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Exclusive: Sacramento XSV x JT Paintball Jersey

As you may have heard, JT Paintball has been hard at work on an entirely new paintball gear line. According to insiders, the new paintball gear will be focused on paintball players who demand high quality, durable gear to keep up with them on the paintball field. The core focus of the new JT paintball gear is said to be style and function – both of which are throw backs to the JT glory days.

JT is a legendary brand that has contributed greatly to bringing paintball into the mainstream. For those of you unfamiliar, JT pioneered bright colors, pro jerseys and nylon paintball pants. Prior to JT, our industry swore by camouflage patterns and woodsball. Today we take good looking gear for granted.

XSV Paintball's Thomas Taylor

XSV Paintball's Thomas Taylor

Fast forward to 2012 and JT is preparing a huge re-launch into the traditional paintball market. In 2011, JT Paintball signed Sacramento XSV as the companies flagship team to contribute to the new JT paintball gear design, testing, and reintroduction. We heard rumors that XSV would be changing their colors to something a bit brighter for 2012. Rumors also suggest the core colors of the new JT line are rumored to be Neon Green and Grey/Black. Coincidence?

Until today, not much additional information has been available as to the direction fo the new JT paintball line.  Earlier this morning we received a sneak peak of the new XSV Paintball jersey for the 2012 season. Could this jersey be a sign of things to come?

ProPaintball is proud to unveil the 2012 Sacramento XSV Paintball Jersey by JT Paintball.

XSV Paintball Jersey by JT

XSV Paintball Jersey by JT


XSV Paintball team sponsors:

  • JT Paintball
  • Understood
  • RPS Paintballs
  • Empire Paintball
  • Extreme Paintball Modesto


Sacramento XSV will be wearing JT Paintball jerseys, pads, and pants. The team will be shooting Empire AXE paintball guns, Empire Z2 Paintball Loaders, and Empire Paintball compressed air tanks. Off the field the team will be wearing a mix of Understood, JT and XSV branded apparel.

What do you think of the new XSV Jt Paintball jersey? Is this a sign of new JT gear to come?

New Paintball Gear from Tippmann – New Goggles, Guns

Based on the latest photos from Extravaganza, Tippmann Sports has been busy developing new paintball gear. Three new products have just been unveiled.

  1. Tippmann Cross Over Paintball Gun: A new light weight, high performance electro-pneumatic marker
  2. Tippmann FT-12 Rental Gun: a redesigned paintball gun built with Field Owners in mind. Can be serviced in less than 60 seconds without tools.
  3. Tippmann Valor Goggle: a new goggle featuring a toroidal lense and quick release lense system.
Check out these photos and product specs below;
Tippmann Cross Over Paintball Gun

Tippmann Cross Over Paintball Gun

Tippmann “Cross Over” paintball gun features:

  • New, compact design with a total weight of less than 2.5 lbs.
  • Integrated break beam anti-chop eyes
  • Tournament lock switch
  • Low pressure operation under 300 PSI
  • Internal gasline
  • Bottom regulator with the ability to convert to a front regulator
  • Adjustable clamping feedneck with vertical feed
  • Magnetic hall effect trigger switch
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes, including: semi-auto; auto-response; 3-shot burst; PSP;NPPL; and Millennium
  • Ability to work in both electronic and mechanical modes
  • Machine-milled upper body
  • Available Spring 2012
Tippmann FT 12 Paintball Gun

Tippmann FT 12 Paintball Gun

Tippmann FT-12 Rental Gun features:

  • An easy-to-remove modular trigger assembly that is designed to help reduce pin wear
  • A top non-cycling A-5 style cocking handle with built-in cover to keep dirt and debris out of the marker
  • A new lockdown feedneck, which keeps moisture from entering the breech
  • A 1.5 inch blade trigger with a short pull for faster firing and a more responsive feel
  • An 8.5 inch high-performance barrel for greater accuracy
  • A built-in sight and offset feedneck for easier targeting
  • An internal gas-line, offering an enhanced look while minimizing the potential for gasline damage
  • A recessed safety, which is easier for first-time time players to engage
  • A riveted-on nameplate
  • An ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort
  • Yellow grip cheeks for quick visual identification
Tippmann Valor Paintball Goggle

Tippmann Valor Paintball Goggle

Notes on the Tippmann Valor Paintball Goggle:

“As part of the company’s ongoing effort to enhance paintball play, Tippmann Sports is proud to introduce its new Valor goggle. The redesigned goggle was developed around three key performance upgrades – improved visual clarity, greater coverage, and enhanced comfort. The most notable feature is the high performance toroidal scratch and fog resistant lens and quick release system. The toroidal lens focuses more light directly onto the eye to provide better clarity in a variety of light conditions, while the quick release system allows for fast and easy lens removal and attachment.

