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Paintball Review: Angel 1 Fly

Bart from Angel Paintball Sports recently invited Pro Paintball dot Com to take a look at the Angel 1 Rasta Fly paintball gun. When we had a chance to test the angel 1 at the local paintball field, it was ridiculously fast and definitely dominated on the competition. For those of you in the market for a new paintball gun, be sure to check out the video review for an inside look at the latest offering from Angel Paintball Sports, one of the manufactures that lead the electronic revolution in the sport of paintball. Grab some popcorn and press play..

For those of you attending the 2009 PSP World Cup, be sure to check out pro paintball team Stockholm Joy Division who will be competing with the Angel 1 paintball gun.

Cereal Killerz 2: Official Trailer

mwagThere have been many great paintball videos released in the sport of professional paintball, many of which coming from the fine people at Monkey-with-a-Gun.  Director Patrick Spohrer has brought us such films as Push, Sunday Drivers, Cereal Killerz, and Heros for a Day: The XSV Story.

This year at the PSP World Cup 2009 will be the movie premier for the sequal to Cereal Killerz, CK2. The show will debut for the paintball community at the Polk Theatre in Lakeland, FL. Be sure to catch this awesome premier as you will be joined by many of the pro paintball icons in the sport today!

After months of wait, here is a sneak peak at what to expect for the full length feature:

DerDer productions "Bring Out Your Dead" paintball trailer

We’ve just received word that DerDer is planning to release a new DVD in time for World Cup 2009. In typical DerDer fashion, Bring Out Your Dead showcases some of the most talented pro paintball players in the world and features frame after frame of intense paintball action. Rest assured, this will be one paintball video we won’t want to miss.

Anyone notice Todd Martinez at the end of the video? Rumor has it that a new episode of short bus will be featured on the DVD.

USPL West Coast Open Friday Video

YouTube - USPL West Coast Open Day 2It’s been a long time since many of us have seen Drew Cusick cut up his own footage, but as expected, it’s more than exceptional. It’s been a week since the USPL West Coast Open but content is still looming around waiting to reach the eyes of paintballers. Here at Pro Paintball dot Com we’ve been hard at work to gather all of the paintball videos, paintball news, and paintball photography we can to bring the folks at home, a feel of the event many were capable of experiencing first hand. Again, we’d like to thank John Bires, Kyle Johnson, Drew Cusick, and Matt Dawson for their limitless contributions to the sport, and Please stay tuned for Kyle Johnsons 3 day USPL gallery, but until then enjoy this new feature from Drew Cusick, along with those films also contributed by John Bires.

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Pro Paintball USPL West Coast Open Highlight Video

When we teamed up with veteran paintball videographer John Bires of Center50 films we knew that a good, quality paintball video would be forthcoming. After a long hot day at the paintball field (and more welts than he can count), John blew us away when he uploaded the Pro Paintball USPL West Coast Open Saturday Highlight video. This pro paintball video speaks for itself, check it out!

Paintball News Round up for the week of July 6th-11th.

mutinyThe economy may have taken a hit but both the paintball teams and industry are moving along, full speed ahead. Read on as we showcase the latest paintball action for the week of July 6th-11th.

  • Paintball Jobs: Get your resumes ready! JTUSA is looking for product engineers to join their loader and goggle development teams. Dig up your resume and head over to the JTUSA careers website.
  • Featured Video of the week: Roamin’ Germany. The Roamin’ crew has released the latest webisode in their pro paintball documentary. In Roamn’ Germany, pro player Justin Cornell is joined by several players from the Copenhagen Ducks and Edmonton Impact. Watch as the crew ‘ball it up in Germany and party their lights out in Amsterdam. Good times!

We have some great stories planned for this week. Check back for the latest news and results from the WCPPL event, a follow up on the USPL Pro teams practices for the West Coast Open, a new photo of the day and much much more. Stay posted as brings you the latest in paintball news.