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WCPPL Event #3 – Puttin' the Smack Down in Sac Town

Todays paintball update comes to us from Ahmari “Bhreze” Harville. Bhreze breaks down the recent West Coast Paintball Players League “Sac-town” event held at Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, CA.

San Diego Mob - WCPPL

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Monday Rumor Report

Note from JM: Our Post-Practice Report, traditionally released on Mondays has been moved to Tuesdays so that the players have additional time to travel and recover from practice prior to contacting us.


Contrary to the rumors flying around, the Orange County Bushwackers will in fact be competing at the PSP Chicago Open.

Sounds like some of the kids from a well known semi-pro team were caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Word is five players are being held for questioning regarding a shooting that happened Saturday night at a party. Yikes! Update: We removed references to protect the identities.

The WCPPL is said to be adding another field to support the growing number of teams joining the league. There is talk that they will be standardizing on one layout per event to allow teams to focus on playing paintball rather than memorizing several layouts. Great move WCPPL!

Speaking of leagues, the AXBL is busy preparing the fields for their 2nd event (being held this weekend). A sneak peak of the setup is available here.

joyAs a follow up to our story that Joy Division is considering playing World Cup, we received a credible bit that leads us to believe they may be the 14th team playing in the pro division. The idea is that they will help even out the brackets. Having both the Russians and the Swedes competing at the PSP World Cup will definitely lend international crediblity to the league as well as the sport of paintball.

valken-smallGino’s new company VALKEN is said to be getting back into the business of distribution, and big time.  Gino was formerly the head of National Paintball Supply and through his career he lead a giant buyout of several of the lines he was distributing. Rumor has it Gino has patched up his relationship with Bob Long and will be carrying the entire line of markers. Other names on the distribution list included Eclipse, Redz, JT Sports, SLY and strangely enough, XYIENCE.

SURGE wins WCPPL event #2!

wcpplcom-west-coast-paintball-players-leagueThis weekend divisional teams faced off at the WCPPL event #2 held in Corona, California. After a rough set of preliminary games, team SURGE picked up their game and fought their way through the finals. David Cornell, formerly of Go 4 Broke, pulled out several games for the team and ultimately bested team Fuzion in a 1-on-1, allowing SURGE to continue into the finals. SURGE ultimately squared off against the LA Hitmen in a 3 game series for first and second place. After several exciting minutes of the teams whittling each other down, SURGE left the field as defending champions with a huge trophy, a team set of medals and $6,000.00!

Great job to the LA Hitmen on your second place finish! Carlos Robles of the LA Hitmen refused to allow an injury to sideline him and played with a pinched nerve in his knee throughout the finals. During a semi-final matchup, the teams looked as if they were to stalemate until Carlos opened up the game with a run across the field and down into the other teams snake 1 to eliminate the bad guys and close out the game. This game was crucial and allowed the Hitmen to continue on to compete for first and second place against SURGE.

The games ran quickly thanks in part to the excellent reffing by San Diego Aftermath. Mike and Jessica Hinman pulled out all the stops to insure another top notch event. Players competed on new turf, fresh bunkers and a received a great price on paintballs. Players seemed very appreciative of the paint pricing and they ultimately shoot almost 15 pallets of paintballs throughout the weekend!

Division 2:

  1. SURGE
  3. Sadistik
  4. Velocity Wrecking Crew

Division 3:

  1. SD Mob
  2. Rockstar Wrecking Crew
  3. SCP Edge
  4. Davis XSV

Division 4: 

  1. LA Onslaught
  2. Scp edge red
  3. Kill @ Will
  4. Incorrupt blue

Stay posted to throughout the next couple of days as we bring you photo galleries and video footage from the event.

WCPPL event #2 layouts and event location *update*

wcpplcom-west-coast-paintball-players-leagueMike Hinman & the WCPPL are relocating back to SC Village in Corona, CA for event #2. The event had been scheduled to run at Gecko Paintball in San Diego, CA but due to some NAVY base bureaucracy a change of location was required.