Other features incorporated into Tippmann’s new goggle design, include: extended coverage to protect the chin, jaw and ear; additional ventilation to optimize airflow and reduce fogging; a premium woven strap for ultimate comfort and fit; an adjustable, fitted visor; and the use of compression-molded comfort foam wherever the goggle touches the face. On the rental version, the foam will be incredibly easy to replace, so field owners can simply switch out the foam insert instead of replacing the entire goggle.

The goggle will come in several versions, including: black, U.S. Army camo, Tippmann camo, and a rental version – all sold under the Tippmann and U.S. Army Paintball brands. In addition, this newly-designed goggle will also soon be available in all Tippmann and U.S. Army Paintball PowerPacks, providing a better performing goggle to those players purchasing kits.”

Price: $24.95 for Black, & 39.95 for Camo.

What are your thoughts?

New Paintball Gun: SAR12

Today we received a photograph and video link to a new paintball gun that will be unveiled shortly. The new paintball gun is known officially as the SAR12.

Here is a photo the SAR12 paintball gun, exclusive to ProPaintball:

New Paintball Gun: SAR12 Sniper

New Paintball Gun: SAR12 Sniper

We do know that prototypes of this new paintball gun exist (as seen above). Further, the company producing these paintball guns is known as CARMATECH Engineering. The magazine is removable, the stock is adjustable, and we anticipate that FIRST STRIKE Paintball Rounds will be used for enhanced range and accuracy.

A bit of google research pulled up this gem of a video;
YouTube Preview Image

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What are your thoughts?

R7 Paintball Gun Camera

After several years of development, Greg “Red” Hastings  is preparing to launch his new paintball gear brand R7.

Today a photo surfaced of one of the first R7 products, the R7 Replay Paintball Camera. Available in 1080 High Definition, Greg’s camera comes complete with a paintball gun mount and will enable you to both document your paintball experience and confirm your shots.

Here is a sneak peak;

New Paintball Gear: R7 Paintball Camera

New Paintball Gear: R7 Paintball Camera

Helmet mounted paintball cameras have become immensely popular in recent years. Up until recently, we had (wrongly) assumed that the use of these small HD cameras was limited to tournament players. However, we learned this was not the case on our Presidents day paintball trip. ProPaintball staff noted 3 or 4 of the players (of our 60 person walk-on group) were using GoPro’s to document their day. In addition to those wearing the cameras, several paintball players were discussing buying their own Helmet mounted HD Cameras. Seems that R7 may have a hot paintball product on their hands.

The question is, will R7 be able to out market GoPro & ContourHD in the paintball world?

New paintball bunkers from Sup'Air

Last week we broke the news that a new set of bunkers was coming from Sup’Air. Our article highlighted that the 2012 field kit would include a revised snake side. According to ProPaintball insiders, the design was intended to help balance field play and reduce manufacturing costs.

In previous years Sup’Air has been the PSP, NPPL and Millennium Series bunker sponsor. The Millennium Series and Sup’Air/Adrenaline Games are closely related and everyone expects the new bunker kit to be part of regulation play. According to statements received by ProPaintball, the NPPL will be running the same kit that they used in 2011 with no adjustments to the snake side. No official comment or response has been made by the PSP regarding the new bunker system or if it will be part of regulation play in 2012. Only time will tell.

Photos of the new field kit surfaced on PbNation. Community member Nick Brockdorff posted several photos comparing the 2011 snake bunkers to that of the 2012 snake kit.

View from the Deadbox has a full examination and analysis of the new paintball bunkers and their impact. Check out the article here.

A view of the 2012 paintball bunker kit

A view of the 2012 paintball bunker kit

Watch for the headshot

Watch for the headshot

Side by side comparison of paintball bunkers

Side by side comparison of paintball bunkers

Will these paintball bunkers improve paintball play in 2012? How will this impact your game?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

New Paintball Gun: Valken Proton

Photos surfaced this morning of Valken’s new paintball gun. Officially known as the Proton, the new gun will come with a MAP price tag of $299.95 and be available to dealers starting in March of 2012.

