• PBPickem.com's NEO Prediction

    Cade has done a great job providing score coverage of the PSP paintball events as they progress. His site, pbpickem.com, is truly unique in that it provides a place for you to pick/predict the winners […]

  • Tryouts August 9th/10th

    Infamous and Dynasty Entourage are both holding private tryouts this weekend. Former members of Ironmen, LTZ and XSV are said to be mixing it up. Aftershock has been trying to pick up Drew Templeton from […]

  • The rocky road to NEO

    While the sudden departure of Ed Poorman and the Avalanche crew has the NXL scrambling to figure out how to stop the bleeding, Rocky and the boys have been on the move. Earlier today we […]

  • Big league changes in store for 2009?

    Over the last two weeks rumors have been flying that several Pro franchises are having a rough time (financially) this season. Last week the chatbox was running wild with rumors that two or three well […]

  • NEO Teams Urgent Update!

    Head PR man at Smart Parts, Sean, has alerted us that there is a major event taking place the same weekend as NEO paintball tournament. Teams [that] are coming to the PSP NEO [need to] […]

  • An Ultimate Revival?

    Following up on our prior story of Kevin Rhodes ditching Tampa Bay Damage we have word that there may very well be an ULTIMATE revival in the works. Names being mentioned are both Kevin & […]

  • Moving and shaking

    Moving and shaking

    Kevin Rhodes, formerly of the most shut out team in professional paintball (Ultimate), has decided to make the jump from new kids on the podium, Tampa Bay Damage, to the ever so cold, Studio City […]

  • Brian Coles Retires from Paintball..

    Brian Coles Retires from Paintball..

    Star corner Brian “BC / Meat Hammer” Cole retires from Pro Paintball. He recently landed himself a high paying job. Our sources say the Dynasty camp saw it coming. Good luck Brian! What only remains […]

  • Yosh Rau to Ironmen?

    Internet rumors spread like wildfire over the last 24 hours about a major defection from the Dynasty camp to Ollies Ironmen. After several emails informing us of a major departure and a nasty note saying […]

  • Final Standings for PSP Chicago Open 2008

    Keely Watson & the PSP sent us the final standings for Chi-Town. Most of you are probably aware who won already but we gotta give credit to the teams that are putting in the work […]

  • Dynasty vs. Russian Legion @ Chicago Open 2008

    Unfortunately the league isn’t broadcasting any of the event so we are a few days behind on the footage. Check out the game between Russian Legion & Dynasty by pbstar. Dynasty suffers pretty bad due […]

  • Chicago Open 2008 Scores – Day 2

    07:30am – Legion (5) vs. Impact (9) 08:30am – Infamous (8) vs. N. Dogs (6) 09:30am – X-Factor (9) vs. Dynasty (3) 10:30am – Ironmen (6) vs. Americans (7) 11:30am – Damage (4) vs. Avalanche […]