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Tanked finally enters the US market

Tanked fans rejoice, you can finally get those pants you have been waiting for. Yesterday we received word from Michael Arroyo of Zephyr Sports that they are going to be handling the exclusive distribution of the Tanked line up. Apparently the company will be offering a complete line of customizable jerseys and soft goods. Zephyr will have the entire line of 08/09 wear for sale at PSP World Cup.

For those that can’t remember, Tanked is the German company that had Marcus Neilsen as their front man at the 2007 HB event. Word has it both parties have since split ways and Tanked is pressing forward with an emphasis on high quality/heavy duty. Jersey Authority, Aftermath, and Ryan Greenspan are all repping the gear.

Update: You can check out the press release HERE.

New Eclipse Gun "Codename: Geo"

Planet Eclipse has been granted a patent on a fairly revolutionary firing system for a paintball gun–is this Eclipse’s hush-hush new single tube gun?

From initial analysis, it appears that Eclipse is utilizing a single tube, hybrid poppet design– while traditional single tube/spool valve markers have minimal recoil, their air efficiency and amount of forward momentum have always deterred players. Eclipse has filed for a patent on a marker that utilizes a traditional forward moving bolt (to chamber the ball) while having a “firing plunger” (poppet) that moves backward (toward the tank) to release the air that propels the ball.

This system should prove to be quite efficient, while simultaneous backward and forward motions in the marker seek to minimize kick–all in a single tube!

If it’s made by Planet Eclipse, you can expect it to be well designed and marketed…..and of course expensive.

DYE for '09

Pictured is a DM9 paired up with the new Dye Invision (revision). They have a new name for this goggle system but we are not sure what its going to be called. Picture as seen on PBN

Gangstar Debuts the FLUX battery pack @ NPPL Buffalo


The great guys behind Gangstar paintball (remember that vlocity chip that everyone and their mother has been trying to knock off?) sent us a note about the new FLUX pack. From the looks of things its pretty darn impressive, a speedy recharge time of only 90 minutes, over 5 cases per charge and best of all, its plug and play (meaning zero installation).

Stay tuned, we will have a hands on review next week.