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DISCUSSION: NPPL Reorganizing Business Focus/Delegating Series Production


You’re surely tuned in and interested in the major internal changes happening with the NPPL.. Right? For a tournament baller, it’s definitely something worth paying attention to and a surefire topic of discussion at the field this weekend. Start out here on PROpb and layout your opinions, predictions, or questions in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

This is the meatiest chunk of the NPPL’s press release sent out to announce the transitional changes:

On the heals of the successful HB event the NPPL has decided to evolve and refocus its energy on growing the sport of paintball by serving as the true Governing Body for the sport. The NPPL will move away from running their own events and instead sanction other promoters to run and operate the events.

“My passion has always been to grow the NPPL brand and the sport of paintball. By passing on the operation of the events to a different event company it allows me to concentrate on the true mission of the NPPL.” Says Hendsch.

The NPPL has signed an exclusive licensing contract with Paintball Promotions Inc to operate and run the National NPPL events. PB Promotions will begin immediately getting ready for the remaining 2013 events. Teams and sponsors should see a seamless transition in all departments.

PB Promotions has evaluated the venues and dates for the remaining previously announced events and unfortunately will need to make some adjustments.

The remaining 2013 NPPL schedule is:
June 7-9 Northeast Open OXCC – Chesapeake City, MD
August 9-11 Chicago Open – Paintball Explosion – Chicago, IL
October 4-6 Las Vegas Open – Las Vegas, NV

Some focus points/key information up for discussion:

  • Shawn Walker is heading Paintball Promotions, Inc (company delegated to produce 2013′s remaining events). He was one of the previous leaders of the NPPL prior to its first bankruptcy (leading to the league’s subsequent short-lived tenure as the USPL). He currently has a hand in a couple successful West Coast paintball parks (most notably, Camp Pendleton)
  • NPPL to refocus as a “governing body” for paintball. What exactly does this mean as far as their daily work efforts (beyond the hypotheticals of “growing the sport” etc.)?
  • Who else will be a major player in the management of the league (Valken as the obvious)?
  • How long have the alternate locations been locked down for the remaining events? 2(?) months ago the NPPL announced their initial season schedule: was it all a front to buy time? When did the wheels get rolling on everything that was announced in their press release?
  • What’s in store for the future of 7-man/the NPPL? Are there more major organizational changes ahead before the end of 2013?

Additional information posted through

Originally Posted by NPPL Super 7
Some truths…The NPPL is still owned by the NPPL ( the pro teams) and that will never change.

The NPPL was run by a sizeable group of volunteers and now it has contracted a logistics company to promote and run events.

Teams and sponsors will see a seamless transition in events (other than location changes).

This will ensure better run events with better value for teams, players, spectators and sponsors.

The new direction will continue to include the NPPL board, Chuck, Pev, and the Pro teams.

Plenty to be worked out with the league. Comment below and let us know what you make of all this.

Paintball X3 Drops Latest Issue of Digital Magazine


Paintball X3 doing their part to keep the magazine medium alive. Flipping through a digital edition isn’t quite the same as perusing the latest delivery of your subscription, but it gets the job done. April’s edition of Paintball X3 touts “45 Pages of NPPL [HB] and PSP Dallas Coverage, UWL, Interviews, New Products, Product Reviwes and More.” Check it out here and get reading: asks: What was your favorite paintball publication from “back in the day”? What do you miss about printed mags? Ever see them making a comeback?


HyBrid Foto Partners with Full European Coverage in 2013 has our sights set overseas.. We’re going international in 2013!
YouTube Preview Image

HyBrid Foto (Sweden) is a veteran media presence in European paintball, with over a decade of on-field experience spent behind the lens. Perusing their portfolio takes you on a digital “Euro-trip” to every corner of the continent where paintball can be found. Their expansive library of photos and videos reflects owner Ami Helge’s passion for the game, and her commitment to grow the sport by cooperatively partnering with teams and companies who share that goal. Let’s hear from her on what’s ahead for HyBrid Foto and

“This season is going to be amazing for us.  We are very excited to be partnering up with to share European paintball action with the rest of the paintball world. We are finishing up our project with Konstantin Fedorov very soon (its been a 1.5yr process). Of course, HyBrid Foto will be at all the Millennium events as well as the Champions Paintball Series.  We’ll be heading back to Russia for a few events of the Golden Ring series as well as Moscow’s Big Paintball Maneuvers–one of the world’s largest big-game scenario events.  Other stops in the works will be announced through, our Facebook, our Website, and Paintball X3 Euro. In addition to all the event coverage, we are the media and PR source for Art Chaos Moscow, and plan on expanding our list of ‘factory covered’ teams for 2013.

