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Here you can find the most recent paintball news from the top paintball gear manufactures in the world. Read on for industry gossip, interviews, and manufacture history.

Chris Dilts returns to paintball

P8NT Magazine legend Chris Dilts is coming back to paintball.

The work of Chris Dilts was best showcased in the now defunct (but game changing) P8NT Magazine. P8NT helped showcase the fast moving paintball lifestyle, fashion and ‘scene’. Over the years Chris has dabbled in photography on a more ‘mainstream’ level. Here are a few highlights his websites ‘about me‘ page.


Christopher Dilts is a Chicago based editorial, political, documentary, and lifestyle photographer.

From May of 2011 to November 2012 he was the Senior Photographer for Obama for America, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. He spent the majority of 2012 traveling with and photographing President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Dr. Jill Biden.

In October 2012 his photograph of Vice President Joe Biden hugging 15-year-old Kobe Groce backstage at a campaign event in Ft. Myers, Fla. was featured by Time Magazine as one of the best political photographs of that week.

In January of 2013 he served as the Senior Photographer for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, documenting Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Inauguration in Washington, DC.

Worlds End, a photo-zine collecting his photographs of the 2012 Cycle Messenger World Championship was released in March of 2013.

Now if only we could convince Brandon Showers..

Mikko Huttunen leaves DYE Paintball

We received word that DYE VP Mikko Huttunen has officially left the DYE Group. During the last 10 years Mikko has both played professionally for DYE Paintball under the Ironmen shield and worked extensively to develop and diversify DYE’s business. In 2011 Mikko spearheaded the launch of DYE SNOW. Under Mikko’s leadership the DYE Snow line has seen respectable growth.

Update: here is a quote from Mikko;

Time for the new adventures. Today I left DYE, so please don’t use my old phone number. Contact me in Facebook or my personal mail until I get a new phone…



No word yet on who will replace Mikko or continue driving the DYE Snow product line.

Matt Dawsons Memorial Service

The Dawson family has invited all of Matt’s friends to the memorial service happening next week. There will be many members of the paintball community in attendance and we welcome you to join us. In addition, a celebration of Matt’s life will be held at a local paintball park on Saturday, 2-15-14. Announcement forthcoming.

The memorial service will be held on Wednesday, 2-12-14, at 11am at Revival Christian Fellowship, 29220 Scott Rd, Menifee,CA 92584. Reception to follow at the home of Chris & Lorraine Dawson. If you have questions, contact Amy Dawson by email at

Flowers can be sent to Revival Christian Fellowship and/or donations can be made to the Matthew Christopher Dawson Memorial Fund.


RIP Matt Dawson

It is with heavy heart that we share the passing of our dear friend and compatriot Matt Dawson. Matt D was a hero to many and a legend to all. 599165_10151087024222680_1214789395_n

Matt Dawson humanized the game of paintball and shed new light on the sport we all love. Rather than take the easy money and make big brands bigger, Matt re-focused the spotlight on the players. Matt made you a brand of your own.


No stranger to hardship, Matt D bled, sweat, and fought through the constant roller coaster that professional paintball presented. Through hard work and dedication he rose through the ranks and ultimately upped the proverbial ante in the industry.


Matt D was one of the founding members of ProPaintball and helped both realize and set our vision. When the industry crashed, and PGi moved on, Matt didn’t shy away. Instead, he doubled down. In addition to lending his creative talent and energy to ProPaintball, he launched a magazine of his own. His mag, FeatureThis, went on to feature the best of the best. FeatureThis kept the spotlight on those who continued to struggle week after week in order to be the best of the best in professional paintball.


Matt D playing with pro team Newport Entourage at UWL. Photo: Michael Wise II/Chrono300

Matt Dawson, you were a true friend and one of the crew. This PBR tall can and sack of BBQ seeds are for you brother. Matt D, we salute you.


**Please share your thoughts and memories of Matt in the comments below.

***Check out his work on

RIP AKA Paintball Founder Larry Alexander

AKA Paintball founder and chief engineer Larry Alexander has passed on. Larry was the brains behind the AKA Viking and AKA Excalibur paintball markers. In addition to building great paintball regulators, AKA was at one point responsible for building some of the fastest paintball guns in the business. AKA later was sued by Smart Parts for patent infringement (the infamous electronically controlled marker patent). Larry and AKA fought vigorously against the claims but ultimately lost and part of their agreement included discontinuing future development and production of electronic markers, effectively shuttering new business.

Elieen Alexander has posted a brief statement on the AKA website.

Larry Alexander passed away December 21, 2013 following a long illness. We appreciate the wishes and prayers of many of you during his illness.

We are still looking for someone who is interested in purchasing the AKA inventory and manufacturing rights as we can no longer support the manufacturing. In the meantime, we will continue to sell and ship our current assembled inventory.

Thank you all for being great customers and friends through the years.

Eileen Alexander


Paintball X3 Euro: June Issue Digital Magazine


PAINTBALL X3 EURO: “The Most Read Paintball Magazine in Europe and the World.”
“Flip” through the entire June issue HERE:

Paintball x3 keeps pace with the digital age, while still holding on to the classic feel of the gloss printed magazine. Thumb through this one and get the latest on European paintball happenings.


Official Press Release: Jacob Edwards Signs w/ Houston Heat


A quick tidbit from the 2013 revolving door of Pro paintball rosters.. Long time Tampa Bay Damage player Jacob Edwards announced his exit from the team last week, moving on to bring his talents to a squad where they can be better utilized. has the official press release from heavy-hitters Houston Heat welcoming Jacob Edwards to the squad. Check it out below..


Good pickup for HEAT? What kind of a role do you see Edwards taking on field? How do you think he will fit into their roster?