GEO 3 Paintball Gun

GEO 3 Paintball Gun Test Video

Pro paintball player Ryan Greenspan of San Diego Dynasty ran several tests on his new GEO 3 paintball gun. Many of you will recall that generation 1 and 2 geo paintball guns were anything but efficient and shot counts averaged between 600-800 rounds per 68/4500 tank. Ryan runs a shot count test on his new paintball gun in anticipation for PSP Chicago Open where he will be competing later this week.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch the video test for an inside look on the GEO 3 and the improved efficiency.

10 thoughts on “GEO 3 Paintball Gun Test Video”

  1. Lol he opens and closes his speed feed every time! Its there so you don’t have to lol. Awesome video though, and finally someone who actually uses the shot counter feature during an efficiency test.

    1. Its so he dose not drop balls. A speed feed is great on the field but no matter what you will lose at least a few balls with one.

    1. You laugh at only 2 more pods but the fact is it now is just as efficient as a DM or any other spool on the market.

  2. This is marketing hype at its best. The older Geos NEVER got 600-800 shots off a full, properly filled 68/4500 tank. They would get at least 1100. Eclipse claimed that they both got 1500 in the guns descriptions. It sounds like someone just wants us to believe that the Geo3 is magically more efficient than before, when it reality its hardly changed.

  3. Dude… You are not using gas… You are using compressed air. Compressed air and gas are very different. Gas is Co2, Compressed air is, you guessed it, compressed air. So your comment at end is a bit silly. Please don’t do it again.

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