For the past 14 years I have done nothing but live and breathe paintball. Now, through working with companies and cooperative partners, WE are making a significant difference in paintball by fueling its growth one photo and video at a time. I am very excited to be working with, as well as our cooperative media photographers around the world (Helen Grose, Michael Mohr, and Dillard Stephens + more to come this season).  All of our video media will be featured on both’s own YouTube channel, as well as HyBrid Foto’s (check it out here to get a feel for what’s ahead).”
For all teams interested in media coverage through HyBrid Foto/
Email:, will be showcasing some of HyBrid Foto’s Millennium/CPS videos this weekend.. Here’s a sample gallery of their top-notch photography to get you by:

PSP Dallas Brackets Released Through APPA

[Photo Credit: APPA]



The wait is over. Brackets are upon us for Dallas. Size up your competition; scout rosters; tailor your game plan to your competition.. Or just hit the field with total disregard for who’s on the other end. Different teams take different approaches.


Who are your picks for the Sunday club? Wanna rep your squad, or hate on your competition? Whose got it “easy” and whose got it “tough”? Let us know what you think of the brackets.


Simon Stevens leaves EMPIRE Paintball

In a move that shocked the paintball community, long time engineer/product developer/R&D wizard Simon Stevens and Empire Paintball have parted ways. Simon started his career at Empire Paintball (then National Paintball Supply) with the Empire Intimidator paintball gun. The list of accomplishments for Simon is long, but here are a few highlights; the HALO series of paintball loaders, the Empire E-Flex paintball goggle, as well as numerous paintball guns such as the Invert Mini, Empire AXE, Empire Sniper, Empire Traccer 2.0 and many more. In addition to making an entire line of innovative paintball gear, Simon is an active paintball player and competes in both big games, woodsball series, and pro paintball tournaments.


Many fans and tinkerers were sad to hear that Simon had left Empire. Many thought he had retired. To set the record straight, Simon shared a brief message with hints of future plans.

To all my friends in Paintball, it is true that I have left KEE. I really appreciate all of the support and people reaching out to see how I am doing. This was my decision, and although it makes me sad after having been with KEE/NPS for nearly 10 years, I am also very excited about the future. I am going to take a break (from the internet too) for to go snow boarding and clear my head, and then I will be back with my nose to the grind stone and doing my best to innovate and keep moving the sport of paintball forwards.

On behalf of the team here at ProPaintball, we wish Simon best of luck in his future endeavors. Stay tuned for further developments on Simonized and the latest paintball news.


PSP/NPPL 2013 Event Schedule Discussion

Over the course of the last week, both leagues released their tentative schedules for the 2013 season. If you play tournament ball, you’re aware of this. You might even have your tix booked for HB or Dallas.

For the sake of a one-stop reference for both event lists, we’ll lay them out here. Without further ado…

2013 PSP Schedule:
Event #1 – Confirmed
PSP Dallas Open
March 15 – 17, 2013
Cousins Paintball, Forney, TX

Event #2 – Tentative
May 3 – 5, 2013
Details coming soon

Event #3 – Confirmed
PSP Chicago Open
June 20 – 23, 2013
CPX Sports Park, Joliet, IL

Event #4 – Tentative
August 16 – 18, 2013
Details coming soon

Event #5 – Confirmed
PSP World Cup
October 17 – 20, 2013
Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, FL

2013 NPPL Schedule:
Event #1
Huntington Beach – April 12, 13 and 14 – HB Pier Plaza

Event #2
Tampa Bay – June 7, 8, 9 – Raymond James Stadium

Event #3
Denver – August 16, 17, 18 – Dicks Sporting Goods Park

Event #4
Las Vegas – October 4, 5 and 6 – Las Vegas Convention Center

Opinions are meant to be shared, qualms to be aired, props to be given, hype to be built. So what’s the general consensus on this year’s schedules? I’ve got a couple first impressions based on the facts surrounding each release. I make these observations completely independent of what the “other guy” is doing: nonpartisan, non-comparison. Not looking for NPPL vs PSP banter, instead separately rooted examination.

