Iran Paintball League Videos

Recently filmed in the 1st event of INPL (Iran National Paintball League) held on 13-15 May 2009. All the teams in the videos are from the Iranian Pro Division. There are 8 teams in Pro Division of INPL: Datis, Persian Legend, Datis 2, Ariana, Swat, Giv, Tigers and Persian Stars.

ProPaintball player of the week Parham Nazari

International Pro Paintball Player Parham Nazari plays for team Persian Legend in Iran now. The team is sponsored by Angel and coached by Pro Player Maximus Lundqvist in the tournaments. Parham is without a doubt the best Paintball player currently playing in Asia. Everybody enjoys watching him when he is playing. He is extremely quick, maintains great field awareness and … Player of the Week: Aco Amir

This past weekend was host to the 4th and final event of the Iran Paintball League. Pro paintball player Maximus Lundqvist who played 3 of the seasons events said the event ran flawlessly! Pro Paintball representative Nima Razavi had a chance to sit down with pro paintball player Aco Amir of the Iranian national team DATIS. Aco Amir recently led …