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PSP Chicago 2013 – Brackets Released


EVENT TIME! Take a look at the Divisional match-ups below and see all the brackets at this link via APPA:

PROpb will be updated when Pro brackets are announced.. Stay locked into the site for ALL the Chicago coverage you could want this weekend. We’re doing it big! #PSPChicago #PROpb



Official Press Release: Jacob Edwards Signs w/ Houston Heat


A quick tidbit from the 2013 revolving door of Pro paintball rosters.. Long time Tampa Bay Damage player Jacob Edwards announced his exit from the team last week, moving on to bring his talents to a squad where they can be better utilized. has the official press release from heavy-hitters Houston Heat welcoming Jacob Edwards to the squad. Check it out below..


Good pickup for HEAT? What kind of a role do you see Edwards taking on field? How do you think he will fit into their roster?


AKA Media and Team Up for Video Coverage


AKA Media brings divisional paintball into focus.They’ve built a solid following of viewers by churning out footage of PSP and NPPL divisional teams grinding for glory. and AKA are teaming up in 2013 to deliver quality content from national and regional events alike. Look for Alex Garcia shooting at MAO and let him know you want some face time!



WCPPL Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary- 5 Questions With Mike Hinman

WCPPL Event #1 went down last weekend at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park in sunny SoCal.  We posted up an article yesterday with the results and a sample gallery from Stretch at 1904 Photography. To keep the hype up on celebrating the WCPPL’s 5th season, has 5 questions for league owner Mike Hinman.


PROpb: Let’s talk about the creation of the league five long years ago. What factors were in play that drove you to create the West Coast Paintball Players League? What was it about the SoCal local paintball scene that inspired you to develop a regional tournament series and how did you maintain the drive to follow through with your vision?

Hinman: Well, five years ago the West Coast lost its national tournament presence when the NPPL folded, and its regional when the XPSL went under. At that point I thought I could do a better job than they were doing anyway–so I put my money where my mouth was. I have always had the drive to build a competitive regional league in Southern California due to the fact that’s where I’m from. I believe there are a lot of great young players that simply need a chance. So, we set fourth and built a league that has produced a decent amount of pro players.

PROpb: What has been the most rewarding thing about running the WCPPL? What has been the most trying?

Hinman: It’s always rewarding to see teams that deserve to win, win. I was saying this week to some of the guys that work for me that it’s like being a fan of any sport, but you get to run your own league, and you get front row seats to every game. It’s great. As for the trying times, it’s tough to see a team get a tough call and feel like they have been screwed intentionally. As a player that’s a horrible feeling. However, I’ve also come to the conclusion that you can’t make all the people happy all the time–but I will always try.

PROpb: The level of player talent in the WCPPL has always been high. A trend has developed where standout local players come up through the league then get cherry-picked by D1 and Pro PSP and NPPL teams. What do you think of this phenomenon? Any names come to mind you’d like to shoutout?

Hinman: It’s cool to see guys get their shot, and also teams. Royalty won our overall Open RaceTo-X series last season, and now they’ve been invited into the PSP’s Challengers division. I’m happy for them and I’m interested to see what they make of their opportunity. As for individual players, Mike Mesa made a name for himself during WCPPL’s first season and Aftermath picked him up. I said last season multiple times that Blake Yarborough was the most polished player in the “Open” class and now he’s on Dynasty. So ya, it’s cool to think that I have helped some people get to the door of the professional division. They have capitalized on that opportunity and walked through the door themselves.

PROpb: Any improvements or new perks you debuted at Event #1? Anything you’d like to tease about Event #2 at Vegas Xtreme Paintball Park?

Hinman: As for perks, we are still giving away more money than any other regional league–but it’s business as usual for us. We set the bar high when we built this league so it’s tough to top what we’ve done. We are in the process of finalizing some sponsorship deals that will allow us to give away 8k for our “Open” division at our final event this season in Vegas. We would like to turn it into our showcase event every year.

PROpb: Where do you see the league in another five years? How do you see it growing in relation to the sport as a whole? This would be the place to hit us with any final thoughts too.

Hinman: All I can hope for is that we have grown and are still in business. When it comes to leagues, what you did yesterday doesn’t mean much; it’s what your going to do tomorrow that matters. I’ve seen a lot of leagues come and go in my 16 years with this sport, and it seems like the leagues that become complacent and stop listening to the players are the ones destined for failure. I have to hope we have a resurgence in this sport, and maybe this time around we do it better than the last time. Paintball is still fun and will always be fun. As long as we keep that in mind we should have a bright future ahead. I would like to say thank you to EVERY player that has played in our league. I often get players thanking me at the events for all that I do. I’m really flattered, and to be honest I’m just as thankful that they have chosen to support what I’ve done. So again, thank you!