  • Conflicting dates for PSP [mystery] event #4 and NPPL Denver. Is this a decisive power move by the PSP to wound the NPPL, or just a case of sloppy coordinating from PSP higher ups?…
  • On January 6th PSP released a statement through social media to “disregard any dates listed elsewhere as the PSP has NOT officially set any of the 2013 event dates”, as they would be posted, “as soon as everything is finalized”. On January 14th we got an official release, where in the comments Lane Wright noted, “We had a West Coast event leading off the year and it fell apart last minute.”  In examining time stamps, does this mean the timeline between failing to finalize their most pressing event (West Coast season opener) and committing to (and coordinating, etc.) Dallas as a fallback was about one week? Or was Dallas originally slated as the 2nd event, thus the reason for the vacancy after its “bump up” to opener?
  • PSP officially released their schedule via social media with slogan headline “PSP 2013: Going Big”. Talk about a mess of incongruities/conflicts in branding. By examining the full press release, apparently it was decided that holding the first event in Dallas (“Everything bigger in Texas”, city slogan of “Big things happen here”) was grounds for defining the branded identity of their entire season. An entire season [that as of now only exists in the confines of that "Going Big" press release] where:
    1. only 3/5ths is actually worked out
    2. its opening stop is clearly an emergency move
    3. the other two listed stops are anticipated repeats from the previous seasons
    4. a tentative date overlaps with what could be a marquee West Coast draw for the NPPL

    Probably should have spent a bit longer on the drawing board before committing to that
    one, huh?

  • NPPL lands “high profile” out-of-industry venues, PSP continues trend of leasing local playing fields. NPPL running themselves dry in the bank, or capitalizing on good business practices?  PSP making grassroots statement about supporting the core of our industry, or just being stingy?
  • Tampa Bay Damage officially announces pull-out from NPPL, post-2013 schedule announcement. Heavily rumored that 2-3 other Pro teams to follow suit. So, who fills the void? Is this the “windup” of a knockout left hook to the NPPL, after at least a few “rounds” of getting pummeled by the opponent?
  • Where will the PSP land to fill their tentative dates? MAO, NJO, NEO, SoCal.. VEGAS?

There’s a few pieces of thought food. Now you try. What do you think of the schedules as they stand now? Rep your region. Hype who’s gonna win what. What’s got you stoked, what’s got you bummed?


Pro paintball player Junior Brown

David Kuzinicki to run Paintball Arizona (PBAZ)

Many of you will recall that a few years back professional paintball player Junior Brown purchased paintball forums & Both of these message boards were hotbeds for discussion in their respective regions. Junior began investing time to build up regional paintball through his  brand but midway through the process, Junior was cherry picked away. KEE Action Sports brought Junior Brown on in 2011 to spearhead the JT Paintball brand revival. Now, managing both a professional paintball career and a top paintball brand, JB’s time is short.

Pro paintball player Junior Brown

Here is an announcement that Junior sent out moments ago discussing new management for

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been putting a lot of my time into XSV and JT Paintball, for the last 12 + months. I have not been showing PBAZ the time that is needed to achieve the goals I wanted to with this forum. Whit that being said I am pleased to announce that Dave (digitard) will be heading up our day-to-day operations on and it’s interaction with the community. We believe that paintball is a sport that encompasses all ages, and we are dedicated to giving players of all ages and skill levels a place to learn about the sport, their AZ fields, and talk with other like-minded AZ players. With this Dave will be handling interaction with PBAZ members, our advertisers, future advertising partners, and working with our community to make PBAZ the hub of information we believe it can be.

I’m looking forward to the ideas being executed now Dave is working with me, and wish him luck for the future.

-Junior Brown

Farwell to JK, and paintball job opening

It is with regret that we share the following news. We received word that Jason Kreisman, marketing manager of Empire Paintball, will be moving on. JK as he is known has been a long time supporter of ProPaintball, a good friend and a great person to work with. On behalf of everyone at ProPaintball, we wish Jason the best as he moves on to his new opportunity.

With that being said, JK’s role as marketing manager at KEE Action Sports is now open. KEE is actively looking for a replacement to fill the marketing management role.

Marketing Manager (May 2012)

If you have the qualifications we highly recommend you pursue this opportunity. But act fast, as paintball careers are highly sought after opportunities. Best of luck to all applicants!

Paintball Field Make Over Program

Giant Sportz sent of a killer program to help boost paintball field business. Check it!

Economic times are tough in the U.S., but lucky for us in 2012 we are about to enter the biggest boomin paintball history. Are you ready for it? Giant Sportz is proud to announce we will be selecting one lucky field to be a part of the first ever Field Makeover Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity to expose your business to an entirely new set of clientele, skyrocket your attendance numbers, and fine-tune your marketing programs by working alongside some of the best media and manufacturing companies in paintball. Continue reading