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Interview with John Robinson, KEE CEO

ProPaintball caught up with John Robinson, President & CEO of KEE Action Sports (home of Empire, JT & BT Paintball), for a quick chat about NPPL vs PSP debate, his background in paintball, and growing the game. Read on for an awesome interview!
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Paintball Player of the Week: Dan Zaleski

On this weeks POTW, Michael Zapantis sits down with Dan Zaleski, a key member of the Upton 187 Krew.  The team has stormed their way to the top of the divisional ranks, winning 2 out of 4 D1 PSP events this season.  Read on to find out how Dan and 187 will prepare for their move to the pro division in 2012, and gain an insight into New England paintball.
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The 411 on upTon 187 Paintball Team

This week's featured team is upTon 187. The 187 crew has powered through the 2011 season and finished the season on top in division 1. ProPaintball's JJ Roth caught up with Dave Painter after the teams 2011 PSP World Cup win for an exclusive interview.