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PSP Dallas – Division 1 Discussion

Division 1 teams draw the most polarized opinions from their fellow PSP players. When there’s praise, it’s lauded. When there’s criticism, it’s brash. Some teams are deserving of their judgement, others are far from it. One consistency in the debate of who’s hot and who’s not in Division 1 is the debate itself. This ongoing dialogue is perpetuated by the positioning of the division in the scheme of tournament paintball. It is the last bridge between amateur and professional, yet it is far more “accessible”…

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on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

Off-season Oscars: Red Carpet Worthy or Doomed to the D-List?

Thank you. Thank you all! You’re all too kind! I really couldn’t have made it here without… [cue the creeping Jaw’s theme, the realest addition to the ceremonies in 85yrs of running]… YOU BETTER WRAP THAT OFF-SEASON UP, B!.. So we landed on a few basic categories, cast the nominations, and decided on winners. IS the committee. There will be no long-winded, soppy acceptance speeches to endure, and no bloated celebrity egos to remark about. However, we do encourage you to take-on the roll…

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