join us in congratulating all of the 2011 PSP Chicago Open Champions!

Final Results for the PSP Chicago Open:


  1. Boston Red Legion
  2. San Diego Dynasty
  3. Edmonton Impact
  4. Los Angeles Ironmen

Division 1

  1. Hurricanes
  2. New Jersey Jesters
  4. upTon 187 cRew

Division 2

  1. Grad Moscow
  2. Wolfpack
  3. DOW Warberg
  4. Distortion

Division 3 RaceTo-4

  1. Detroit Action
  2. Boom II
  3. Annihilators EDGE
  4. Rapinas

Division 4 RaceTo-4

  1. Imperial
  2. Central Florida Paintball
  3. North Texas Shockwave
  4. Momentum

Division 3 RaceTo-2

  1. CRU LT
  2. Seek and Destroy
  3. Team Betrayal
  4. L A S T C A L L

Division 4 RaceTo-2

  1. Revo II
  2. Syndicate
  3. Atlanta Breakout Gold
  4. Mac Daddy All-Stars

Pump Open RaceTo-2

  1. Total Grief
  2. Dallas Notorious