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“Soldiers of Paint” Official Film Trailer

A new paintball film is now available on Netflix! Join 5,000 participants as they restage D-Day, the notorious 6th of June invasion of Normandy. Instead of bullets, it’s paintball; instead of the French coast, it’s Oklahoma. And, every year, it’s any man’s game, which means the Germans could win! Staged on a 700-acre battlefield owned by the grandson of a veteran of Omaha Beach, this yearly battle of paint is fought as a tribute to all veterans. These paintball soldiers take “gung ho” to an…

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[VIDEO] West Coast Open x HK ARMY

Cassidy & the HK Army have unveiled the latest in their epic series of paintball videos. Sit back, hit play and enjoy this awesome highlight reel of the PSP West Coast Open. The PSP Paintball League came back to California this year!! The event was filled with extreme paintball action, extremely hot weather, and was an insane event! The next PSP is the main event of PSP World Cup 2013 so stay tuned for more! This event supplied tons of footage that isn’t in this…

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2013 PSP Chicago Open – Videos from AKA Media and HyBrid Foto

The 2013 PSP Chicago Open was a great success on the media front for Our first video offerings come from Alex Garcia at AKA Media. He’s got some raw Divisional footage to share, with more in the works for later. We’ll also be showcasing some of AKA’s edits, along with the world class work from HyBrid Foto’s Mats Helge. AKA Media – Chicago Infamous D1 RAW AKA Media – LA Collision D1 RAW AKA Media – Team Speedboat D3 RAW

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