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Chris Dilts returns to paintball

P8NT Magazine legend Chris Dilts is coming back to paintball. We are thrilled to welcome back an old friend to our production crew on The Roster S3-Chris Dilts. It’s not everyday you get to work with … — ETV Dan (@ETVdan) February 14, 2014 The work of Chris Dilts was best showcased in the now defunct (but game changing) P8NT …

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Mikko Huttunen leaves DYE Paintball

We received word that DYE VP Mikko Huttunen has officially left the DYE Group. During the last 10 years Mikko has both played professionally for DYE Paintball under the Ironmen shield and worked extensively to develop and diversify DYE’s business. In 2011 Mikko spearheaded the launch of DYE SNOW. Under Mikko’s leadership the DYE Snow line has seen respectable growth. …

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Matt Dawsons Memorial Service

The Dawson family has invited all of Matt’s friends to the memorial service happening next week. There will be many members of the paintball community in attendance and we welcome you to join us. In addition, a celebration of Matt’s life will be held at a local paintball park on Saturday, 2-15-14. Announcement forthcoming. The memorial service will be held …

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RIP Matt Dawson

It is with heavy heart that we share the passing of our dear friend and compatriot Matt Dawson. Matt D was a hero to many and a legend to all. Matt Dawson humanized the game of paintball and shed new light on the sport we all love. Rather than take the easy money and make big brands bigger, Matt re-focused …

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RIP AKA Paintball Founder Larry Alexander

AKA Paintball founder and chief engineer Larry Alexander has passed on. Larry was the brains behind the AKA Viking and AKA Excalibur paintball markers. In addition to building great paintball regulators, AKA was at one point responsible for building some of the fastest paintball guns in the business. AKA later was sued by Smart Parts for patent infringement (the infamous …

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Houston Heat adds 3 more to the roster

Pro paintball team Houston Heat has made another major roster adjustment. Just last week the team added veteran pro player Thomas Taylor of Sacramento XSV. In today’s announcement, the team has plucked away 3 key players from pro team Edmonton Impact. Read on for the rest.

Valken Paintball buys Sly Equipment

Sly Equipment has been purchased by Valken Paintball. While the press release below shines a positive light on this, current catalogs indicate otherwise. In 2014 the only products still active from the SLY product sku’s include the SLY Profit Paintball goggle system and a few out of stock gear bags. Sly Equipment was the brain child of paintball player Tyson …