Big thank you from, Mike. I think everyone can agree you’re a selfless dude and an invaluable asset to the sport of paintball.

We’ve got an article here with all the 2013 WCPPL season information. TO NOTE: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR EVENT #2 THROUGH THE APPA SYSTEM.


GI Houston Heat and Art Chaos Release Millennium Rosters

Today is the deadline for Millennium Puget-Sur-Argens roster submissions. We’ve got the scoop on the two perennial front runners in the CPL division.


GI Houston HEAT -

Bouchez, Chad
Dizon, Ronnie
George, Chad
Greenspan, Ryan
Hamil, Tokahe
Monville, Samuel
Slowiak, Nick
Smith, Ryan
Woodley, Jon


ART CHAOS Moscow -

Berdnikov, Alexander
Fedorov, Konstantin
Knyazev, Mikhail
Preobrazhenskiy , Maxim
Sardarov, Sardar
Spicka, Kyle
Vasily, Panteleev
Zakharov, Evgeny

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Should be interesting to see Fedorov compete against his teammates on HEAT. Who will be able to challenge these two squads this season with Dynasty out of the picture? Will Impact and Infamous pick up the slack? Can the TonTons carry the momentum they built at PSP Dallas?


Rumor: PSP and NPPL Settle Differences, Plan For Merger


In a bizarre turn of events, it’s rumored that the higher-ups of both the PSP and the NPPL have settled on mutually agreeable terms that will result in a mid-season merger! Earlier today representatives of each league took part in a video conference (complete with all the typical scents of morning business meetings thanks to Google Nose BETA, i.e., coffee breath, stale gas, powdered eggs, excessive perfume) and landed on a few necessary changes to play that satisfied both parties.

We’ve got wind of a few of them:

  • League name will be the N.P.A.D.T.G.T.S.T.T.X. (National Paintball Association Dedicated To Getting The Sport To The X-Games)
  • 10-man and woodsball will be the only offered formats (all players must complete in both)
  • Gillie Suits are the only approved on-field attire
  • All divisions (d5-Pro) will be merged into one unified bracket called “Pro-Am”, and who you play will be determined completely at random by APPA software
  • All guns must run original NXL software (15bps ramping full-auto), though “cheater” boards are not completely discouraged (see below for exception to this rule)
  • Any player with a current ranking of Pro must complete with a JT SplatMaster indefinitely
  • The PaintballAccess webcast anchor booth, with Matty, T-Money, and Lasoya, will now be located on-field at the 50 as a playable bunker (best way to amp up the energy of the broadcast)
  • Sup’Air has agreed to produce visually-detailed bunkers to match the literal descriptions of commonly used on-field “call-signs” (Cali, Obama, Snake, Car Wash, Tombstone, Command Center, Money)
  • A dynamic-meteorological-technology-system will be utilized to schedule events, continually predicting and pinpointing the worst weather in the country and rescheduling tournament stops (up to the day before) to that location (if adverse weather cannot be located, the event will be canceled morning of [refunds for entry will not be delivered])

This is all we could get leaked.. As we know more, so will you.


PSP Dallas – Division 1 Discussion

Division 1 teams draw the most polarized opinions from their fellow PSP players. When there’s praise, it’s lauded. When there’s criticism, it’s brash. Some teams are deserving of their judgement, others are far from it. One consistency in the debate of who’s hot and who’s not in Division 1 is the debate itself. This ongoing dialogue is perpetuated by the positioning of the division in the scheme of tournament paintball. It is the last bridge between amateur and professional, yet it is far more “accessible” to the common player than the Pro division. An interesting dynamic exists within Division 1 where players are both pedestrian and celebrity. They’re the local boys at the field, yet their pictures appear in glossy publications. The source of attraction is rooted in the idea that it’s an attainable fame for the everyday “field rat”. Admission into the club is there for the taking, but making anything out of it mandates a strong team-wide performance that comes from a serious dedication to the grind and the “IT” factor at events. On an individual level it can also go two ways: you can hover in relative obscurity, or you can break the mold and get called up to the big leagues. It’s the division where the dream is either realized or withered away.

