• NPPL to End Relegation?

    NPPL to End Relegation?

    For several weeks talk has been circulating that big changes are underway at the NPPL. According to several sources, the NPPL is considering eliminating Pro paintball relegation in order to keep the teams with strong […]

  • NPPL creates a 5-man division

    With two fields field setups (turf / nets / inflatables) sitting idle in Boston and a shrinking attendence the NPPL has decided to open up lower divisions to 5 man. This move will enable teams […]

  • Oakland Blast making a comeback

    Reports have surfaced that Mark Nelson, a former Naughty Dog, has rejoined former teammate Tyler Harmon in moving to Oakland Blast. For those of you following paintball news you will be familiar with the rollercoaster […]

  • Infamous Tryouts

    Jon Milman from XSV was seen trying out this weekend. Hot Carl will be rostered for both NPPL & PSP, and they are working on picking up Danny Tiljak for NEO.

  • Tryouts August 9th/10th

    Infamous and Dynasty Entourage are both holding private tryouts this weekend. Former members of Ironmen, LTZ and XSV are said to be mixing it up. Aftershock has been trying to pick up Drew Templeton from […]

  • Pittsburgh All Americans to leave the NPPL

    After significant deliberation and discussion, the Pittsburgh All-Americans have decided to no longer compete in the NPPL and the seven man format. In a period in which teams are quickly becoming more competitive and the […]

  • Big league changes in store for 2009?

    Over the last two weeks rumors have been flying that several Pro franchises are having a rough time (financially) this season. Last week the chatbox was running wild with rumors that two or three well […]

  • Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint

    July 25 – Beyond the Paint Adam Johnson from Bad Company will be the featured player on this weeks episode of Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint

  • Tyler Harmon is back!

    Tyler Harmon is back!

    Word has it Tyler was cut for lack of “Dog Spirit” and has rejoined Oakland BLAST. Don’t think hes going to miss much with the dogs, rumor with Rocky’s boys is that they are suffering […]

  • NPPL Buffalo Round #2

    Oneforone TV Buffalo Round 2 NPPL Buffalo coverage including interviews with Ryan Greenspan about the departure of Brian Cole & rumors of Yosh Rau leaving Dynasty. Also in the video below theres a ‘bird dodging […]

  • NPPL Buffalo Round Up

    Part 1 of the coverage featuring, Chris Lasoya on joining Pacific Paintball, Scott Kressin of Hollywood HK on the Jacksonville win, and Impact semi pro.

  • NPPL Buffalo Finals Videos by iTV360

    Game one. Dynasty_vs_XSV_1.wmv Game two. Dynasty_vs_XSV_2.wmv Game one. Ironmen_vs_Hurricanes_1.wmv Game two. Ironmen_vs_Hurricanes_1.wmv Game three. Ironmen_vs_Hurricanes_3.wmv NOTE: These videos will open in your media player. Please give them a second to load. If you have any […]

  • Xtreme Paintball “Beyond The Paint” Season 2 Show 4 – Featuring the ALLSTAR Game