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Here you will find the latest paintball news from paintball leagues across the world. Interested to find out where the best paintball teams compete? Look no further.

Pro Paintball Photos of NPPL Las Vegas — Part 2

As promised, today we are proud to present part 2 of 2 of our NPPL Las Vegas paintball photo gallery, presented in part by our friend Robert Abitia of Rob took a ton of photos at the event and he let us know that sometime in the next couple of days he will be releasing another set of daily galleries from the event at his personal site. As with all Pro Paintball photos, we encourage you to share them with your friends. Find a photo…

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Pro Paintball Photos of NPPL Las Vegas — Part 1

Pro Paintball dot Com is proud to present part 1 of our 2009 NPPL Las Vegas paintball photo gallery presented in part by our friend Robert Abitia of Rob worked extremely hard all weekend shooting teams as they battled it out on the Las Vegas Strip and the results are astonishing. Find a photo you like? Feel free to right click –> Save As.. and upload to your facebook, myspace, or twitter or website and share it with your friends. Click read more for…

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State of the USPL, an Open Letter

The USPL and 7-man format have been a hot topic in our Pro Paintball Smack Box. Throughout the course of the 2009 season, the paintball community has argued the pro’s and con’s of paintball supporting two national circuits and the viability of the sport on the pro level. No stranger to stirring the proverbial pot, the Information Merchant has put together a thought provoking open letter to the USPL. Peer into the crystal ball and see “what could have been” and “what was” in the…

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Dynasty win USPL Las Vegas!

Dynasty have just beat Oakland Blast for the event win, but Blast still take the series title for 2009. Congratulations to both teams! 1st- San Diego Dynasty 2nd- Oakland Blast 3rd- Edmonton Impact 4th- Infamous This was the first win for Dynasty in a series which til now has been all about DC Arsenal.  The Vegas finale showed no love to the now former series leader DC Arsenal. The team received two penalties that pulled them from the runnings; the first for an illegal gun,…

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Pro Paintball first look: NANO50 with Chris Lasoya

When we landed at the 2009 PSP World Cup, rumors were flying that Chris “Pony Boy” Lasoya was behind the mysterious fifty cal paintball and he reportedly had a tournament paintball gun the size of his hand. Over the years, Chris Lasoya has become known for pushing the edge in tournament paintball. With this in mind, we unleashed the bloodhounds to track Chris down and get the inside scoop on the hottest item in paintball news, .50cal. To be honest, it didn’t take much to find…

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Russian Legion Wins Paintball World Cup!

After a blistering hot week in Polk City Florida, the Russian Legion beat out the All Americans 7-4 and proved themselves to be the 2009 World Champions of paintball. 1st – Russian Legion 2nd – Philadelphia All Americans 3rd – Tampa Bay Damage 4th – Los Angeles Ironmen The semi professional division was a hard fought battle between VICIOUS and the previously undefeated Aftermath II. The final game was a close match but VICIOUS rallied the troops and pulled away with a final score of…

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