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2013 NPPL Surf City Open – 1904photography Gallery

Phillip “Stretch” Baker drops a sample gallery from his NPPL Huntington Beach collection. Eye candy! More pictures to be added over the weekend. Make sure to follow the discussion on the reorganization of the NPPL here.


DISCUSSION: NPPL Reorganizing Business Focus/Delegating Series Production


You’re surely tuned in and interested in the major internal changes happening with the NPPL.. Right? For a tournament baller, it’s definitely something worth paying attention to and a surefire topic of discussion at the field this weekend. Start out here on PROpb and layout your opinions, predictions, or questions in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

This is the meatiest chunk of the NPPL’s press release sent out to announce the transitional changes:

On the heals of the successful HB event the NPPL has decided to evolve and refocus its energy on growing the sport of paintball by serving as the true Governing Body for the sport. The NPPL will move away from running their own events and instead sanction other promoters to run and operate the events.

“My passion has always been to grow the NPPL brand and the sport of paintball. By passing on the operation of the events to a different event company it allows me to concentrate on the true mission of the NPPL.” Says Hendsch.

The NPPL has signed an exclusive licensing contract with Paintball Promotions Inc to operate and run the National NPPL events. PB Promotions will begin immediately getting ready for the remaining 2013 events. Teams and sponsors should see a seamless transition in all departments.

PB Promotions has evaluated the venues and dates for the remaining previously announced events and unfortunately will need to make some adjustments.

The remaining 2013 NPPL schedule is:
June 7-9 Northeast Open OXCC – Chesapeake City, MD
August 9-11 Chicago Open – Paintball Explosion – Chicago, IL
October 4-6 Las Vegas Open – Las Vegas, NV

Some focus points/key information up for discussion:

  • Shawn Walker is heading Paintball Promotions, Inc (company delegated to produce 2013′s remaining events). He was one of the previous leaders of the NPPL prior to its first bankruptcy (leading to the league’s subsequent short-lived tenure as the USPL). He currently has a hand in a couple successful West Coast paintball parks (most notably, Camp Pendleton)
  • NPPL to refocus as a “governing body” for paintball. What exactly does this mean as far as their daily work efforts (beyond the hypotheticals of “growing the sport” etc.)?
  • Who else will be a major player in the management of the league (Valken as the obvious)?
  • How long have the alternate locations been locked down for the remaining events? 2(?) months ago the NPPL announced their initial season schedule: was it all a front to buy time? When did the wheels get rolling on everything that was announced in their press release?
  • What’s in store for the future of 7-man/the NPPL? Are there more major organizational changes ahead before the end of 2013?

Additional information posted through

Originally Posted by NPPL Super 7
Some truths…The NPPL is still owned by the NPPL ( the pro teams) and that will never change.

The NPPL was run by a sizeable group of volunteers and now it has contracted a logistics company to promote and run events.

Teams and sponsors will see a seamless transition in events (other than location changes).

This will ensure better run events with better value for teams, players, spectators and sponsors.

The new direction will continue to include the NPPL board, Chuck, Pev, and the Pro teams.

Plenty to be worked out with the league. Comment below and let us know what you make of all this.

NPPL 2013 Surf City Open Field Layout Released


NPPL releases their layout for the 2013 Surf City Open, taking place April 12th, 13th, & 14th at the pier in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. This was anticipated, tis’ the season for such things. What wasn’t anticipated by most, was the announcement of standardizing to Sup’Air’s 43 bunker PSP set (with 8 piece NPPL expansion) ..UNLESS you read our rumor article that we dropped 3 days ago..

Here’s the NPPL’s official statement addressing the changes to their bunker set:

The NPPL Field Design Committee and SUP Air Ball introduces a new NPPL field for the 2013 Season. This new field consists of last years bunker base kit (43 bunkers) used in the Millennium Series, Pals Series and PSP. In addition to the 43 bunker base kit there are eight additional custom bunkers (NPPL Expansion Kit) that will be used in 2013.  The Expansion Kit includes 4 Giant Cylinders and 4 Mini cans. Giant Cylinders will be available soon and we suggest using regular cans as substitutes until the GC arrive. Many Teams and Fields already have the base kit from last year and will need to order the new NPPL expansion kit to make up the official 2013 NPPL field.
To order your NPPL expansion kit or field today call NPPL Sponsor Valken (856) 812-2800. If teams are interested in purchasing used NPPL Fields after each event call NPPL to reserve 714 758 5575.
Here’s the layout graphic:
So who’ll be ballin’ at the beach? Sound off below. What are your thoughts on conforming to a (somewhat) standardized bunker set? Visit our “NPPL layout changes” rumor article here and join in on the discussion in the comments section.

Sacramento XSV wins NPPL HB, Paintball Results

This weekend marked the 10th anniversary of the NPPL hosting the Huntington Beach Surf City Open. Teams from across the world flew in to celebrate, and compete at one of the best paintball event locations. Games began on Thursday and continued throughout the weekend. Players and fans were able to tune in to a free paintball webcast hosted inpart by Youtube and enjoy the action.

XSV Paintball win NPPL HB 2012

The results from the NPPL Surf City pro paintball event are in. Continue reading

NPPL Paintball Rumor Report, pt 2.

The NPPL has moved the event back to the North side of the pier and the Surf City open is starting to take shape. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from the event.

All Girls Paintball Team

Poison Ivy all girls paintball team - Camera: HybridFoto

  • Bea Youngs, Kat Secor, and Katie Kelly of Destiny are making their return at NPPL HB. They will be joining the girls from Poison Ivy in division 1. We watched Poison Ivy compete at the Malaysia World Cup and were very impressed with the level of play. They should do very well in the NPPL format. Good luck Girls!

Infamous to play NPPL

  • Last week we dropped word that Infamous might be making a late entry  into the NPPL. ProPaintball insiders confirmed that this is the case. According to sources, Infamous will have Travis Lemanski, Kali Rudolph, Bobby Aviles, Nicky Cuba, Drew Templeton, Zack Patient and Greg Siewers rostered at NPPL HB.

Portland Uprising Pick ups

Portland Uprising Paintball Team

  • Portland Uprising made several last minute adjustments to the roster. According to ProPaintball insiders, the team will feature Ryan Tucker, Tommy Tucker, Aaron Ormrod, Nicholas Omrod, Blake Bearham, Johnny Grier, Ryan Martin and Jimmy Hickey. The guys will be shooting MacDev Clone GT’s and sporting head to toe PBRack paintball gear.

Pro Paintball Warm up

  • Sounds like a few pro teams will be getting in a last minute grind at Whittier on Thursday morning. Word is LA Critical, Portland Uprising, and Texas Storm are doing a bit of warm up before they walk the fields later in the afternoon.

HK ARMY blows it, picks a new name.

HK Army Paintball team prepares to breakout

  • HK Army decided to play Division 1 instead of making the leap to pro. The guys will be playing as Giant HK and will probably show up to one or two events max. So much for the dream of one day having a pro team.

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