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Here you can find the most recent paintball news from the top paintball gear manufactures in the world. Read on for industry gossip, interviews, and manufacture history.

Valken Paintball buys Sly Equipment

Sly Equipment has been purchased by Valken Paintball. While the press release below shines a positive light on this, current catalogs indicate otherwise. In 2014 the only products still active from the SLY product sku’s include the SLY Profit Paintball goggle system and a few out of stock gear bags. Sly Equipment was the brain child of paintball player Tyson Everson (R.I.P.) and legendary product designer Ken Anderson. Don Besancon joined the team in 2008 to help spearhead development of the Sly paintball goggle and…

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Official Press Release: Jacob Edwards Signs w/ Houston Heat

A quick tidbit from the 2013 revolving door of Pro paintball rosters.. Long time Tampa Bay Damage player Jacob Edwards announced his exit from the team last week, moving on to bring his talents to a squad where they can be better utilized. has the official press release from heavy-hitters Houston Heat welcoming Jacob Edwards to the squad. Check it out below.. Good pickup for HEAT? What kind of a role do you see Edwards taking on field? How do you think he will…

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DISCUSSION: NPPL Reorganizing Business Focus/Delegating Series Production

You’re surely tuned in and interested in the major internal changes happening with the NPPL.. Right? For a tournament baller, it’s definitely something worth paying attention to and a surefire topic of discussion at the field this weekend. Start out here on PROpb and layout your opinions, predictions, or questions in the comment section at the bottom of this article. This is the meatiest chunk of the NPPL’s press release sent out to announce the transitional changes: On the heals of the successful HB event…

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Paintball X3 Drops Latest Issue of Digital Magazine

Paintball X3 doing their part to keep the magazine medium alive. Flipping through a digital edition isn’t quite the same as perusing the latest delivery of your subscription, but it gets the job done. April’s edition of Paintball X3 touts “45 Pages of NPPL [HB] and PSP Dallas Coverage, UWL, Interviews, New Products, Product Reviwes and More.” Check it out here and get reading: asks: What was your favorite paintball publication from “back in the day”? What do you miss about printed mags?…

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