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WCPPL Event 1 Media Round Up

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Mass Media, Almost Famous, PhusPicks, AndrewH and Chrono300 have released multiple forms of media from WCPPL Event 1 at SC Village. Make sure to check out these high quality collections of paintball photographs and videos!

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WCPPL Event 1 Day 2

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WCPPL Event 1, day 2 Sunday March 3, 2011 hosted the finals of the first event of the WCPPL at S.C. Village. Sunday was full of upsets and comebacks, big plays and moves, fun and excitement.  Team GAT with huge upsets against teams favored to win and ended up beating…

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WCPPL Event 1 Day 1

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S.C. Village & the Aftermath Arenas are currently hosting the first event of the West Coast Paintball Players League. Mike & Jessica Hinman and the WCPPL are doing a great job keeping the event running smooth and on time. The event is halfway through, with most of the preliminary rounds…

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FUZION wins WCPPL Event #4

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Camp Pendleton Paintball Park on September 11th and 12th hosted Event 4 of the WCPPL. Players and teams alike eagerly awaited this event after the summer break after the league announced event #3 cancelation. Suffice to say that the wait paid off well as the weekend was full of intense paintball action; great points and hard fought matches.

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