Paintball Photo: Squeegee Barrel Condom

The local paintball park has (apparently) been testing out a new barrel condom. Check out this jem recently found on a rental gun.

Paintball Barrel Condom Fail

In case you don't notice ... its a broken squeegee used as a barrel condom ..

What the?

Photo via K.C.


  1. MattD

    At Jungle Island when we would run out of barrel plugs we grabbed sticks and jammed them down the barrel.

    1. Kyle

      A lot of fields have a rental ‘upgrade’ package(s) that grants better equipment for a little more $

  2. DaveP

    Hey this new layout sucks. ProPaintball website is un-interesting now because of it. So un-interesting that you guys some how feel the need to actually make a broken squeegee a big deal. What do you have to say about that Justin(proud of his screaming picture)editor man?

  3. Phantom

    its camp pendleton its my local field they charge i think $20 more for the etek its pretty cool.

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