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New Paintball Gun: EGO 13

Planet Eclipse has unveiled a new paintball gun for 2013, the revamped EGO 13. Incorporating a new high flow valve and completely redesigned bodywork, this new ego paintball gun is making waves within the industry. New for 2013, the Ego paintball gun has gone to a hose-less design. This allows you to tech and swap your regulator quickly and streamlines the over all profile of the gun. In addition, it appears that Eclipse has closed the gap between the grip frame and the top of…

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New Impulse Paintball Gun from JT

The new Impulse paintball gun from JT has been unveiled. The Impulse paintball gun was a popular tournament paintball marker in 2004. Redesigned by Smart Parts in 2009, the Impulse featured hinged eye covers, a q-lock feedneck, a freak barrel system, an air cushioned pistol, laser break beam eyes, and best of all, a hose-less design. Smart Parts went into bankruptcy during the economic hard times and its assets (Patents, Trademarks & Machinery) were purchased by Angelo Gordon, owners of JT & Empire Paintball in 2011. Since…

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New Paintball Gear: Empire Ultra Air System Reactor II

Empire Paintball has unveiled the latest of their 2013 new-releases. The “Empire Ultra Air System Reactor II” combines their battle proven air regulator with a carbon fiber tank. Empire Paintball guarantees consistent flow, durable construction, and stable function. Check out the full list of product details below to get a feel for what the Reactor II is all about. Paintball Tank Product Details: Ultra lightweight carbon fiber tanks Available in 56ci and 72ci Reactor 2 regulator, a tournament proven winner Nickel-plated brass bonnet for maximum…

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New Paintball Gun: VCOM from Bob Long

The engineers at Bob Long Direct have unveiled a new paintball gun under the Victory series. The new Victory “VCOM”, or Victory Change Over Motor, offers players the ability to switch between a SPOOLIE Engine or a Poppet Engine to run the marker. Each type of engine has its pro’s and con’s, but this is the first marker that we recall offering both engine types for player customization.   Video intro of the new VCOM Paintball Gun from Bob Long Shot Count test video of…

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Vanguard Demon Paintball Gun

Vanguard Paintball under New Ownership

Paintball gun manufacture Vanguard is back in the news. Back in February we broke the news that Vanguard Paintball was re-organizing their paintball business. This reorganization primarily impacted Vanguard USA — a move which transfered management of US operations to pro paintball player Frank Connell of the New England Avalanche. However, the management switch did not slow the tide of rumors – far from it. Pro Paintball insiders reported that Vanguard Paintball was looking for a buyer for its paintball business and that several potential suitors had…

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Empire Paintball Z2 Prophecy

New Paintball Gear: Empire Z2 Prophecy – White

Empire Paintball has unveiled a special edition of the Empire Z2 Prophecy paintball hopper. This is Empire Paintball’s premier loader system available in a white color. The loader is sound activated force feed with a variable speed to insure your gun never misses a ball. The Z2 series of paintball loaders feature a redesigned drive carrier for consistent rates of feeding and the loader does not require any tools to assemble or disassemble. The Empire Z2 Paintball loader carries approximately 200 paintballs and is available…

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