The Valken Proton paintball gun featured in Pink & Black

The Valken Proton paintball gun featured in Pink & Black

According to ProPaintball insiders, the Valken Proton paintball gun is being produced as a collaboration between Mokal (makers of the Aurora) and Valken Sports.

The Proton, a new paintball gun from Valken

The Proton, a new paintball gun from Valken

Pro Paintball welcomes Guerrilla Air

Pro Paintball is proud to welcome Guerrilla Air as a partner for 2012. Guerrilla Air goes far beyond developing and manufacturing high quality paintball gear. Guerrilla Air works hard to support the growth of our game. They provide paintball players and teams with first class service, free paintball programs, and partnerships (ProPaintball!).

Guerrilla Air Paintball Gear

Guerrilla Air Paintball Gear

About Guerrilla Air:

Guerrilla Air is a leader in paintball technology. Guerrilla Air specializes in superior quality Air Systems & offer the lightest Carbon Fiber tanks on the market. In addition to its superior systems Guerrilla Air also offers additional high end paintball products including the Cobra Coil Remote Hose. Whether you play Scenario/Woodsball, Tournament or Airsoft, Guerrilla Air has a product you need. With their cutting edge technology and raw brand power, there is no calming the beast.

Support from Guerrilla Air and our other loyal partners helps keep ProPaintball running free of charge and funds our continued development. We urge you to visit Be sure to keep Guerrilla Air products in mind when making you are in the market for paintball gear.

New Paintball Gun – AV R7

A new paintball gun manufacture has surfaced on the paintball scene and taken the pump community by storm. Known officially as AVRATECH Industries Inc., the company has been focused on their debut pump paintball marker. Check out the AV R7 paintball gun:

R7 Pump Paintball Gun

R7 Pump Paintball Gun

Inspired by the Nelspot 007, the AV-R7 is a very modern (and well modified) pump paintball gun that has been hand crafted in British Columbia, Canada. A bit of paintball history for you — the Nelspot 007 was the first gun used to play paintball. Originally the 007 had been designed to mark trees and was later adopted for use in a game of capture the flag. The “Retro 7″ as it has become officially known, debuted on the paintball community to critical acclaim and over 60 preorders were immediately placed.

Video introduction of the R7:

YouTube Preview Image

Features for the R7 paintball gun include:

  • Autococker threading!
  • Ambidextrous bolt action, compatible with nelspot pump handles, and both-side-cocking handles
  • All aluminum construction!
  • 12 gram speed-changer in the grip, no external airlines in that configuration
  • External air ports on both sides!
  • Vertical ASA mounting, as well as ASA and stock mounting on the bottom of the frame
  • 45 grip style so you can use all your cool grips!
  • Feed system takes “jam-feed” like a modified nelly, or you can use a cap
  • First Strike compatible breech!
  • NOT milled for light-weight! so it feels sort of like an original one. but better.
  • Stock barrel is .680 for no rollouts! (.675 available if you need extra tight control)
  • Accuratized internals (better spring seating), and hex-adjustable velocity
  • Compatible with many nelson parts
  • Loads of stainless steel inside!
  • Compatible with ALL phantom-style SC feeds
  • Takes standard trigger shoes!
  • Available freak-insert barrel option.

The guys at Avratech recently had a boxing party to celebrate the guns release. As you will see from the video, Avratech has definitely taken a different style in marketing their equipment. Cheers guys!

YouTube Preview Image

For more information, be sure to check the AV-R7 thread in the forum.

Paintball Team Stickers x Paintballer187

Pro paintball player Mike McCormick from San Diego Dynasty

Pro paintball player Mike McCormick from San Diego Dynasty

We have received several requests for information about the Pro Paintball sticker packs. Specifically, many of you have inquired as to who is providing our awesome stickers and how you can make your own custom stickers. Its easier than you think. Read on for the details..

Our friends at have been producing the stickers you keep seeing around the paintball field and across the internets. Eric and his brother have been supplying professional stickers (both vinyl and digital) do an excellent job of supplying high quality, full color custom stickers. On top of their quick turn around and wonderful customer service, offers high quality, full color custom stickers. Paintballer187 has been producing ProPaintball stickers without fail for several years now and we have nothing but great things to say about them.

Paintball Stickers

Paintball Stickers is running a promotion right now on full color stickers. If you act now, you will be able to take advantage of no setup fees, no minimums, and no contour restrictions, ie. you can design anything you want and have it made into a sticker. This is a great opportunity to order a set of stickers for your paintball team, or create special one-off stickers for your paintball gear. What are you waiting for? Order your team stickers today!