• Edmont Impact picks up Tim Montressor

    Edmont Impact picks up Tim Montressor

    Tim Montressor is one the strongest, and most experienced players in the pro division. He has plenty experience winning with the Philadelphia Americans, and it looking to bring that edge to Impact. Impact is the 2nd best team in the world right now […]

  • Behind the scenes with Infamous

    Watch and listen to Travis Lemanski, Alex Savino, Justin Schwarz and the rest of Infamous talk about making moves and what they need to do to win World Cup. Infamous did well at world cup placing 4th as well […]

  • Planet Eclipse ETV at 2010 NPPL Las Vegas

    Planet Eclipse sends the ETV crew to Las Vegas, Nevada to catch the action from the final NPPL event of the 2010 season. Checkout highlight footage from the Elite 8 and Semi-Final rounds featuring Edmonton […]

  • Valken's New Loader? YES [UPDATE]

    Valken's New Loader? YES [UPDATE]

    Over the past few months there have been some rumbling around the water cooler about the new Valken loader. Non of these rumors are really that new, just a new picture of the loader have surfaced. There […]

  • Billy Wing and the NT11

    Dye debuted the NT11 at World Cup last month, the major change with the gun is the bolt. Watch the video as Billy Wing walks us though all the changes to the new bolt and the rest […]

  • SK Moscow Videos of Millennium Paris

    SK Moscow finished out the year in Europe ranked 2nd overall right behind Dynasty Impact . Filming matches and studying games is something that SK Moscow picked up from there fellow comrades the Russian Legion. Russian Legion has been filming […]

  • WCPPL Team; Fuzion Interview

    WCPPL Team; Fuzion Interview

    Feddy Cummings Owner/Captain of Fuzion was nice enough to answer some questions about his team’s performance during the WCPPL Event #2 event at S.C. Village and some things we can look forward to in the future.