• Animal Paintball opens to MMA Fighters

    Animal Paintball opens to MMA Fighters

    Last year, Hybrid Paintball/Modefy’d expanded into Mixed Martial Arts. Most recently, Animal Paintball has decided to expand their line of custom jersys by following Hybrid’s lead into the Mixed Martial Arts scene. They’re currently designing […]

  • Video: Randy Bocelli Accident

    Video: Randy Bocelli Accident

    Randy Bocelli of the Adrenaline Force Tournament Series and Bring It On Paintball was involved in a serious accident on Wednesday 5/6/09. This past Monday morning, Randy had an ACI Carbon Fiber 110ci tank successfully […]

  • Ironmen vs. Americans

    Ironmen vs. Americans

    First point goes quickly to the Ironmen making it 1-0 and both teams receive minor penalties. Point two goes even quicker, and the All Americans were capable of quickly shutting down the Men and tie […]

  • Palm Beach Vipers Semi-Pro is disbanded

    Palm Beach Vipers Semi-Pro is disbanded

    On Saturday morning we reported that Chris Lasoya and the Palm Beach Vipers had ended their short relationship. Following the departure of Chris Lasoya just prior to Saturday’s match, sources informed ProPaintball.com that team owner […]

  • Ironmen advances to 1st & 2nd

    Ironmen advances to 1st & 2nd

    ¬† After an early point spread in favor of Dynasty, the Ironmen were able to bring points back to the board. Numerous penalties went back and forth on both sides of the field. Dynasty even […]

  • Dave Youngblood clears up WorldCup 09 Rumors

    Dave Youngblood clears up WorldCup 09 Rumors

    Many rumors have been circulating as to the unconfirmed dates of 2009 World Cup. According to Dave Youngblood, Disney World would like paintball to return but they would like to ensure the Karate Championships and […]

  • Philly shuts down the Russians

    Philly shuts down the Russians

    The Philly Americans take out Russian Legion after a 0-2 start. Returning the unanswered points, Philly ran the same lineup multiple times and came out hard with Tim Montressor running from snake corner into the […]

  • Dynasty vs Ironmen

    Dynasty vs Ironmen

    Ironmen start the match off unanswered 2-0. With Dynasty returning points they get it back to 2-3 until the Ironmen turn it around with yet another strong point making it 4-2. Dynasty‘s Yosh Rau made […]

  • Damage knocks out Aftermath

    Damage knocks out Aftermath

    After a hard fought match, many of the points went back and forth but Damage came out on top. Damage coming off of a practice against the Ironmen only two weekends ago, received a quality […]

  • Aftershock takes out X-Factor

    Aftershock takes out X-Factor

    The grandstands chanted “AF-TER-SHOCK AF-TER-SHOCK AF-TER-SHOCK” and many of us were reminded of the many years when people¬†feared the name itself. During the chant, Nicky Cuba and Matty Marshall even noted on the webcast that […]

  • Infamous takes Naughty Dogs

    Infamous takes Naughty Dogs

    After matching first points, both teams hit the scoreboard 1-1. Following a second point scored by Infamous while playing with a minor, the Naughty Dogs ended up received a major penalty. The Naughty Dogs were […]

  • SD Aftermath vs Philly Americans

    SD Aftermath vs Philly Americans

    The defending Phoenix champions and SD Aftermath matched up first thing this morning. The American’s came out aggressive and took the first two points. Aftermath made the necessary adjustments, and returned two unanswered points to […]

  • Saturday Semi Pro Match Ups

    Saturday Semi Pro Match Ups

    Vicious and XSV are just getting off of the field after a rematch from the Phoenix finals where Vicious was previously undefeated throughout the tournament. XSV has now defeated Vicious again for the second time […]

  • Friday Morning Semi Pro Update

    Friday Morning Semi Pro Update

    It’s been a hard fought morning for all of the Semi Pro teams. Plenty of close matches and a few of the teams have had only a 1 game break between sets. Coming back from […]

  • PSP Unveils New Website

    PSP Unveils New Website

    Check out the new PSP website released this morning by clicking on the image below. Note: the MAO Webcast is available for Saturday & Sunday’s action. PSP