Due to a change in command at Gecko, the WCPPL has been forced to relocate the 2nd event…
We were told yesterday that the military base is unable to allow us to hold our event there due to a “full calendar”. We have no choice but to move it back to SC Village for the event scheduled for May 15th – 17th. We are in the process of updating our site as we speak so you may refer to for any updates in changes.

San Diego Aftermath spent several weeks resurfacing the SC Village arena and brought in several rolls of brand new turf to run event #1 to insure a top notch playing field. Check out our article on the earth movers and fresh turf being rolled by SDA to setup for the top notch WCPPL event. This time around we have heard word that several teams are planning to fly in and compete for the huge cash prize purse and several teams are planning on competing in the new Amatuer / Open division. The league is planning on giving away a total of $28,125.00 to the winning teams and a set of DLX Luxe markers to the series champions. Get over to the WCPPL’s official website and sign up your team!

WCPPL Layouts for event #2:



WCPPL Photos by Matt Dawson /

The ever so talented action sports photographer Matt Dawson has done it again. Matt spent the weekend capturing the WCPPL action for The west coast paintball community has been raving about the WCPPL #1 on PBNation. The Southern California regional message board is going nuts about Mike pulling out all the stops and running what could very well be one of the best events of the season. Excellent reffing, brand new facilities, cases of water for each team, an extremely fun playing environment and huge cash prizes has proved to us that this is just the start of an amazing WCPPL season. Take a look below and grab a glimpse of what you missed out on.

Eric Daily, LA Endurance

Eric Daily, LA Endurance


Reffing provided by pro teams San Diego Aftermath and Sacramento XSV


Walked off the field


Vegas Effects on the Breakout

Robby Sneaks

Robby Sneaks


Taking it in the face!

CS Union firing down the tape line

CS Union firing down the tape line

Island Paintball flew all the way from Hawaii to compete

Island Paintball flew all the way from Hawaii to compete

View from the deadbox with Davis XSV

View from the deadbox with Davis XSV

Members of Go 4 Broke and Splat Kids came together to form Team SURGE who placed 1st place in division 2.

D2 winners Team Surge had what it took to win the $6,000.00 prize purse.

WCPPL Event #1 – Saturday Photos

The West Coast Paintball Players League is off to a great start. Event #1, currently underway at SC Village in Corona, California has been a tremendous success. 7-man teams are competing for a huge cash prize on new astroturf, fresh bunkers and being reffed by pro teams San Diego Aftermath and Sacramento XSV. The WCPPL pulled out all the stops for this event and all the players we spoke with were extremely impressed with the way the event is being run. Find your event photographs or simply check out what you missed in the photo galleries below. Featuring: Mike @ Chrono300, & Papillon.


Mike @ has a huge gallery featuring the best of Saturdays action. (Click to see gallery)


Papillion, known as "the other one" on pbnation, has a collection of great black and white photographs. (Click to see gallery)

Russel Kiesche

Blake Reed has posted his first set of photographs on his portfolio, Featured above is Russel Kiesche of La Endurance shooting his new Vanguard marker. (Click to see gallery)

WCPPL brings in the heavy machinery, upgrades SC Village


Photo Courtesy -

Photo Courtesy -

The season opener for the WCPPL 7-man event is right around the corner and Mike Hinman and his crew are busy upgrading the venue. The event boasts a serious cash package, guaranteeing over $30,000.00 in cash and prizes. Instead of following in the footsteps of the NPPL & XPSL (using and abusing the facilities), the WCPPL has been hard at work to improve the world reknown SC Village paintball park, bringing in all sorts of heavy equipment to level the playing fields and provide a tier 1 facility for everyone involved. 
As many of you recall in movies such as PUSH, Cereal Killerz by MWAG and several from Derder, SC Village (”the inventor of speedball” & home of streetball) at one time or another had been home to several pro teams, NPPL, xpsl, cal-jam events and most notably, the concept of stadium-style paintball. However, in recent years, the management of SC Village & Giant Paintball Parks has allowed the fields and facilities of the “speedball” side of the famous park to become rundown; the playing surfaces became uneven, the bunkers went bad, and the air stations went without repair. The local paintball community made several efforts to revive the park which included several teams bringing their own fields to setup and maintain, but ultimately time and nature ran its course and the paintball community began playing elsewhere. However, as you will see below, Mike Hinman (WCPPL) has taken it upon himself to improve Southern California’s paintball parks and most notably the fields of SC Village. 


