Tyson Evenson (SLY Equipment) has passed away

Tyson passed away on Friday 11/14/2008. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. You helped make this dream become a reality and we’re glad to have had the opportunity to call you a friend, brother & mentor. Cheers Tyson, keep the dream alive in the afterlife!! We ask that you please be respectful when contacting those around …

MacDev Hopper Enclosure

New Macdev hopper will accept internals from both halos and vlocitys. Supposedly a pulse version is in the works and they will eventually accept speedfeeds. Thanks KH

Ego 9

This has been suggested as an prototype ego9 “in the wild.” Details and more info to come on Monday.

Planet Eclipse Geo

This is the 4th picture in the series of “teasers”. Thanks FP! Could this be the geo we were talking about last week? Sure is!

Tanked finally enters the US market

Tanked fans rejoice, you can finally get those pants you have been waiting for. Yesterday we received word from Michael Arroyo of Zephyr Sports that they are going to be handling the exclusive distribution of the Tanked line up. Apparently the company will be offering a complete line of customizable jerseys and soft goods. Zephyr will have the entire line …

New Eclipse Gun "Codename: Geo"

Planet Eclipse has been granted a patent on a fairly revolutionary firing system for a paintball gun–is this Eclipse’s hush-hush new single tube gun? From initial analysis, it appears that Eclipse is utilizing a single tube, hybrid poppet design– while traditional single tube/spool valve markers have minimal recoil, their air efficiency and amount of forward momentum have always deterred players. …

DYE for '09

Pictured is a DM9 paired up with the new Dye Invision (revision). They have a new name for this goggle system but we are not sure what its going to be called. Picture as seen on PBN


PROPAINTBALL Exclusive: This showed up in our inbox this morning, no details though. Single tube, inline reg. Looks similiar to a marq, not really sure beyond that. Feel free to speculate.