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Propaintball is attending PALS Paintball World Cup Asia

ProPaintball is proudly attending, covering and competing in the PALS Paintball World Cup Asia event. The WCA is taking place this Wednesday through Sunday in Langkai, Malaysia. Players, teams and manufacturers are flying in from all over the world to participate in what will surely be one of, if not the, greatest events in the world. If you are attending …

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Photomob UNITE for PSP World CUP

For the first time in paintball history, the best paintball photographers have united to document the action at the PSP World Cup. These 7 photographers will be covering all the fields to ensure you receive the best possible photographs. Read on to find out how your team can take advantage of this amazing collaboration.

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Company Focus: UN1TED Clothing

In the first of this feature, we showcase UN1TED Clothing. Read on to learn about the company and to find out how your company can be showcased on!

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ProPaintball's SKYNET is back online, terminators rest easy

ProPaintball’s very own SKYNET is online and ready to rock! Yes, you read that right. SKYNET is now self aware thanks to the hard work of Gilbert Rossignol and the rest of the ProPaintball terminators. Now Gilbert is all jacked up on mountain dew and has issued marching orders that we are to be pumping out stories like its nobodies …

ProPaintball Site issues

Last Friday the staff at ProPaintball began a transition to a new server with additional resources. The plan was to increase the speed that our website delivers pages to you as well as our capacity so that we have room to grow. As a few of you noted (thanks to everyone for the heads up), we ran into a few …

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Video: ETV Artifact Episode 6 – Updated

Artifact Episode 6, “The Reason” follows Chicago Aftershock as they compete all the way to the finals of 2010 World Cup of Paintball, and attempt to define themselves against both their peers, and the legacy they have inherited from one of the winningest teams in the history of professional paintball.

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New Empire Loader Pictures

A new loader from Empire was spotted being used by pro paintball teams at PSP Texas Open 2011. The loader appears to be a remodel of the ever popular Empire Prophecy.