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Here you can find the most recent paintball news from the top paintball gear manufactures in the world. Read on for industry gossip, interviews, and manufacture history.

Cucuzza joins DerDer Paintball

Another big name joins DerDer!

Nick Cucuzza aka “Brooklyn” of Cucuzza Productions will officially be filming and editing for DerDer for the remainder of the 2012 season, beginning with the NPPL Surf City Open. DerDer Productions now boasts an all-star cast made up of founder, Rob Astamendi, the infamous Danny Quinn of DQ Films, and the newly acquired Nick Cucuzza.

Read on for background information on Cucuzza and more on the future of DerDer. Continue reading

Empire Paintball sponsors the PSP

Empire Paintball Logo

Last year we broke the news that the NPPL/PSP pro paintball merger was off of the table. Throughout the merger discussions, rumors circulated that the paintball manufactures were hoping to scale down the number of events in a season so that they could more effectively market paintball and support the teams competing. As you can only imagine, rolling several semi-trucks loaded with paintball gear and staff to 10 or 12 different locations is a costly endeavor.

Rumors have circulated as to what direction Empire Paintball, GI Sports, Valken, Procaps, Planet Eclipse and others were taking in the 2012 paintball season. The following press release landed in our inbox moments ago confirming Empire Paintball’s direction.

2012 PSP and Empire Press Release

What are your thoughts on this paintball news?

PbNation launches Pursuit Game

PbNation, the worlds largest paintball message board, has unveiled a new feature that has taken the community by storm. Known officially as PBN Pursuit, players are encouraged to increase participation and earn rewards for their work.

ProPaintball caught up with John Dresser of PbNation for a few words.
John, PbN is going wild with this new Pursuit game. What is all the buzz about?
John @ PBN says;
The all new Pursuit game is a fun way for paintball players to earn rewards right on PbNation simply for being an active part of the paintball community.  We wanted to give back to the dedicated players on the site as well as introduce newer members to some of the many facets of PbN.  Pursuit is a way to explore the site and get paid back for some of the effort you put into it.
PbNation has become way more than just a simple forum.  It is a community with over 500,000 paintball players and millions of views every week.  Kyle has been working behind the scenes for years creating a mountain of custom code that powers all the additional features we have added.
The fun part about Pursuit is that it starts off pretty simple and as the levels go up, the objectives take more time, effort or general online skill.  Additionally, players get bonuses in the game for perfect scores on each level, but no one has finished with a perfect overall score.  Whoever breaks that record will have to get an additional reward.  You can see who is currently killing it on our Leaderboard.
We have lots of prizes to give away including literally thousands of Gold Ups for people who play Pursuit.  People who earn Gold Ups can use them to buy or sell gear on PbN or even sell them and make straight cash.
So, what level are you?

You can view the game or head directly to the leaderboard and see how you stack up.

Sports Media Productions acquires PSP Media license

According to a press release we just received, Sports Media Productions has acquired the rights to broadcast all of Paintball Sports Productions (PSP Events) media. Read on for more information about this new company founded by Dave Youngblood, Patrick Spohrer and Matty Marshall.

PSP Pro Paintball

SMP Press Release

What does this mean for paintball?

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Blast from the Past:


Who remembers The website is relaunching under new ownership and aims to bring back paintball to those who love to play with their online sales, knowledgeable staff, and exceptional customer service! This marks the first time that the name has been active since the 10-man days!

Be sure to check them out at their Facebook fan page and stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements. A newly revamped store-front should be launching very soon!

Paintball Gun manufacture Vanguard reorganizes US Operations

Paintball gun manufacture Vanguard suffers yet another setback to their business operations. According to a press release we received from Vanguard US, the company has severed relations with US distributor and service center Aggressive Sports and plans to reorganize its operations.

ProPaintball insiders, as of writing, have no idea as to what the future holds for Vanguard in the United States. According to the press release from Aggressive Sports, basic repair is being completed and returned. Customers seeking warranty repair will need to reach out to Vanguard UK for additional information.

Vanguard has had a short but tumultuous history in paintball. In 2006, Vanguard launched as Lucky Paintball with a mission to design high quality paintball guns and gear and sell them at affordable prices. Since then, the company has operated under a series of brand names including Lucky, Evolve, Gunlimited, and Vanguard. Many of you will recall that back in 2007, Lucky shocked the paintball community when they shuttered US operations, choosing instead to refocus and reorganize both their product lines and reassess the market. After the closing, rumors circulated that new paintball guns were in development and that a renewed push would be made into the USA. In 2008 we caught a sneak peak at a new paintball gun known as the Vanguard by Gunlimited would be coming to market. Shortly after we published the video, news began to leak that the company would once again be rebranding themselves, this time choosing to utilize the name Vanguard. In late 2009, Vanguard once again reorganized operations. In 2010 it was announced they would be replacing the Vanguard US and Canadian staff with Kathy & Eric Roydson from Aggressive Sports. Now, in 2012, it appears that is time for yet another reorganization – this time with Frank Connell behind the wheel.

Press Release from Aggressive Sports


Corona, ca, February 3, 2012:  It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Vanguard US will not be renewing our contract with Vanguard paintball for 2012 and will no longer be acting as the Customer Service or Warranty center for Vanguard in the United States/Canada.