So let’s take the discussion that dominates the Smackbox and centralize it here. We’ll throw up our “gut feeling” picks for the top-4 at Dallas to start things off. Many factors to consider when picking from a huge division that’s chock-full of talent..

[In no particular order]


Texas Storm
Without going back on my “no particular order” claim.. the perennial front runner for more than one reason. What do they have going for them? Consistent podium finishes last season; home field advantage; solid core of returning D1 veterans. Texas Storm has their swag set up and ready to spray. They lost Meter.. to X-Factor. Use that as an indicator of the caliber player floating around in their program.


T1 Top Gun Union
These dudes are the strongest example of North East paintball. They mirror the Texas Storm model pretty closely in that they bring consistency in play and a healthy returning roster. It’s hard to ever pick against the squad that won the previous event, especially when that event is the biggest one in paintball. We’re talking WC champs here. They lost Lasher and Chapman to.. a Pro squad. Take it for what you will.


Grad Moscow
A bizarrely composed squad, competing at a strangely high level. The oddity of D1, that knows how to deliver W’s. At first glance, the roster of Grad might not stand out as having a wealth of talent. This becomes moot when you remember you’re looking at the “farm team” for Russion Legion. I see these guys delivering in 2013. Plus, take a long look at the dude in the picture above. YAN.. Nuff’said.


This one will probably be a contested pick, as it should be. These kids killed it last season in D2, finishing in the top 4 at every event. They carry over much of the same roster that proved it could win. Hailing from Chi-Town, they have the luxury of practicing against Aftershock. Any team that logs consistent time against a Pro squad is bound to reap benefits. I see them finding success right off the bat.


Honorable Mention:

Honorable-honorable Mention:
New Jersey Jesters
San Diego Aftermath


Lets get this discussion popping. If you’re a PSP player, there’s probably not much else to do but surround yourself with everything ‘Dallas’. Let out what you’re thinking.


PSP Event 2 Location – CONFIRMED

Update: The PSP has confirmed the location of event 2. As earlier rumored on ProPaintball, PSP Event 2 will be held at OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD.


[Featured Image Photo Credit: Gary Baum / Paintball]

PSP Event #2 is scheduled for May 3rd-5th, less than two months from today. Is it a surprise the venue hasn’t been officially designated yet? Maybe two or three weeks ago it was surprising, but with all of the league’s time and resources invested into producing a quality first event at Dallas, I wouldn’t expect dropping a OCXX_RumorMAOlocale for #2 has moved UP in their pressing priorities. I think it’s logical to anticipate an announcement either at Dallas or in the immediate days following. For now, let appease your venue needs with a solid rumor.

All of the speculation lands on one venue: OXCC. The Chesapeake City, MD paintball park played host to Event #4 in 2012 after NJO crumbled in a messy organizational blunder. Thankfully, OXCC proved to be more than sufficient as an alternative to TopGun, providing the playing-grounds for a well produced event.

Who wants to see this rumor become reality? Are there any venue alternatives that you were banking on? How did you think OXCC fared as host to last years MAO?



Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection


Churned up from the depths of the rumor mill, we’ve got some very interesting information on planned changes to the NPPL field layout dimensions and bunker scheme. Sources indicate a potential shrinking of the playing area from 180 feet x 100 feet to 170 feet x 100 feet. Compare this to the move made by the PSP to reduce their field size to 150 feet x 120 feet for 2013, reversing the expansion to 170 feet x 120 feet made two seasons ago . The benefits of a smaller field are obvious. An accelerated NPPL_Fieldviewpace of play makes for a more engaging spectator experience. Closer combat also means less margin for error in on-field performance, thus pushing players to elevate their game. From an operational standpoint at events, less room is required when choosing a host venue and more free space is available to fit in other necessary elements on the tournament grounds. Now for “the big one”. It’s rumored that the NPPL will be adopting the same bunker set used by the PSP for 2013, with the only variance being the center-50 piece. All bunkers will be the Race-To models, including the snake. Condolences to those that will miss the “wedges” and “car washes”. What do you think the NPPL will decide on as a center-piece “50″ bunker? Establishing a shared bunker set is a huge move towards standardizing tournament paintball under one universal format. If this actually goes down, the benefit for player, field owner, and industry will be huge. Time will tell.

So that’s what we’ve got. With the PSP set to release their layout for Dallas later in the evening, we figured it was an appropriate time to drop these rumors.