PSP Chicago Layout

This PSP Chicago Open layout surfaced online this morning. Study hard young grass hoppers, its about to get real.


  1. trevor

    ummmmm…..this better be a fucking joke…seriously????? like i said. there is going to be some problems if this is fucking real. unbelievable. its a fucking cat or something

    1. The African

      Yo bro, you got gullible written in sharpie on your forehead.


  2. Average Reader / Reply Leaver

    That’s sickkkkkk! Look at the snake side! I can’t freakin’ wait to play this!


  3. Reuben

    Good to see you have a sense of humor But on a serious note, how or where can I download the graphics to build a layout on my computer?

  4. Andrew

    How many times did you look before you noticed it said fake at the top?

    1. BobertTK

      The first time. It’s “fake” in the URL. Funny, and I could see this layout being fun on a rex/chill day.

  5. Dork McDorkerson

    By far the best layout the PSP has ever had :nododgy:

  6. Drew

    Most Legit Layout ever. They set it up like this i will be there for sure. LMAO.

    (Player 1)Where you going?
    (Me) 50 Buck Tooth.

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