WCPPL Improves SC Village - Starting the work

Mike and the Heavy Equipment (Click to expand)

Here you can get a better picture of what we are talking about. Once upon a time, this particular field was home to the NXL team San Diego Legacy and triple crown champions San Diego Dynasty. Over time however, the field became increasingly sloped and provided a hilly playing surface. The WCPPL rented a tractor and as you can see, they have been working to improve the grounds.

WCPPL improves SC Village, part 2

Get to work! (Click to expand)

The most notable improvements have been to the uppermost turf field, formerly known as the streetball court. Mike and his team not only resurfaced the field but will be laying down new turf for players to enjoy for many Sundays to come.  


Always upgrade (Click to expand)


Fresh turf (Click to expand)


The WCPPL’s improvements to SC Village will make for an amazing event and will surely benefit the Southern California playing community for years to come.   Check out the official WCPPL site for further information.

Photography courtesy of Grillz@DontAskMedia.

WCPPL Releases New Website

wcpplsiteThe WCPPL is alive and kicking! Throughout the offseason, Mike Hinman (SD Aftermath) has been hard at work to insure that the western region players have a worth while league to compete in. His new league, the WCPPL, has pulled out all the stops to insure cheap entry and serious CASH prizes. The WCPPL will run a 5 event series throughout California in 2009. Just last week the series hosted a very successful affiliate at Dave Baines (Russian Legion) Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento, CA. This week, the Western 7-man league is officially unveiling Continue reading

2009 Paintball League chatter

Throughout the course of the week/end we have heard tons of talk regarding 2009 and where teams are going to end up playing. While Pacific Paintball is working on selling itself off to the highest bidder (Bruce is said to be asking for $1,000,000.00 USD for the NPPL brand, fields, nets, etc.), many leagues are popping up to provide teams a chance to prove themselves.

aftermath-logoOver the course of the last several months we’ve heard several mentions of a new regional 7-man league being formed up by two Pro franchises. While an official announcement is said to be coming this week, we’ve heard this new series will be focused in and around California with Rookie, Intermediate, and Novice classes. Entry will be consistent with that of the XPSL, but this time around novice teams will be competing for a guaranteed $6,000.00 prize purse. Teams will be competing for what we will refer to as NPPL-level prize money at XPSL-prices. A major bonus of this new league; the well respected Sacramento XSV and San Diego Aftermath pro teams will be judging & refereeing the series. This is an important facet of the league as many teams competing regionally and nationally have blamed bad ref calls as a reason for ending participation. Having high quality, skilled judges with knowledge of the game and the rules will definitely prove to be a competitive advantage in the days to come. We wish Mike & Rich a successful 2009 and look forward to more information regarding the league.

Just a few minutes ago we received word that the GPL/GPXL is expanding from the Northeast region to Nationwide in order to fill the void of the NPPL. The GPL seems to be trying to form regional leagues with local fields that teams can compete through the season and then offer a grand finale “GPL Cup” for the teams that qualified. Good luck to Brian and Cyndi and the rest of the folks at the GPL.

pspThe PSP spent last week and part of the weekend trying to formulate a plan for 2009. Its hard to keep up, but we keep hearing talk of the PSP ditching the X-Ball brand (name, not format) and renaming the format to control brand rights to the series. We’ve also heard talk of removing the X, increasing the field from 5 players to 6 (or if your from the NPPL land, from 7 to 6), and ditching the NXL to create a new Pro and Semi pro division. With regards to the Pro & Semi Pro divisions, the PSP has tossed around the idea that they would allow “first come, first serve” with a capped team list at 15. Entry fees for the new pro series are said to be no lower than $2,000 and not to exceed $5,000.