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Millennium Campaign Cup – Virtual Field Walk w/ X-Field Paintball App


X-Field Paintball by PCB Games is the premier tool for pre-event off-field strategic prep. The days of laminated field diagram printouts are gone.. for Millennium players at least. This app allows you to explore every angle of play from a virtual field walk environment. Even if you’re not playing the Millennium’s London Campaign Cup next weekend (July 5-7th), this program is still worth checking out.

HERE is the auto-run link for the APP:

Anyone else like to see the X-Field service available for PSP?..


2013 PSP Chicago and Millennium Campaign Cup Layouts Released


Same day, same layout. Millennium has been piggy backing off the Sup’Air PSP  field design for the entire 2013 season to positive feedback. Scroll on and feast your eyes on the 2013 PSP Chicago and Millennium Campaign Cup layout diagrams.





What are your thoughts on the bunker configuration? Which side seems stronger? Which Pro teams do you think will match up well on the design?


2013 Millennium Bitburg Photo Gallery and Results

Two events down for the 2013 Millennium Series. The “European Masters 2013″ concluded a week ago in Bitburg, Germany. The event hosted almost 160 teams representing 20 different countries. Read on for results by division as well as an exclusive photo gallery from our European media connection, HyBrid Foto..


CPL Champions League

  1. Toulouse TonTons
  2. GI Houston HEAT
  3. London Nexus
  4. Edmonton Impact

Division 1

  1. GI London Defiance
  2. Ronholt Blast
  3. Scorpions Milano
  4. Fighter Pro-Shar Perm

Division 2

  1. Durham DV8
  2. Poison Ivy Drammen
  3. Black Legion Nimes
  4. Lucky 15s Staffordshire

Division 3

  1. Apocalypses Brussels
  2. Druid Celtic Saulx Les Chartaux
  3. Glory Skulls Dorsten
  4. Evil Men Toulouse



Layout Released for 2013 Millennium Bitberg European Masters

Millennium Series dropped the layout for Event 2, which goes down in Bitberg, Germany May 24-26. You’ll notice that the field set up is identical to that of PSP MAO. Is this a sign of things to come? If you didn’t see the extended Millennium Event 1 photo gallery from our friends at HyBrid Foto, click HERE and get cheesin’.

bitburg_breakout_millennium-20131 bitburg_snake_millennium-20132 bitburg_2d_millennium-20133

What are your views on the field setup? What do you think about Millennium matching the PSP’s layout?


Videos: Millennium Puget-Sur-Argens HyBrid Foto


HyBrid Foto is the premier media partner of the Millennium Series. Their work is far and away the best stuff from “the other side of the pond”. We’ve got a couple of their edits from last weekend’s Millennium Event 1 – Puget Sur Argens. For more eye candy, click that last link and check out their expanded photo gallery (40+ new pics) from the event. Sound off in the comments area and tell PROpb what you think of their work..

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Millennium Mediterranean Cup Photo Gallery and Results is THE source for stateside Millennium coverage in 2013. We’ve got the results and a serious gallery from our partners at HyBrid Foto below that. More photos will be added intermittently until it’s complete. So Euro!

Champions Paintball League (CPL):
1. Toulouse TonTons
2. Edmonton Impact
3. Art Chaos Moscow
4. Polar Bears Tarko

Semi-Professional Paintball League (SPL)
1. Force Majeure Moscow
2. Offenburg Comin At Ya
3. London Tigers
4. Hellwood Paris

Division 1:
1. GI London Defiance
2. Scorpions Milano
3. Instinct Gemoss Riga
4. Bad Boys Oss

Division 2:
1. Elite Ile d Oleron
2. Diaspora Vilnius
3. Lucky 15s Staffordshire
4. Extreme Neapolis

Division 3:
1. Apocalypses Brussels
2. Bulldog Alencon
3. Hitsquad Europe Limburg
4. Evil Men Toulouse



Millennium Mediterranean Cup Webcast/Scores/Coverage


Millennium’s first day of competition is complete. Did you catch the action on the livestream? We’ve got a one-stop-spot for all the resources you need to follow the Mediterranean Cup in Puget-Sur-Argens, France. Bon appetit!





Our partners in crime, Hybrid Foto, are out in full effect covering all the CPL games! Keep an eye on our site and Facebook for exclusive galleries from France.


Who do you think takes each Group in the CPL division? Does the competition get any better than Group C? How will the new U.S. squads fare on day 2? Sound off.


3D Virtual Field Walk App for Millennium Series

The developers of XField Paintball, the first 3D paintball video game for your mobile device, are offering a free web-browser based app allowing you to digitally walk the layouts for this year’s Millennium Series. This service is available for use now to test and analyze all of the angles, looks, and lanes for the Millennium Mediterranean Cup (Puget Sur Argens, France, April 12-14th). Read on for a full look into the program..



Here are a couple PR blurbs from PCB Games about their app:

It allows competitors, but also all paintball fans, to evolve in a 3D immersive world with sufficient
accuracy to test and evaluate their match strategies: Calculation of firing angles, positioning modules,
2D/3D views..

It is also possible to adjust the height of the camera view within an accuracy of a centimeter. This has been
possible thanks to the partnership with Sup’Air Ball, the company equipping all official competition paintball

The application is usable in a web browser, only the installation of a small plug-in is required. Users must download a small 3D data scene (about 25 MB).

There are different ways to approach each module: standing, crouching or crawling, height and angles
for shooting automatically adapt.


The application is AVAILABLE NOW for PC and MAC, with iPad and Android versions set for release in the upcoming days:

YouTube Preview Image

Millennium Paintball World Cup – 2012 Layout Unveiled

The Millennium Paintball series has unveiled the official layout of the 2012 World Cup. The event will be hosted at Paris Disney in France on October 12th-14th, 2012. It is a sure bet that competitive paintball teams across Europe will be practicing this layout starting this weekend. If you and your team have hopes of competing, we suggest you get registered and start practicing!

Here is a first look at the new paintball layout. Does anyone else notice the similarities between this layout and the one played at PSP Mid-Atlantic Open?

Share your thoughts on the paintball field layout in the comments below.

Pro Paintball Rumor Report – Euro Edition

TonTon - World Cup 2010

The Millennium Series season opener is around the corner and the European pro teams are making last minute adjustments to their rosters. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors!

  • Mikko Huttunen of the LA Ironmen has joined London Nexus for 2012. Nexus is a DYE team as well, so chances are Mikko will be floating back and forth.
  • Ramstein Instinct has picked up Archie Montemayor of US pro team X-Factor for 2012 Millennium Series competition.
  • Copenhaggen Ducks have picked up brothers Karl-Johan and Sebban Samuelsson. The Samuelsson brothers previously played with Joy Division. ProPaintball insiders indicate that this is a huge pick up for the Ducks.
  • Frankfurt Syndicate picks up Kiril Prikhidnyy of Russian Legion and Alan Goulding from Amsterdam Heat for the Millennium Series. Last year Kiril played the Millennium Series with Art Chaos (primarily Russian Legion players).
  • G.I. Sports Montreal is a new Millennium Series Pro team formed for the 2012 paintball season. Tampa Bay Damage, a U.S. pro paintball team, will be representing GI Sports and Dye Precision abroad this year. This will be damage’s European debut and it should be interesting to see how they cross over into the Millennium format.

Special thanks to Nick B. for his contributions to this article.