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2013 NPPL Surf City Open – 1904photography Gallery

Phillip “Stretch” Baker drops a sample gallery from his NPPL Huntington Beach collection. Eye candy! More pictures to be added over the weekend. Make sure to follow the discussion on the reorganization of the NPPL here.


Millennium Mediterranean Cup Photo Gallery and Results is THE source for stateside Millennium coverage in 2013. We’ve got the results and a serious gallery from our partners at HyBrid Foto below that. More photos will be added intermittently until it’s complete. So Euro!

Champions Paintball League (CPL):
1. Toulouse TonTons
2. Edmonton Impact
3. Art Chaos Moscow
4. Polar Bears Tarko

Semi-Professional Paintball League (SPL)
1. Force Majeure Moscow
2. Offenburg Comin At Ya
3. London Tigers
4. Hellwood Paris

Division 1:
1. GI London Defiance
2. Scorpions Milano
3. Instinct Gemoss Riga
4. Bad Boys Oss

Division 2:
1. Elite Ile d Oleron
2. Diaspora Vilnius
3. Lucky 15s Staffordshire
4. Extreme Neapolis

Division 3:
1. Apocalypses Brussels
2. Bulldog Alencon
3. Hitsquad Europe Limburg
4. Evil Men Toulouse



CFPS 2013 Event #2 Photo Gallery and Wrap-up

Central Florida Paintball Series (CFPS) second event of the season brought out 77 teams across four divisions of play. Five fields were setup on Sunday to accommodate the high attendance, with the staff working in overdrive to maintain smooth operations. Vendors onsite included Dye (with Damage’s Alex Spence working the gun tech booth), EXALT,, and RuthlessPB. Play during the semis and finals was intense, with all but one match coming down to the wire. Total Karnage posted the most impressive showing from any “multi-entrant” organization. Their D4 squad took 1st place for the second event in a row, and their D3 team bested previous event champions RNT in a dramatic finals match to take top honors. Palm Beach Viper Kids took the top of the podium in D5, and GLHF swept in the D6 finals. Read on for more results and a photo gallery from Florida’s finest, MIKE DEEP.


CFPS Event #2 Podiums -

Division 3 RaceTo-3

  1. Total Karnage BLK
  3. Dirty Old Snakes
  4. Papa Squat

Division 4 RaceTo-3

  1. Total Karnage PBW
  3. ULTRA
  4. Papa Squat Brown

Division 5 RaceTo-2 (5-man)

  1. Palm Beach Viper Kids
  2. D.N.R.
  3. Action Paintball Factory
  4. Total Karnage Kids

Division 6 RaceTo-2 (3-man)

  1. GLHF
  2. Outrageous Kids
  3. Banjo Bandits
  4. Revolution Green



2013 PSP Dallas Paintball Galleries

Paintball caters to the camera. It’s aesthetics are flashy and fresh, drawing plenty of photographers to the sidelines. For the 2013 PSP season, has two of the best in the business clicking shutters and capturing frames. Both of these guys are seasoned vets with their own independent photography fronts, and they’ll be feeding us plenty of content to share. Check out their galleries from PSP Dallas below; we’ll be adding to them throughout the week. will be doing interviews and more with both of these dudes to get you acquainted with their faces and talents, so you can say “what’s up” next time you see them creepin’ at events.

Mike Mohr – MMphotography


Phillip “Stretch” Baker – 1904 Photography



[VIDEO] Wolfpack Vs REVO Raw Footage at Meadowlands Paintball Park

Egoballas have unveiled new paintball footage of raw D1 teams in North East winter weather. Wolfpack and REVO scrim’d this past weekend in the shadow of MetLife Stadium at The Meadowlands Paintball in northern New Jersey, grinding out points to prep for Dallas. 20 minutes of video was compiled from the two day affair and uploaded to the Tube for your viewing pleasure. Both squads are potential contenders for Sunday spots at Dallas, so keep a look out.

YouTube Preview Image


How do you think the 2013 PSP season will pan out for these two teams? Who else in Division 1 do you have pegged as regulars for the Sunday club?


[VIDEO] Paintball PRO TIPS Pt. III X Dynasty

Part 3 of Ryan Greenspan’s “PRO TIPS” series focuses on the lateral slide. Greenspan lays out a cone based agility exercise designed to hone off-the-break corner slides and sharpen form on side-to-side bumps. Add this to your off-field paintball training regiment and you’ll be droppin’ and poppin’ like Dynasty’s starters in no time.. at least that’s the idea. Make it happen!

YouTube Preview Image

Follow Ryan Greenspan on Twitter @ryangreenspan, and let him know if running his drills is paying off.



[VIDEO] Pro Paintball Tips pt. II X Dynasty

Greenspan wants YOU to elevate your game. His mission is to raise the quality of play on a global scale. These “PRO TIPS” videos are part of his master plan. Reloading is the focus of this episode. Watch the clip, follow his lead, and before you know it poppin’ pods and dumpin’ paint will be as routine as reachin’ for the TV remote or pourin’ your morning Wheaties..

YouTube Preview Image


Follow Ryan Greenspan on Twitter @ryangreenspan, and let him know you enjoyed watching the video as much as he enjoyed making it.


[VIDEO] Pro Paintball Tips x Dynasty


Training to develop the finer points of your game will help get you to the podium. How long until your mantle doesn’t suffice to display JUST your 1st place ‘Cup hardware? That depends on how much time you put into perfecting your mechanics and mastering every technical aspect of play. Ryan Greenspan’s latest addition to the “Dynasty PRO TIPS” series focuses on dialing in your breakout “draw” through a resistance band training exercise designed to promote muscle memory and improve motion speed. It can be done off the field, with no paint. Take a look and add it to your regiment.

YouTube Preview Image

Wanna shout some feedback, give him props, or hang on his every thought? Follow “RG1″ on Twitter: @ryangreenspan


Paintball World Cup ASIA 2012 x HK

Cassidy Sanders from HK Army has unveiled one of if not the best paintball video from PALS World Cup Asia 2012. Inside the video is several minutes of HD footage including game footage from Dynasty, Infamous and Impact as well as the nightlife and Malaysian countryside.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the video above for the full World Cup Asia Paintball experience.


It’s a Lifestyle – Paintball Documentary

The guys over at Egoballas followed players at The Meadowlands Paintball and Wolfpack for a few months, constructing a moving mini documentary showcasing “why we do what we do”.

Directed by Aaron Kohn, this documentary lets you into the lives of a few East Coast players – Ian Wilson, Alex Garcia, Dan Milisits, and Justin Mines.

YouTube Preview Image

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