What this means for our customers and Dealers:

Effective immediately the US customer service and warranty center is closed.  Any guns that are currently in for basic repair will processed as normal and you should expect to be getting a call or email from Kat in the next few days.  If your gun is in for Warranty repair you will need to contact the UK office of Vanguard directly for more information as to what is going to happen with your warranty claim and when to expect your gun back.  All markers currently in the US warranty center or on their way in are being shipped to the United Kingdom immediately If you have recently placed an order with you will be receiving your products as normal and our online store will remain open for any parts you need.  The business line will remain open as we use it for other parts of our company and all emails will be active for the time being but any/all questions about customer service or warranty issues need to be sent directly to Vanguard Paintball UK.

Both Eric and I have thoroughly enjoyed running the customer service and warranty center for the past 2 years and all of the interactions that we have had with our customers.  We will now be focusing more on our custom gun anodizing business as well as looking for lots of new products for our online store at  We look forward to providing the same great customer service as we’ve always offered, just in a brand new way!

Kathlynn & Eric Roysdon
Aggressive Sports Distribution
Vanguard US

What are your thoughts?

APPA launches new paintball website

The American Paintball Players Association (APPA) has unveiled a new paintball website for 2012. Available now via, the new paintball website features a refined interface and ten new features to improve your paintball experience.

The APPA has a new paintball website

The APPA has a new paintball website

We caught up with Chris Raehl and Joe Rieger of the APPA for an inside look at the new features on Here is a first look at the new features;

  1. We have shed our 1997 HTML2.0 look for a nice yet functional new layout.
  2. New “quick links” section in the left sidebar to get you where you need to go.
  3. Everyone can pick a username and use that to log in to their profile
  4. No more team logins; your teams are paired with your player profile and you use your player login for both.
  5. You can add additional players to be team owners, or if you want them to have restricted access, make them team managers only so they can sign your team up and manage rosters but you can take away their privs later if you want.
  6. No more remembering ID numbers of your players – your team pages now include member lists, which include all the players who have ever played for your team.  You can remove and add players to your team member list.
  7. Brand new team registration and roster pages – add players from any of the teams you manage to your roster with a single mouse click; roster pages are also much easier to read and include player photos and ages.
  8. New Season Entry and Pick-Up team options for leagues; allowing you to pay for a full season at once, or pay for an event as a single player and be paired up with other pick-up players on a team.
  9. RaceTo-2 scoreboards are a bit more intuitive with each set of three scores lined up in a column.
  10. New player badges for PbN so you can show (and you can know other posters’) APPA class.

We are digging the refinements and usability improvements, especially the team history/player id’s and the ability to login with a username rather than a string of numbers. Thumbs up to Chris and Joe on the new paintball website!

Interview: Richmond Italia, Paintball CEO

Gabfest paintball video

Gabfest paintball video

BuyPBL’s Gabfest is back with another great episode. This time around, Gabfest had a chance to sit down with Richmond Italia, CEO of Procaps & GI Sportz. There is tons of great information packed in here and we highly recommend you check it out.

“In this the second episode of Gab-Fest, we sit down with the industry’s elite Richmond Italia, CEO of GI Sportz and ProCaps. Richmond has just re-claimed the helm of his creation; the ProCaps facility. In this massive episode we explore the many reasons for the sale of ProCaps as well as its recent re-purchase. We also explore some of the major headlines in the industry. So commentsharelike, and thank our sponsors for making this exciting second season of Gab-Fest Possible.

YouTube Preview Image

2012 DYE Snow Gear, website launch

DYE Snow Gear

DYE Snow Gear

In Febuary 2011, rumors circulated that DYE was preparing to unveil Ski and Snowboard gear. A sneak peak of the new snow line was offered in a top secret booth at the 2011 PSP World Cup, while other elements were held for the Snow Show. Until  now, not much has been known about this new DYE Snow line.

A few minutes ago we were alerted that DYE was launching the 2012 DYE Snow line at the Snow Show in Denver, CO. The DYE Snow line will be available for the world to see tomorrow through Sunday. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by booth #515. For those of you who are unable to make it, is now online.

Check out this video of the new DYE T1 Ski goggle.

YouTube Preview Image

The official press release from DYE SNOW:

San Diego, California (January 25, 2012) – DYE Precision Incorporated is proud to announce the launch of their new website The website showcases the flagship T1 Goggle, Protective Line & Casual Line.

Look for DYE at SIA Snow Show booth #515, in Denver, CO, January 26-29, 2012, where we will be debuting the full line of T1 goggles and more.

In addition, look for our sponsored athletes Markus Malin and Zack Black competing in the Superpipe during the 2012 Winter X Games.

Zodiac Paintball releases new paintball website

Chris Cole and Zodiac Paintball have unveiled a new paintball website just in time for 2012.

New Paintball Website for Zodiac PB

New Paintball Website for Zodiac PB

The new Zodiac Paintball website features information on the companies flagship gun, the ZR1 Renegade. The ZR1 renegade paintball gun features a hoseless design, an integrated LPR, hater electronic board, and SHIV barrel kit.

Check out for more information.