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PSP Dallas Results And Podium Gallery

  The 2013 PSP Dallas event is officially in the books. Plenty of intense action went down over the four day affair–rarely was there a dull moment to be had on the webcast. Major props due to the PSP for producing a quality season opener, and PBA for offering the live stream so the whole world could witness paintball-done-right. Hope all of you tuned in through’s rebroadcast, and enjoyed the real-time dialogue in our Smackbox. Here are the complete podium results for each division.…

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PSP Dallas Brackets Released Through APPA

[Photo Credit: APPA]   The wait is over. Brackets are upon us for Dallas. Size up your competition; scout rosters; tailor your game plan to your competition.. Or just hit the field with total disregard for who’s on the other end. Different teams take different approaches.   Who are your picks for the Sunday club? Wanna rep your squad, or hate on your competition? Whose got it “easy” and whose got it “tough”? Let us know what you think of the brackets.

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PSP Releases Updated Rule Book for 2013 Season

Pay attention to the details, kiddies! When the match is on the line, knowing the finite points of the PSP Rulebook can mean the difference between a W and an L. Anyone who’s logged time in the league can recall games where the rules helped, and games where the rules hurt. PSP Rulebook giveth, PSP Rulebook taketh. Give a look below at the document sent out through PSP’s listserv [which you can sign up for here], which highlights the most important alterations every player should…

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TopGun Paintball team tryouts

Northeast paintball team Top Gun has announced they will be holding tryouts for the 2013 season. Top Gun is a very competitive organization and has done very well in recent years. If your not familiar with T1, check out the ProPaintball spotlight on the Top Gun paintball team. The team will be forming a new division 2 squad to compete in the PSP’s 2013 series and will need competitive players to fill out the roster. If you are looking to join a competitive organization this is a great…

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Pro paintball team Russian Legion

PSP New Jersey Open to move, become MAO

Camille Lemanski of the PSP has notified paintball players across the country that PSP New Jersey Open has moved. Last year’s NJO had been hosted at TopGun Paintball Park but due to “unforeseen obstacles”, had to be moved for 2012 league play. According to the press release, the New Jersey Open will change venues and become known as the Mid-Atlantic Open. The 2012 PSP MAO will be hosted at OXCC which features well manicured grass fields which are a dream to play on. The PSP New…

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