Paintball Photo: Squeegee Barrel Condom

The local paintball park has (apparently) been testing out a new barrel condom. Check out this jem recently found on a rental gun. What the? Photo via K.C.

New Paintball Mask: Empire Vidar

Empire Paintball has unveiled a new paintball mask that is sure to excite the community. Known officially as the Empire Vidar, this new paintball mask appears to be an updated version of the legendary JT Spectra Goggle System. The Empire Vidar paintball mask utilizes the legendary Spectra Lense system which provides a whopping 260 degree field of vision. Inside the …

New Paintball Loader from GI Sports

A photo surfaced today with GI Sports sales team member Shawn McGovern in a conference room. At first glance the photo is pretty standard. However, upon closer inspection we were able to locate a prototype paintball loader hidden on the shelving behind. The loader seems to resemble a HALO, but if ProPaintball insiders are correct, it is anything but. We …

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball guns, now with Color

Planet Eclipse has announced they will be expanding the Etha paintball gun product line with new colors. Until now the Etha has been limited to black. The Planet Eclipse Etha MSRP is $399.95. Colors Green, Red, Purple and Blue will be available shortly. Buy the Planet Eclipse Etha now and support ProPaintball.

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New Paintball Gun: SAR12

ProPaintball just received an exclusive first look at the new scenario paintball sniper rifle. Known officially as the SAR12, this thing is sure to make an impact. Check it!