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New Paintball Gun: SAR12

ProPaintball just received an exclusive first look at the new scenario paintball sniper rifle. Known officially as the SAR12, this thing is sure to make an impact. Check it!
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New paintball bunkers from Sup'Air

Community member Nick Brockdorff posted several photos comparing the 2011 snake bunkers to that of the 2012 snake kit. Check out the new snake kit and let us know what you think! Will this improve or decrease the quality of play?
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New Paintball Gun – AV R7

A new paintball gun manufacture has surfaced on the paintball scene and taken the pump community by storm. Known officially as AVRATECH Industries Inc., the company has been focused on their debut pump paintball marker. Check out the AV R7 paintball gun:
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Paintball Team Stickers x Paintballer187

We have received several requests for information about the Pro Paintball sticker packs. Specifically, many of you have inquired as to who is providing our awesome stickers and how you can make your own custom stickers. Its easier than you think. Read on for the details..