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Rumor: PSP and NPPL Settle Differences, Plan For Merger

In a bizarre turn of events, it’s rumored that the higher-ups of both the PSP and the NPPL have settled on mutually agreeable terms that will result in a mid-season merger! Earlier today representatives of each league took part in a video conference (complete with all the typical scents of morning business meetings thanks to Google Nose BETA, i.e., coffee …

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PSP Event 2 Location – CONFIRMED

Update: The PSP has confirmed the location of event 2. As earlier rumored on ProPaintball, PSP Event 2 will be held at OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD.   [Featured Image Photo Credit: Gary Baum / Paintball] PSP Event #2 is scheduled for May 3rd-5th, less than two months from today. Is it a surprise the venue hasn’t been officially …

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Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection

Churned up from the depths of the rumor mill, we’ve got some very interesting information on planned changes to the NPPL field layout dimensions and bunker scheme. Sources indicate a potential shrinking of the playing area from 180 feet x 100 feet to 170 feet x 100 feet. Compare this to the move made by the PSP to reduce their …

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NPPL Returns to Tampa? And Other Venue Hoopla

Location, location, location! Historically, NPPL has it most of the time; PSP dabbles with it some of the time. As stated in the title, we’ve got our mitts on a one-off rumor from the inside that the NPPL will be returning to the Gulf Coast in the 2013 season. Sources indicate discussion between the Tampa Bay Sports Commission and the …

PSP Chicago Layout

This PSP Chicago Open layout surfaced online this morning. Study hard young grass hoppers, its about to get real.

Raney Stanczak getting the pro paintball itch

Raney Stanczak’s name keeps popping up. In the last few weeks he has been seen playing with Texas Storm, – Greg Pauley’s team, and practicing at several California paintball parks. ProPaintball insiders have told us that Raney has been practicing with local pro squad

Rumor: Greg Pauley back to the Pro division?

Pro Paintball insiders report that a professional paintball team is in talks with veteran coach Greg Pauley. According to sources, GP would be brought on as a coach to help guide the team to victory. If rumor serves us right, GP would be starting as soon as this weekend’s PSP Phoenix Open.

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NPPL Pro Paintball Rumor Report

This weeks pro paintball rumor report focuses in on the National Professional Paintball League. Read on for the latest paintball rumors from HK Army, Infamous, Mutiny and more.