• Shawn Walker Fired

    Shawn Walker Fired

    As of this morning, 10/20/2008, Shawn Walker has been fired from Pacific Paintball LLC. Scott Pierce, the CEO of Pacific Paintball, has now taken on the role of President since his start in April 2008. […]

  • Moving and shaking: Industry Edition

    Moving and shaking: Industry Edition

    Great American Paintball is considering closing up shop. Shrinking profit margins, small distribution network and slow business. Trying not to miss out on the internet, Face Full finally begins the transition its publication online. The […]

  • Kee Action Sports HQ up for sale

    Kee Action Sports HQ up for sale

    Note: This is just the building, not the entire operation. This may be related to the showroom being striped down and emptied out and front end employees being laid off (as per your comments shared […]

  • Shady Business Practices found at KEE Action Sports

    A judge in Delaware has partially ruled in favor of Gino Postorivo (prior owner/executive of National Paintball Supply), asserting the some of KEE’s actions violated Gino’s right to attorney-client confidentiality. After Gino’s firing, KEE filed […]

  • Tyler Michaud responds

    A few weeks back we broke the news that Tyler Michaud was taking a break from paintball to settle some legal issues. Tyler wrote in to let us know what he was up to; Yes […]

  • Whose pointing the finger now?

    Just a few days ago the Director of Photography from iStockPhoto came forward and revealed the true identity of DLX Audrey. His statements accuse DLX Audrey / DLX Technology (SMARTPARTS) of copyright infringement involving misuse […]

  • NPPL Buffalo Round Up

    Part 1 of the coverage featuring, Chris Lasoya on joining Pacific Paintball, Scott Kressin of Hollywood HK on the Jacksonville win, and Impact semi pro.