WCPPL Paintball Event 2 Location Change

According to Mike Hinman the location for WCPPL Event 2 has changed. Due to circumstances outside of the control of West Coast Paintball Players League, event 2 will be moving from Jungle Island Paintball Park to Action Star Games.

The new address for event 2 is:

Action Star Games (website)
1600 Agua Mansa Road  Colton, CA 92324
(909) 793-6743

Players and teams are encouraged to begin sign-in for WCPPL Event 2 today at ASG between 1pm and 6pm. Please help share this news with other WCPPL teams.

For those of you interested in the back story, read on for a few words from Hinman.

On Monday we were contacted by Jungle Island staff and told that our deal that we had agreed upon was no longer valid. Gunny wanted 20 dollars a head plus air for every player on the roster. This is insanity considering that some teams can roster up to 12 players. This would’ve doubled our operating costs. In four years I’ve never seen someone bait and switch like that.

With that being said I started making call’s and the only two people who were willing to help us was Wayne at ASG and Shawn Walker at Camp P. I made the decision to keep it in the Riverside area.
As many of you know I take paintball very seriously. And this is something that I can’t say enough how sorry I am for any inconvenience that these moves have caused any of our teams.

3 thoughts on “WCPPL Paintball Event 2 Location Change”

  1. Considering the stupidity of the situation we all kno w normal walk-ons get air and entry for complex @ 25$…
    Tournaments as we all know cost a lot to make happen and expenses are sometimes hectict for hosts to conform to it. It is only reasonable to set a price and keep it, not reiterate prices to suit someone else’s pocket!! To the players of the sport, sorry to say politics even come into play for a sport that is trying to live on. To Mike stay strong and never go back to jungle for your work will never be appreciated by greed, only by the players who strive to shoot people for a living and for fun!!! A big thx to ASG for working with Mike and the WCPPL!!

  2. I played the wcppl last year around this time with Pbv, it’s truely one of the greatest regional events I have experienced. Great for paintball all around. Sad to see field owners care so little about the sport that they would take advantage of a upper hand situation to make more of a gain. On top of that, attemp to hurt the sport that is their life blood, by putting a league, players, and businesses in a postion to take a loss. Thankfully Mike was quick on his feet and was able to make it work. Pillar of the sport. GL to all teams attending.

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