20 thoughts on “PSP Chicago Layout”

  1. ummmmm…..this better be a fucking joke…seriously????? like i said. there is going to be some problems if this is fucking real. unbelievable. its a fucking cat or something

  2. That’s sickkkkkk! Look at the snake side! I can’t freakin’ wait to play this!


  3. Good to see you have a sense of humor Propaintball.com But on a serious note, how or where can I download the graphics to build a layout on my computer?

    1. The first time. It’s “fake” in the URL. Funny, and I could see this layout being fun on a rex/chill day.

  4. Most Legit Layout ever. They set it up like this i will be there for sure. LMAO.

    (Player 1)Where you going?
    (Me) 50 Buck Tooth.

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