Dynasty and Empire Paintball part ways

Word was just received that pro paintball team San Diego Dynasty and industry giant Empire Paintball have parted ways. Dynasty and Empire have been working together since 2010 and

Alex Fraige, Captain of San Diego Dynasty offered;

Dynasty greatly appreciates all of the support from the Empire family of products that have helped us continue our winning tradition over the past few years. Unfortunately Dynasty and Empire are moving in different directions, but we wish Empire nothing but the best moving forward. It’s been a great relationship, and we’re sorry to see it have to come to an end.

Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing for Empire added

Dynasty is one of the best teams in paintball, and we have enjoyed a great relationship with them over the years. We wish them continued success.

What paintball gear will Dynasty run in 2013? Who will Empire Paintball feature as their flagship team next season?

23 thoughts on “Dynasty and Empire Paintball part ways”

  1. What Pro team doesn’t cheat? grow up

    I’m guessing this has to do with Dynasty not shooting Axes but that’s just speculation

  2. They are going to end up with GI. There really isn’t any other option to go with seeing as thats really the only other big paint manufacturer. I really don’t think dye would ever allow a team to wear all their gear and use their hopper without shooting their gun but either way that would still leave Dynasty without a paint sponsor.

    1. sorry to put you down but take a look at aftershock they shoot P.E. but are using rotors and i believe they wear sly profits

      1. Sorry to put you down steve, but Aftershock is not sponsored by Dye. They use rotors by choice, not contract.

        1. Xfactor has been shooting PE and using PE’s soft gear, while using rotors, i4’s, and boomsticks all while wearing the dye and PE logos on their jerseys

  3. If they go with DyE that may push the ironmen to compete harder! However, l think the move have a situation where 3 different sponsor for Guns, gear and paint! Dynasty prob Did not like those 2013 empire jerseys!

  4. Valken! They have all the soft goods, goggles and in my opinion the best and most consistent paint on the market. Dynasty has been a powerhouse in Tournament paintball for a long time, and need to be with a company, ran by paintballers, not a corporation like KEE. Gun wise, stick with PE.

  5. Dye will never drop the Ironmen they are Dye’s main team. until Billy Wing either quits working for dye, Youngblood gains some sense, or Billy’s head explode’s and someone else takes the ironmen to a different company Ironmen will never be replaced by any team especially Dynasty.

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