Mikko Huttunen leaves DYE Paintball

We received word that DYE VP Mikko Huttunen has officially left the DYE Group. During the last 10 years Mikko has both played professionally for DYE Paintball under the Ironmen shield and worked extensively to develop and diversify DYE’s business. In 2011 Mikko spearheaded the launch of DYE SNOW. Under Mikko’s leadership the DYE Snow line has seen respectable growth.

Update: here is a quote from Mikko;

Time for the new adventures. Today I left DYE, so please don’t use my old phone number. Contact me in Facebook or my personal mail until I get a new phone…



No word yet on who will replace Mikko or continue driving the DYE Snow product line.


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      We had originally heard a rumor that he had left and it was later confirmed that Mikko was not with DYE. If you have more information feel free to share.

  1. Pamppu

    Eric D, really mature behaviour. As long as you really don’t have facts please don’t spread rumours and call anybody SOB and if you really wan’t to call names, please start by announcing your whole name.

  2. Seagul Stake

    SOB or not… Fired or got himself fired or just left… Rumor has it that at the same time as Mikko left the building so did DYE’s Director of R&D and Lead Visual Designer. Working in the industry I can tell you that DYE was built on great paintballers, designers and engineers coming together to make the best competition gear. I can remember back in 03-07 when you could really feel that the people at DYE cared that their product were the best. However, during the past years DYE has become a gray corporation trying to make a buck with little to no innovation or personality.

    DYE will die on the aisles of Walmart sad, alone and detached from its true customers. If the rumor holds true this will happen sooner rather then later…

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